june-wrap up, 6 is the number guys

june was definitely a WHIRLWIND.

school re-opened, exams begun and i obviously flunked my math paper. this was also the month i discovered the masterpiece that is bungo stray dogs!

  • this is one of those animes i don’t even want to talk about because talking and writing about this also doesn’t do it justice.
  • dazai is obviously my comfort character and he should be yours too!

it’s also crazy to think that we’re in the seventh month of this year. is it just me or the year actually seems to be going by really fast?

i finished an 8/10 book vampire series in a week! just during exam season ! my timing is always on point.

  • did i like it? somewhat.
  • am i re-entering a vampire/ dark-character phase again? when was i out of it?
  • this was overdue, but now i’m honestly glad to say i picked up reading pace this month !!
  • the book that triggered this phase was “insatiable” by meg cabot.
  • an obviously predictable plot, but it was still nice to read.
  • for a book to be anything more than a 3-star read, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the “best” or have the finest plot twists or the most relatable characters or anything.
  • sometimes you just read a book and you’re like “wow i lost track of time reading this. 5 stars. okay.”
  • that’s how i felt about insatiable.

in addition to reading, i spent more time trying to draw liver diagrams and solving physics numericals. studying for math related subjects is a pain but validation is so satisfying.

i also feel like i need to talk about spy x family more

  • spy x family is honestly such a treat.
  • it’s so comforting and cozy and homey to watch
  • obviously it’s one of those animes where even trying to pick a favourite character feels like a crime.
  • waiting for an episode to upload feels like an eternity and i might have re-watched the episodes more than once.
  • it’s just so funny. if you ever want to forget about the world or school or life or anything like that, an episode of spy x family is all the serotonin you need !!!

question: how did your june go? any specific highlights? books, movies or anime you enjoyed? also have you guys watched the new jujutsu kaisen movie? i’m looking forward to watching it soon!!

nikszine, status: closed.

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