dazed days | are wrap-ups back?

for a very long time, i’ve always enjoyed writing wrap-up’s both on my old blog and on this one too. as time is not a constraint anymore, i’ve decided to bring the wrap up’s back! april was really an excuse for a stress relieving month. board exams getting over meant i could finally sleep without … Continue reading dazed days | are wrap-ups back?

october was a ride!

2022 is like a rollercoaster going up and down without warning- i am very well aware that i'm on a rollercoaster, i just don't know what direction it's going to take. there are good days and bad days, and with every bad day i'm afraid i'll spiral. https://open.spotify.com/track/4sNwdacKyi2S26WrRtNama?si=b429d4db00e4410b which is why i keep listening to … Continue reading october was a ride!

the unhinged protagonist saga: never have i ever

the unhinged protagonist is a trope that seems to be appearing quite frequently on nikszine these days. maybe it’s the influx of toxic characters in today’s media or it’s my obsession with dissecting every miniscule detail of a highly crafted show character. today we’re going to be dealing with devi, from never have i ever. … Continue reading the unhinged protagonist saga: never have i ever

august slipped away into a moment in time

taylor swift said it first and rightfully so! because honestly, i have no clue how this month went by. was it august the song or august the month? both needed to be longer. august involved a lot of reflection and re-reading on my part. recently, a friend at school said that they loved the layout … Continue reading august slipped away into a moment in time

the whirlwind of june.

as the title states, june was nothing less than a WHIRLWIND. school re-opened, exams begun and thankfully, i did not flunk my math paper! this was also the month i discovered the masterpiece that is bungo stray dogs! this is one of those animes i don't even want to talk about because talking and writing … Continue reading the whirlwind of june.

it’s been a while since we actually witnessed a wrap up here..

wrap ups are stressful. do we agree? on the contrary, may was less than stressful- there's always a decent amount of stress everyday, but may was still a great month. i'm on summer break right now and thankfully, i also have another 2 weeks to go !! death note has taken over my life i … Continue reading it’s been a while since we actually witnessed a wrap up here..