book recommendations for the ultimate hot girl summer

internet frequenter or not, practically everybody at this point has heard about hot girl summer.

beautiful world, where are you

  • if you want to look smart, unapproachable and well-read at the beach while actually enjoying what you’re reading- this is THE book.
  • it’s no secret that i’m a fan of everything sally rooney writes, but this one is a certified beach read. no doubts.

dog days and wimpy kid

this was THE BOOK started it all. if you’ve not already read this, get off my blog.

we were liars

why don’t you just look at this instead.

before the coffee gets cold

the embodiment of a cafe read. throw in some time travel, grief and loss along with very little page count

malibu rising

i finished this a while ago- during a car ride actually. suffice to say, i didn’t notice much of the scenery.

people we meet on vacation

poppyalex. denial and denial. need i say more? not particularly light-hearted but the story makes you root for them for sure.

city of girls

  • i’ve been a city of girls fan ever since i read it last year.
  • i would sell my soul to read this book for the first time again.
  • this book is original, truthful and honest- there’s twists at every turn and looking up from this book feels like a crime.

loveboat, taipei

  • it’s a crime i haven’t got to the sequel yet- the lack of time is killing me!!
  • i can’t wait to get to it though.
  • the warriors of goodreads don’t seem to have particularly good things to say about this but i enjoyed it.

have you read any of these? are there any books that you’ve been enjoying lately too? we were liars TORE my heart apart and i still haven’t recovered.

asic signing off,

8 thoughts on “book recommendations for the ultimate hot girl summer

  1. nik!!! i love your blog and the aesthetic sm, this post is no different!! haha i love the description of beautiful world where are you, will definitely pick it up then! also i’ve never seen anyone not like before the coffee gets cold?? so def tbr too! thanks for the lovely recs <33

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    1. oops this got posted before i finished typing the comment BUT WE WERE LIARS AHHH!!! that book is such a perfect summer book, and I NEED to read the sequel aksks (HAVE YOU READ IT???) and I just got a copy of malibu rising and am SO EXCITED to start it!! loved this!!!

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