that time when | a well-deserved haikyuu!! appreciation post

it’s no secret that haikyuu’s on my top 3 anime list and all this post is going to be doing is amplifying my argument as to why exactly haikyuu’s on there.

haikyuu!! isn’t just a sports anime, it’s a cultural reset, a marvellous coming-of-age story. it’s about friendship and enmity, about winning and losing, about learning to think for the team and to work as a team.

it’s about realising that at the end of the day, the person you quarrelled with before coming to court is the same person you’ll be passing the ball to during a real game.

that scene had me gasping out loud at 4 pm

from an analytical point of view, it has amazing character development- from kageyama to oikawa to hinata himself—all of them develop, improve and understand themselves and the sport they play throughout the course of the anime. kageyama goes from egocentric king to well.. KING.

the characters understand themselves not just as people but as players of a team. it’s not just a game, or a match or two—it’s the passes that form your future, it’s the reason kenma leaves his video games and gets up in morning to come to the court and play. when the great kenma kozume, lover of cats can do it, you definitely should.

haikyuu!! was technically also the first anime i watched, i think?? and so it will always be on my top 3 list for sentimental reasons and also- if you should know, tsukishima was actually my first anime crush😌

top 10 moments in anime history

haikyuu!! is also about realising that you need to attack the ball, look at the space on the other side of the court with everything you’ve got because if you don’t then that one rally you slacked off during practice is going to turn into that one rally you’ll really regret in a real game.

it’s one of my top 3 anime for reasons that are pretty evident now.

anyways, have you watched haikyuu? and if so, what are your thoughts on it? more importantly, is it on your top 3 list?

suffering from success ( i’m a haikyuu! supremacist thus this statement shouldn’t even be questioned)
asic signing off,

10 thoughts on “that time when | a well-deserved haikyuu!! appreciation post

  1. THIS LITERALLY ENCAPSULATES MY LOVE FOR HAIKYUU SO WELL???? like, there literally isn’t anything that can come close to it. i haven’t seen a ton of anime but from what i’ve seen, haikyuu is definitely in the top 3 (along with jjk and fruits basket 2019)

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    1. OMG YES haikyuu is literally MY REASON TO LIVE 😌😌 all my friends call me certified weeb but i have no idea whether i should take that in my stride or fight with them about it💀 omg u like jjk too?? gojo supremacy😩😩

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  2. Oh my god, Haikyuu is literally the 4th anime I got into last year (right after Toradora). It’s like such an epic anime, and I simply can’t express my adoration for the anime! 😍

    Btw, do you like One Punch Man or Assassination Classroom?

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    1. OMG YESS haikyuu is literally so good omg😭😭 oh i like both of them but i like assassination classroom much more, it comes in like my top 5-10 anime😌 alsoo do you have a top 5 anime list?

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      1. omg koro sensei has been on my watchlist for so long,, i can’t wait to watch it😌 hmm i have tokyo revengers on my top 3 but i’m still trying to get a good list🤣😭


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