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happy belated valentines day, and is it february already?? it’s genuinely stressful to believe. speaking of stress, i’ve got my finals starting from tuesday, so wish me luck ! the only subject i’m mainly stressed about is maths, because we have like 5 days of holiday for science.

the exam timetable is actually satisfying and less restraining for once, so that’s a bonus. but to whoever that put social science as the last exam, what were you thinking ?????

everyone knows that the best stress beater is consuming 483993 forms of media at the same time to prevent a thought from occurring.

  • speaking of media, despite the amount of work i have to do, i’ve actually been having a stellar reading month
  • !! yaay !!
  • i recently finished reading the seven husbands of evelyn hugo and the cruel prince. they were both such good reads and wahh the concept >>>> i have to finish the rest of the folk of the air series so i’m super excited.
courtesy of my instagram @/_nikszine
  • cardan??? CARDANNNNNNNNNN.
  • i’m also currently devouring “the invisible life of addie larue” by v.e.schwab and the writing is just so insightful, haunting and intriguing at the same time.
  • also “stay alive” by jungkook and prod. by suga came out recently and DUUUUDEE it’s literally so good??
  • it gives me “dream glow” aka one of the BTS world ost vibes and i’m loving it a lot !!
  • speaking of webtoons, i’m also obsessed with dark moon: the blood altar which is enhypen’s webtoon and it’s literally so addictive.
  • i actually have an alarm set for every sunday which is when the webtoon updates.
  • i also have an alarm for weak hero, but we all know about my undying love for weak hero already😭😭

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anything you’ve been upto? exams? papers? over-consuming media and content??
asic signing off,

18 thoughts on “in:life || a girl without a plan

  1. okay nikitha, my finals are starting from tuesday, i have maths as my first exam, i have 5 days of holiday for science and i have social science as my last paper. so i guess we can relate a lotttt and who in the world can think of giving just 2 days holiday for social science😭

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  2. We hv pt 3 from monday til 25th. Then from 7th v hv finals, like wthhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I hvnt been able to study cz offline school started so i gotta complete notes, and as usual teachers are piling hws at the end of the term.
    Ig we’ll manage cz there r enough days for main subs. And ya same, social at the end for us too.

    And yepp dark moon is my fav from hybe 🌟 ⭐ 💫, but chakho’s art is the best.

    And i hvnt been reading anything since jan 2nd half, cz of exams, notes etc.

    So life will be rough during the rest and coming 1 month.

    it was nice reading of whats going on in ur life! Do U live in India?

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    1. RIP and dude same- it’s like they find only the last 28392929 days to pile up 38929929 hws😭😭😭 dark moon is so good, i have to read chakho !! are you liking it so far? yes life is so rough and ahh glad you enjoyed the post ! yes i’m indian !!!

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      1. ☠☠☠☠
        Chakho is okay. In my opinion, dark moon is better. Yepp v v rough lately. I can’t imagine how i used to manage going to full day school everyday back thenn and playy like rentt is duee. Now talking itself is draining lol.

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