dazed days || can you believe this is my most successful wrap up of this year

( or so i like to think)

overall, november was my most successful month of the year. this feels quite disheartening to say because now there’s barely a month left before we step into 2022😭😭 it feels crazy to think i had to get back in control of my life ONLY when the year ended🤣🤣

better late than never i guess?

📚tbr recovery📚

the books i read in november!
  • i also completed the entire poppy war trilogy, and i have a lot of thoughts
  • out of all the books i read in november, i liked inheritance games the most and i cannot wait for the sequel. i feel like inheritance games is just going to become one of those books i’ll keep screaming about all the time
  • tokyo ever after was such a bad book. i don’t think i ever term books as “good” or “bad” but tokyo ever after sucked. i felt there was a huge amount of humor gone wrong. there were things that could have been funny but they weren’t and yea… i didn’t even like the main character. yoshi was literally everything and then they turn the whole plot on him, like ??? what was the author even thinking? 2 stars, and i feel bad for wasting my money on it💀💀💀

🎬anime watched🎬

  • in this month, aka december i’m currently not watching anything but i plan to change that within a few days. i’m currently reading the tokyo ghoul: re manga series and it’s literally so good, i can’t go an hour without thinking about it😭😭
  • i also plan to start haikyuu season 4 this month and i’m looking forward to it!

🥁movies watched🥁

  • fighting with my family was literally such a good movie, and while it was slightly cliche, i still enjoyed watching it
  • mean girls and legally blonde were obviously re-watches but i loved watching them. mean girls never fails to make me laugh🤣🤣

🎧music i listened to (the most😌)🎧

  • i have no idea if this is an unpopular opinion or not but according to me, taylor swift’s reputation album is her best. atleast for me, i love reputation more than any other taylor swift album. everything about the album hits really hard😌
  • the tokyo revengers opening is literally one of my fave anime openings ever, i listen to it on loop every morning without fail. it’s just>>

overall, november had it’s ups and downs but the downs taught me a lot more about myself and the people i should surround myself with. it was a pretty fulfilling month and i hope december does the same. my highlights would probably being able to manage my time extremely well and juggle school, after school tutions, a social life ( surprising to me too) and posting stuff online. not to mention reading and anime💀💀 i’m definitely a bit sleep deprived but as long as i don’t fall asleep while walking in the middle of the street, i’m fine😌

how did your months ago, and what media did ya’ll consume?? let me know in the comments and yay let’s all have an amazing december!

suffering from success ( november just confirmed my suspicions)
asic signing off,

22 thoughts on “dazed days || can you believe this is my most successful wrap up of this year

  1. Ahh I am so glad this was a great month for you!! :))
    I have Tokyo Ever After in my TBR since a month and your review is giving me second thoughts now😭
    But anyways, ssvhgjalsb re-watching mean girls is the best thing🤧 it’s such an amazing and not to forget, hilaaariouss movie!!😂😂
    Hope you an even better December!💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahaha tokyo ever after was really not my type of book, but there are so many good reviews also😭😭 go with your intuition and omg let me know if u did pick it up or not😭 omg yes mean girls is literally so funny🤣🤣 i can’t stop re-watching it.
      samee, hope you have an amazing december!!🤍

      Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! i agree, inheritance games is really one of my 10/10 books and the plot is just amazing😭😭 my fave character was definitely avery but the hawthorne brothers are all so 😩😩 did you have a fave character by any chance? i’m so happy you enjoyed the post !!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaah, I abandoned tokyo ever after midway, because the humor just seemed ~weird~, but I thought that was just me, but I’m relieved to see that you agree too. Yes, “humor gone wrong” describes it exactly! Aaah, I’m also really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the poppy wars!
    I’m SO GLAD to hear you’ve had a great month, and i hope december will be amazing for you too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahaha another fellow we dint like tokyo ever after enthusiast😭😭 yes i thought i was the only 2 star rating while everyone else gave it 4😭 ah yes happy december to you too, i’m hyped to write about the poppy wars because there is SO MUCH to process😭

      Liked by 1 person

    1. omg you should totally check out tokyo revengers, mikey and draken have me by my neck😭😭 yes that opening defied the laws of gravity, made me a millionaire and gave me clear skin🤣🤣😩

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  3. I love Legally Blonde, too! It seems like you had a great November, and yes, what you said about learning from the “downs” of life is so true… I also LOVE your blog theme – it’s so pretty ♥♥ Have a great December 🙂

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