sic gang awards | when i got an award instead !!

yezzz guys that’s right, your regular award giver has received an award herself instead. so in today’s post i’m going to be answering the questions i got from my friend suhani over at randomreadersrambles (out of topic but that’s such a nice blog name) thanks for nominating me!!

Suhani’s questions:

  • what’s the first movie that made you cry? this isn’t a movie but the last season of attack on titan made me bawl my eyes out at 5AM in the morning😭😭😭
  • what era would you choose to live in if you could? i would probably live somewhere in 3022. this is only because i’m so excited to see what houses, phones and blogs would look like somewhere that far in time. i do have a few guesses, but unless you see you’ll never know😌
  • what’s your favorite line from a movie or book? “I may die young, but at least I’ll die smart.” this line is something Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska says and it’s always something that has stuck with me.
  • how would you describe humanity to an alien civilization? I’d say we’re all pretty messed up and we’d prefer it if the aliens stayed in their lane and tried to not come for our necks💀💀
  • what is the weirdest food combination you enjoy? i like noodles and jam. come at me in the comments.
  • what fictional character would you most like to be friends with? alaska young from looking for alaska!! she’s my favourite character ever and i’d like to see if when i meet her in real life, she’d have what it takes to be my friend and vice-versa😌
  • what is your most treasured possession? my phone🤣🤣 yes we exist
  • what mythical creature do you wish actually existed? oh i wish dragons existed. i would love to ride on one and destroy the whole city
  • what artist or band do you always recommend when someone asks for a music recommendation? i always recommend Chase Atlantic, conan gray and H.E.R for people who i’ve just met or if someone comes up to me asking for recommendations. if i know the person better then i’d probably be able to give recommendations based on what they already like. yes i have a whole strategy for giving music recommendations.
  •  If animals could talk, which animal would be the most annoying? dogs. they’d probably be complaining about how lazy we all have become. and pigs. because why not😌
  • What is your least favourite book? after by anna todd. if you know anything about this book, i’d expect you to understand why.

rule 02 | 11 random facts about me

  1. i’m ambi-dextrous: i can write with both hands
  2. my fave anime at this point is tokyo revengers
  3. a weird hobby i have is judging people by their spotify playlists
  4. my go-to artists are mostly BTS and Conan Gray
  5. i love watching studio ghibli films mainly because they’re so calming
  6. a book i’d keep recommending is looking for alaska by john green ( if you hadn’t guessed that already)
  7. i have an obsession with anime edits and posters
  8. i like cats over dogs but this changes every 3 business days
  9. i prefer red nail polish over black but color wise i prefer black over red
  10. i think halsey’s best b-side is easier than lying from her album “i’m not a woman, i’m a god” [ random i know ]
  11. i like reading through anime blogs and commentary websites for timepass

rule 3 | the nominations !!

i’m very bad at nominations, so i hope this section isn’t too disappointing😭 anyways, i nominate the following people for this award!! [ i know we were supposed to nominate 11 people, but what are rules if they aren’t broken?😭 ]

rule 4 | my 11 questions for the nominated !!

  1. give me 5 books that you would rate 5 stars
  2. if you could rename your blog to anything else, what would it be?
  3. would you rather be an expert at one thing or be good at many things?
  4. maths or science??
  5. pancakes or waffles?
  6. what’s one thing about your blog that you love?
  7. if you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
  8. black ink or blue ink?
  9. are you scared for spotify wrapped up just like me, or are you ok with your music taste being out in the open?
  10. what are 3 things you would rate 10/10
  11. what are 3 things on the other hand, that you would rate 0/10

anyways, i hope those questions served their purpose😭😭 there’s no pressure to do this tag, so don’t feel obligated to do it!! have a nice day and drop your answers to the questions below! if you’ve not been tagged but still want to do it, do go ahead!

suffering from success
asic signing off,

31 thoughts on “sic gang awards | when i got an award instead !!

  1. omg your facts! i am laughing so hard😂😂 judging people by their spotify playlists is all I do in my freee timeee lmao😂😂😂
    And whooaa, I have never met someone who is ambi-dextrous, its like the coolest thing.
    Thank you soo much for nominating me!!! I can’t wait to answer those questions🙈
    and dont worry, everyone knows that nominating is the laziest part of all🥲
    Have a nice dayy💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg lmao judging people’s music taste is such a good way to pass time😭😭 ahh no problems and omg i can’t wait to read your answers to the questions🤩🤩 OMG LMAO nominating is so hard because there’s so many people and then i’ll forget someone so i’ll feel super guilty about it HAHA
      omg same have a great day💜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. please I came up with that name at 3 a.m. I’m so happy that people actually like it😭😭😭 and AH I LOVE CONAN”S MUSIC!! Thank you for doing this, it was really fun reading your answers!💗✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg if you came up with that at 3 am then that’s one of the best 3 am thoughts ever😭😭 omg conan’s music is literally free therapy, do you have any favourite songs?? ah thanks for reading, means a lot💜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay, this entire post was HILARIOUS???!!
    Truee, I’d choose to live in the future solely to find out all the new developments and technologies humankind comes up with! I absolutely loved reading this post, and thank you so much for the nomination!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahah i pride myself on my humor so hearing that you found it funny just added 38993920 years to my lifespan😌😌😌 omg exactly living in the future would be so fun like would people not want to see whether dogs and cats still exist or do we have mechanical animals and washing machines with 2 feet as well??😭🤣🤣 oh yes i’m looking forward to reading your answers!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. YO OMG THAT’S SUCH A GOOD IDEA- i’m going to be stealing that one if you don’t mind ( or it could be a cross-blog collaboration too, omg annie your mind works so well😭😭😭) yes that post would definitely top all the wordpress blogging charts!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. YOOOO this was so funny yo- i really want to get into stubio ghibli man but i havent seen any of their films and shows yet, so like how do i start? AND DUDE NO, not the noodles and jam man just NO💀💀💀


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