gilmore girls, spring and expiration dates.

  • just started gilmore girls
  • this show is honestly so hilarious
  • yet so drama-filled
  • rory’s an icon right now
  • we shall see what happens in the coming episodes

it’s only wednesday. i had a holiday yesterday and a math test today, so i spent the whole of yesterday studying for that. the test went well! welcome to a catch-up blog post !!!

BOOKS and literature

  • off topic but dan telling rory she has unbelievable concentration is exactly what we all should be telling each other.
  • sorry, back on topic: i’ve been reading indra nooyi’s memoir from the past 2 weeks in halves and in between classes. it’s enriching, educational yet so grounded.
  • if all memoirs and non-fiction have the standout quality that this book holds, i’ll be reading a lot more non-fiction and memoirs after this one. ( recommendations are always welcomed aaa !!!! )
  • loveboat taipei: mentioned previously, here.
  • dance, dance, dance by murakami: reading the book wasn’t enough. i need to engulf myself in more theories and analysis because the story isn’t enough, i need to feel and eat the words on the page.


zach hood– discovered him through my friend’s playlist and every single song is so relatable?? sorry if i sound depressed and aching (because i probably am) but all these tracks are just BANGERS.

  • SERVED. corpse always serves. i love this track. it’s slightly different from the ones he’s done before but all his tracks serve so differently and he always brings something new to the table all the time. he’s so amazing. ( AND AAA HIS PFP UPDATED?!!! )
  • classroom of the elite??? absolutely amazing. this OST?? always SERVES.
  • i think as it was is my cue to stan harry styles ??? i think i still would want to hear more of his discographies before stanning though…


my amazon prime subscription expired !! how fun.

  • while the subscription did last though, i watched a lot of hindi movies.
  • bollywood is like opening up a box and then you judge the box by the one pin it has on the top instead of actually opening it up and seeing everything it holds inside.
  • hindi medium is a great movie too !
  • anyways onto anime, i wanted to watch kaguya-sama on youtube but all of a sudden season 01 cannot be seen anymore💀💀
  • that’s luck for ya.

in:life and the moments

happiness in a nutshell.
the one motivation i have…

how has the week been for you? any new shows// movies // bad encounters of luck??

asic signing off,

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