it’s been a while since we actually witnessed a wrap up here..

wrap ups are stressful. do we agree?

on the contrary, may was less than stressful- there’s always a decent amount of stress everyday, but may was still a great month. i’m on summer break right now and thankfully, i also have another 2 weeks to go !!

death note has taken over my life

  • i love everything about death note except for near, matsuda and that ending.
  • anime and manga go through everything 100% and maintain amazing accuracy except for the endings. the endings are ALWAYS random, choppy and lame. offence intended, please don’t defend them.
  • what goes on in the studio, guys?
  • ignoring that tiny margin of error, death note is an absolute masterpiece otherwise!!!
  • i have been converted into a kira superstan- kira is justice, kira is great and so the holy book goes…

there were other great things too..

  • spy x family, for instance! this, along with haikyuu, is the epitome of a comfort anime.
  • first off, it’s so worth the hype. waiting for an episode makes the time pass by so slow, but it’s so worth the wait- watching the episodes of spy x family is my only motivation to get through the day
  • as you can probably tell, anya is my favourite character🙏 i love all of them equally though- everyone’s equally unhinged😭

i can’t recollect if i mentioned i finally got a netflix subscription- but here it is! i hope to waste a lot of time watching netflix as an excuse for self-care, so drop recommendations for me! oikawa’s motto of “if you’re going to hit it, hit it until it breaks” has actually now become my motto for life as well. inspiring king🙏

all progress is progress, but i still have to log the rest of the books i read this month. seeing the number increase, however slowly, is very satisfying!!

  • i also went on vacation!
  • usually if i went for a vacation i wouldn’t really take photos or videos as such- i would actually go out of my way to avoid them but things are changing now.
  • i’m really happy about that and i think i gotta give credit to social media on that one. and this blog too hehe

nikszine status: how was your may? did you go anywhere, are you on break and the most important one- are you also watching spy x family? jokes aside, if this month wasn’t your best, don’t fret ! there’s still 6? 7? 5? months left???

i hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as i did writing it!!

asic signing off,

5 thoughts on “it’s been a while since we actually witnessed a wrap up here..

  1. glad to see you had a pretty chill may- i’m on break too and it feels so relaxing to not stress watch netflix haha. my school starts in 3 days tho and i’m definitely not looking forward to all the new grade new school drama. 😭 sjlfdakl the peer pressure to watch death note has been increasing constantly i should really get to it soon😭😭
    may for me was just ice-cream, movies and vacation, and i honestly don’t want to end but well life goes on ig. at least i have proof and my birthday to look forward to in june haha

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