tbr-ed ! animal crossing book tag!

i shouldn’t even be allowed to post on here because guess who’s procrastinating again? humble apologies for not replying to ANY comments at all😭😭 i genuinely have no excuse but do exams count ?? when i saw this tag on riddhi’s blog, i just couldn’t pass up the opportunity

i’ve been also wanting to start playing animal crossing since eternity so i’m going to take this as a sign to download it😩

Gamecube- A classic that you want to read

if any of you read my 2022 TBR post, you would know that this year i really want to expand and diversify into reading more classics. as of now, a classic i really want to read is “emma” by jane austen !! i keep seeing it everywhere around bookstagram and booktok and i’m excited to see what the hype is all about

wildworld- your favourite second book in a series


it’s ironic that it’s wildworld when my favourite second book in a series is wildcard by marie lu😭😭😭

the last rose of shangai??? i forgot the authors name actually, but it was practically the ONLY new release i’ve read so yea… but it was still a pretty good read

City Folk- Your favourite book that is set in a large city

  • legend by marie lu??
  • when i read books i actually tend to skip through places or i don’t remember the places at all. but legend seems to fit this description.
  • it’s dystopian and i finished the whole series so fast ?
  • there’s literally so much ground to cover and it’s slightly high on geographical descriptions so this fits the prompt amazingly well🙏

Isabelle- A book that’s been with you through thick and thin

when i was awake at 3 AM because i slept at 3 PM? looking for alaska. when i had nothing to watch online? looking for alaska. when i had to give a book recommendation to someone? looking for alaska. my only prized possession that happens to be a book? looking for alaska.

Bells- A book that’s rich with character

  • does the title give it away?
  • evelyn hugo is such a bold and contemporary character, she’s absolutely FANTASTIC.
  • i’ve been SCREAMING about this book in like ALL the past posts, so this is a SIGN for YOU to go READ it🙏🙏🙏

Pitfall- A book that you wouldn’t mind never seeing again

  • after by anna todd
  • do i literally have to say anything?
  • DO I?
  • have a tsukishima because there’s no way that piece of shit that passes for a BOOK, a book that actually got published is ever being featured on my blog💀💀💀

Fossil- Your favorite history/historical fiction book

im torn between the both of these because the book thief was the first book i stayed up to finish AND cried for while these violent delights got me out of the biggest reading slump ever

anyways loves have a great day, all of you deserve a great day ! i’m having a great day (or night, it’s like 8:30 LMAO)

asic signing off,

5 thoughts on “tbr-ed ! animal crossing book tag!

  1. The book thief and these violent delights are two of my favourite books as well! I really need to read all the Taylor Jenkins Reid books, the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo is on the top of my list!


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