tbr-ed! | i cannot let the books defeat me

would you just look at that???

23 out of 200? is this even happening? i could physically feel my heart sink as i glanced upon these underwhelming stats. underachieving is a disease. and i need a vaccine.

my ambitious tbr for the summer

ironically the first draft for this was actually created on april fool’s day but the only fool here is my goodreads goal. that being said, it’s in the best interests of my pride and ego to do my best to reach that goal. 200 is actually unhinged, but it’s possible. here’s the first part of my 10-step plan to reach 200 books. hoping to make my atrocious takes on books a real thing soon.

  • the night circus // appox. 400 pages- i’m already halfway through it and i love it!! when you love a book, you totally forget the fact it’s a mini baby
  • the viscount who loved me // 500 pages- if you think i’m re-reading the entire bridgerton series but not in order, you’re totally right.
  • kafka on the shore // 504 pages- it’s heavy, but murakami always serves. something about his writing gives me a headache, but like a good one. it’s so weird it’s good.
  • verity // approx. 350 pages- it’s colleen hoover and it’s a thriller. we just killed two birds with one stone.
  • all your perfects // approx. 320 pages- colleen hoover again. it’s miraculous. (the cover’s disgusting. i’ve said this before. but we have kindle !)
  • the love hypothesis // approx. 400 pages- kindle rushing to my rescue. it’s an adorable cover but i cannot have it physically sitting around in my room.
  • malibu rising // approx 400 pages- another one for the kindle. this isn’t by choice- i’ve looked all around town and yet i’m absolutely unable to find the hard copy of this anywhere

last minute strategies

  • if all else fails, i’m going to turn to marie lu- the one author whose books i can NEVER hate. i’ve been emotionally rearranged by every book she’s written.
  • this isn’t exactly last minute, but manga !!!! especially the ones where you can just scroll endlessly- 1 hour and the books i’ve read have increased to 40.
  • also throwing in a prayer or two for goodwill and goodluck.

nikszine status: this has been a fast paced post. i kind of apologise. i’ve been procrastinating- not procrastinating exactly, but i’ve spaced out a bit. but i’m back ! let’s catch up in the comments. i’m also loving spy x family and death note. i’m also one of those people in the fandom who prefer light to L hehe. also i love the percy jackson casting! grover makes my indian heart HAPPY

asic signing off,

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