keep strugglin | my summer watchlist !!

feel free to hate on me because i haven’t watched so many of these popular shows 😭😭 i don’t have fomo as such, but it feels weird when someone cracks a joke relating to these shows and i’m standing there like ??🤨🤨

playing.. 01 | gilmore girls

in addition to the rory gilmore reading challenge that’s going around like crazy, i haven’t even watched the show though i laugh at all the memes 💀💀 talk about a fake fan. i’ve heard that rory’s character development is ass but i still can’t wait to watch gilmore girls.

playing.. 02 | emily in paris

i’ve heard pretty alright things about emily in paris and the description sounds pretty alright, so i think i’ll watch this too😭😭 also there’s only like 20 episodes so i think i’ll be able to finish watching this within a day or two– provided there are no interruptions.

playing.. 03 | next in fashion

this is slightly different from what i usually watch, and i’m slowly getting into fashion, clothing and nails etc etc, so this show is something i think i’ll enjoy. i also saw this on a “show recommendation” list on pinterest + it’s a reality show, so it’ll be fun !!

playing.. 04 | single’s inferno

speaking of reality shows,, single’s inferno has made so many waves everywhere and there’s so much hype around it !! i’m excited to see how everything plays out in the show. my friend is also currently watching the show and she recommended it to me as well

playing.. 05 | KAKEGURUI

DUUUDE this is literally everything, like the concept, the style, the characters and the whole theme is literally my type of anime. and UGHHH there’s so much hype for this and i think i’ve already re-played the trailer like 483993 times already.

playing.. 06 | spirited away

yes i haven’t watched this yet😔😔 this probably has one of the most interesting prologues from all the studio ghibli movies i’ve seen and read about, so i’m hyped to watch this as well !!

playing.. 07 | bubble

this is literally, literally the dream team. the teaser?? SERVED. there’s absolutely so, so much talent working behind this and there are so many different tones, voices and expressions combining into just one. literally so hyped for this. i’ve been waiting to watch this from december

ahhh it’s directed by Araki and written by Urobuchi, designed by Obata and and and composed by Sawano. PLUS it’s produced by Wit studio AHHHHH dream team indeed !!! it comes out on april 28th so the timing is just ON POINT🧚🏻‍♂️💅💅💅

there are actually a lot more shows // animes // dramas etc etc that i’d like to watch but this post would get too long if i listed all 48949303 of them, so this was it for todays list !!

any shows that you’d like to watch in the summer ?? any other recommendations for me ?? any shows you enjoyed ??

asic signing off,

24 thoughts on “keep strugglin | my summer watchlist !!

  1. Ahh I still need to watch Gilmore Girls (okay I’m literally DYING to get to this one) and Spirited Away too! AND ALSO FRIENDS because somehow I haven’t watched that one yet??!! OH AND SINCE YOU ALSO ASKED FOR RECS CAN I PLS RECOMMEND JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS BECAUSE IT IS PERFECTION?

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    And whoaa yess, next in fashion is sooo goooddd….i like legit completed it one whole day because its very, you know, i-wanna-see-who-wins type of show!! KEEPP UPDATING ME ABOUT IT!! because I used change my mind about who im supporting every minute😂
    and nikithaaaa😭😭 watch cobra kai or greenhouse academy!!! or schitts creek or friends!!😭😭

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      1. i’ve watched soo many shows that i dont remember recs when they have to be remembered🙄
        so i’ll keep telling you as in when i remember!!
        omggg ikrrr schitts creek is soo good😭 i just love alexis and especially davidd😭

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      2. from friends? uhm, i have manyyyy fav episodes!! i loveeee the one with the resolutions and the one where everyone gets to know😂😂😂😂😂 they both are soo funnyyy! and omgg also the holiday armadillo one😂😂😂

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  3. GILMORE GIRLS I REALLY WANNA WATCH THAT TOO, it’s such a classic ,shame on me for not watching it earlier 💀
    ahh spirited away, waiting to get to that one too!!I’m really behind on studio Ghibli movies lolll😭😭

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