that time when | things i want to do in february

#1 | go out but not randomly ??

i don’t want to go out, just to go out. i want to go out because i’m trying to enjoy being outside. i keep going out just because i want to, or because someone forces me to step out of the house. but in february, i kinda want to just do what i want to while focusing on my priorities and other things.

i also want to wear better clothes and not !! stay !! in !! pjs !! all !! day !! genuinely though, i have a lot of un-worn (is that a word?) clothes for some reason and i think 2022 is the year i sort through them all and finally get to wearing them.

#2 | water the plants

so what happened was, i’m in charge of watering the plants at home. but just like every smart person ever, i keep thinking they’ll water themselves and so someone else has to do it for me. i’m going to change it this month yass !! i hope i remember to water the plants atleast thrice a week because at the rate we’re going, someone’s going to end up dead. and i don’t want to mourn for the plants before i actually have to.

or it rains a lot and nature relieves me of my duties.

#3 | take photos for my instagram

this is my instagram in case you were wondering !!

my feed on instagram looks highly indecisive and inconsistent and that’s somewhat an issue. it was supposed to be a bookstagram, but i’ve successfully deceived myself into making it a zine of sorts, and still !! it has to look nice and consistent so i hope to find some time and energy and ideas to make it look nicer.

#4 | clean my room

everyone’s worst nightmare !! even better when you don’t know where to start or what to even do !!

as i mentioned earlier, i’m going to obviously start with the closet and i’ll work my way around after that. i also need to clean up all the books, textbooks, stationery and wrappers lying around, so good luck to me !! i actually don’t know how to clean rooms other than just throwing everything into a sad corner. if you have any tips, LEAVE THEM DOWN BELOW !!

#5 | make time for reading

in addition to taking good pictures of books and other things, i also really need to make time for reading them as well. i have a huge tbr and my goodreads goal is a joke at this point but i really do have to get to them. i’m going to time block particular hours and just, just read like crazy that time and then spend the rest of the day doing something else.

what about you ?? anything you’re looking forward to doing this month?? also how does one clean their room without losing their sanity?? how was the previous month?? LMK !!

asic signing off,

5 thoughts on “that time when | things i want to do in february

  1. the only things im looking forward to in feb are for the finals to start and guess what ive a goal for march too!! which is wait for the finals to end😭
    i hope you clean your room and especially your closet because well, i do that and my closet is back to how it was again in a week☠️

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  2. Here’s a tip for cleaning your room I made up when I was a teenager. Pick up and put away (or throw away) 5 items, then do the same for 4 items, then 3, then 2, all the way down to 1. If necessary, then start at 2, then 3, and keep on picking up and putting away until you make it to 5 again. If your room is a disaster zone, you may have to go down 5,4,3, etc. once more. It kind of makes a game of an unpleasant chore.


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