so… 9th grade is over?

it’s not THAAT big of a deal actually but it feels.. nice?

an offline grad from 9th actually feels real whereas in 8th and 7th all i had was bye bye and a computer screen. not saying computer screens are bad, i prefer screens to schools but still. celebrating and enjoying with friends was a pretty nice change for once and things feel nice !

things to look forward to !

  • a blog rebrand ! i’m planning to switch up things a little bit around here, and your suggestions are exactly what i’ll be implementing! leave your suggestions in this tiny form! the responses don’t need to be well-written, even ideas work well

  • reading and finishing thrillers and mysteries bc who doesn’t like getting shit scared at 3 AM
  • anime to watch WHILE reading the books
  • obsessing over chuck bass and everything about him <333
  • he actually went from my least favourite to my ONLY favourite he’s so amazing
  • not studying and just focusing on everything i like
  • working on more posts both on insta and here and kind of trying to get a pattern or aesthetic in both my blog and instagram
  • replying to comments. I WILL DO THIS I WILL
  • and working on a few secret things😳

i knew many of ya’ll had your exams going on and… are they still going on? have they ended? i am genuinely curious and if they did end// are going on, how did they go?? what do you plan to do after them?? LET ME KNOW !

the featured image !

asic signing off,

26 thoughts on “so… 9th grade is over?

  1. my exams are ending on the 10th of march😭 but i’m sooo excited for them to end because i really want to binge watch kdramas like anything😭 how did your exams gooo?? and congrats on finishing 9th, nikitha!😂 we are going into 10th now, even though it doesn’t fell like it at. all.😭

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  2. Aaarrrghhhhh my finals (im in 9th too btw) are starting TOMORROW!!!!
    AAA im bit stressed ya. But writing pt 3 offline did help. Eeee its math tom, good it’ll b over ryt away. I rly h8 geometry uk. Aaaa i hope the qp will b okay.
    Cant believe ill b in 10th SO soon.

    This yr since jan has been filled w studying and notes. I just want rhis to b over w soon so that i can relax for a while bfore grinding 10th during hols lol. Aaa i think we’ll hv lesser hols mayb. Cz 9th overall did bad in pt 3. And aaa hol hw ew. Hope it’ll b really hot this summer and some order comes for schools to close. But then now theres this online thing so idk.


    How was YoUr exams btw?
    Waiting for holss!!

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    1. OHNO HOPING YOUR FINALS GO WELL ! math is always so stressful and 10th is going to be even more stressful UGHH i agree i want to relax quite a bit before the stress hits and we are for sure not having good holidays i am sure we will have such less holidays this year UGH my exams went well and im waiting for holidays too !!!!!!

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      1. Thank youu! ❤ yep it is and physics—-
        😭😭😭😭😭😭 and since its back to offline we wont have reduced syllabus 💀💀💀😭😭😭

        Glad to knoww it went welll!!!!☆☆☆☆ yess letss enjoy with the little time we havee!!!!

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  3. Yeah, I guess. Two years passed by like whoosh. My final exams are coming up and I am super nervous with them being offline. My sis is in 9th grade and now 10th ig. How did 2 years go by so fast?
    Congrats on completing two years online! I will explain covid to the future generation very differently…

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  4. Ninth grade got over for me too and like I already feel like my school like is over😭😭 it felt like i was in the 2020 to 2022 batch and not 21 to 22. I didn’t even feel like grade 8 happened. We’re going in tenth and I still CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

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    1. omggg same like I don’t even remember giving finals in 8th?!?? and my mom is literally like girl, you are just finishing finals for 9th, why are you so happy as if it’s the last exam of your life😭

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  5. Ahh I still have exams till 21st and I am not looking forward to the rest of them😭 like I’ve just finished two of them so far and they were a PAIN to study for ! but the good news is my birthday comes up right after the end of exams SO CAKE WILL CURE ME FROM THE TYRANNY ENDURED👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 also yayy congrats on finishing ninth!

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