tbr-ed ! | loveboat, taipei

i judged a book by its cover- a pretty cover with a pretty girl but a not so pretty story. 4.5 stars but i do feel guilty for liking it.

the book follows ever wong, who’s basically pressured by her parents to go to med school and become a doctor. her parents send her away for the summer and she lands up at loveboat, a place where things you wouldn’t do in front of your parents, run rampant. ever likes to dance. blood makes her squeal with fear. what does she do?

*cue coming-of-age-soundtrack*

when most of the people i follow on goodreads basically rated this as below three stars and here i sit, wondering what i did wrong… i liked this book.

don’t shoot me.

  • i feel like this is most likely going to be a comfort book for me because all the drama in the book makes me forget about all the assignments and tests i have due.
  • character-wise, i felt like every character had a bad past for literally no reason ?? and every character had only this specific role to play without any other dimension to them.
  • i don’t actually like the plot and neither do i like the characters except for xavier but the only reason why this is my toxic comfort is book is because of all the chaos this circus carries.


  • there’s moments where i love ever and moments where i hate her.
  • ever’s a great main character—forgiving to a fault but she’s also able to stand up to people.. everyone other than her parents.
  • but that’s what character development is for !
  • i loved her character development in all the other scenes except for the way she dealt with sophie. she should have been way harsher and frankly speaking, sophie was a walking red flag from the START.
  • i hate, hate, hate her for the way she dealt with xavier and basically just took advantage of everything he said and felt for her. and she expects him to be okay with it because he’s a “player??”
  • logic….


  • raise your hands for sophie, our walking red flag !!
  • literally the worst written character off all and the “happy” ending she got was not well-deserved at all.
  • after leaking ever’s nudes, i was actually seething when ever forgave her.
  • she was most 2D character of them all
  • the worst part is she didn’t even seem an inch sorry for whatever she did and that has me seething.
  • if you need to take your hate out on a character, let sophie be it.


  • xavier yeh
  • yuh i love him
  • he’s so artistic yet he has such good appeal. he’s absolutely amazing and he deserved better
  • you know one of those characters that deserve way better and you keep rooting for them throughout the story, right?
  • well xavier’s one of them
  • he’s so strong and everything he did for ever had my heart racing.
  • and ever was absolutely stupid for choosing bOy woNDEr over him.
  • anyways xavier yeh supremacy

i won’t even comment on boy wonder and his ex girlfriend with serious issues and how toxic their whole relationship was because that’s a story for another day.

  • would i recommend this? yes, but most of the topics that go on in this book are actually highly TW so PLEASE CHECK THOSE OUT before going into the book with your eyes closed
  • my rating: anywhere between 3 to 4 stars
candid shots AHHAHA
the cover image because i cannot resist flexing

asic signing off,

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