so i said no more wrap ups ?? feb wrap up

the idiot in me forgot that while making the poll it was time for a wrap-up so all the answers will be used for the next post !!! i can’t comprehend that it’s march already? wasn’t it like new year’s yesterday??

tbr-ed! | stuff i read this month

  • once my exams are over i’ll be writing super in-depth reviews of the books so let me know if you’d like that !!
  • if i had to rank the books i read in feb, there were literally NO bad reads.
  • i genuinely had a great time reading every single thing this month
  • i’m hoping i have a better reading month bc my exams get over in a few days and then i can dedicate all my time to reading thrillers at 3 AM
  • also i love this template i made for my instagram but it gives me such a random winx club vibe?? even though i barely remember anything from winx club😭😭.. another show i need to re-watch.
  • 14th feb was valentines day but also jaehyun’s birthday and also a very nice day for me. i just remember eating a lot of good food that day and actually going to sleep at 7 PM only because i was too tired to stay awake
  • february was literally just packed with studying and studying and late night binge-watching. the only thing i binge-watched was gossip girl and ugh i literally love the show so much. i’m on season 05 now and wow. i have no words.

how does drama between 5-6 rich kids make life interesting? and even more, how does it span like 6 seasons of like 30-40 minutes of entertainment each AND ALSO A REBOOT? what is going on???

all my posts in february !

life is still going on … ????

  • going to be using this section as a space for my highly interesting life updates
  • anyways i was thinking quite a bit and i realised that i’ve been posting on here really regularly or somewhat regularly even during my finals as compared to last time when i just went POOF
  • and that’s on good time management💅💅💅
  • i have only 2 more exams to go and honestly, i cannot wait for this era to end
  • the last 3-4 days before the term ends for good honestly make me so happy SJDKSKDK
  • it’s like a different type of happiness because you know even more happiness is bound to come and that realisation of all the happiness makes me so happy ugh what a line
  • alsoo- thanku for all the votes on the previous post, i’m halfway through after dark and let me just say,,,, it’s interesting
the cover image !

hope everyone had a great february and if not that’s actually fine because you can work towards an honestly better march !!

6 thoughts on “so i said no more wrap ups ?? feb wrap up

  1. Evelyn Hugo, OOUIL- both are great reads! Honestly didn’t like Addie LaRue that much though. All the others are on my TBR and I am glad you liked them!

    Also, I’ve wanted to watch Gossip Girl since forever, so I’ll check it out now, because like there are multiple signs.

    And yay for your exams being over!

    Hope you’ve a great March!


  2. ahh the featured image is really so prettyy!
    damnn i have been wanting to watch gossip girls but its above 18, so maybe i have to wait for 3 more years-
    even i have only 2 papers lefttt😭 bro it feels as if we have the same datesheet, my papers end on 10th, like we have art on 11th but who cares about art😭 and ikrrrrrr, the last 3 to 4 days before exams are soo good😭
    have an amazinggg march <33


  3. ahahahaha i agree so much with the “the last 3-4 days before the term ends for good honestly make me so happy” part LIKE SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENS AT TERM ENDS AND ITS SO NICE AND YESSSS THERE’S ALSO MORE HAPPINESS TO LOOK FORWARD TO WHICH IS HONESTLY THE BEST THING EVER!! hope your remaining exams go well, AND OMG THE 3 AM THRILLER READING – I WANT TO DO THAT TOO! but i still have like 4 exams left and UGHHHH WHEN WILL THEY GET OVER I’M SO TIRED 😭😭 yesss i’d love to read all of your reviews, CANNOT WAIT FOR THEM ALL! hope you have an amazing march!!


  4. Can I just say that your graphics are just LIKE SO PRETTY 😭🙌- evelyn hugo was probably the best read I’ve had so far, I was left on the hook to finish the book! Here’s to an amazing March!

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