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hello hoomans, how’s life treating you? today’s post is a very seggsy post because it’s all about me but from a to z. basically a word from “A” that describes me, maybe a one liner about it and then so on, so forth till i reach z~ if you’d like to do the same thing as a post for your own blog, feel free to do it but credit me as the original creator or elseπŸ‘΅πŸ‘΅πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘»

A- “asic“- basically the internet name i go by, nothing deep behind it, i just thought it looked cool

B- “big brain“- many of my friends like to call me big brain because i know a lot of random trivia and sometimes i think and know too much to the point where it’s super funny

C- “checks“- my mom always tells me i look the best when i wear checked shirts and that’s one of the reasons, you see me wearing a checked shirt often

D- “debater” my MBTI is ENTP, which means i’m a debater and extroverted. jack sparrow and the joker are all ENTPs and we roughly make up 5% of the population. it’s pretty obvious as to why i’m on the list😏😌

E- “enigmatic” people say that when they first meet me i give out a very alluring and enigmatic vibe. side note: enigmatic is one of my favourite fanfics ever too.. so there’s that

F- “f.r.i.e.n.d.s”– the show is one of my favourites and i love every single episode of it. i’ve watched it more than a hundred times, and my fave is rachel😭😭

G-“greek“- i like reading about greek myths and greek gods(random trivia makes more sense now), i like reading about greek gods falling in love with humans and then ruining their lives forever, because i love myself a good tragedy

H- “haven“- this very seggsy blog, my one true love. there’s nothing in the world i love more than this and thats a fact.

I- “intellectual“-intellectual in the internet humor way. i’m an intellectual because i play games, i read, i write, i listen to music, eat chocolate and call it a day

J- “Jeong Jaehyun“- my ultimate bias. the certified loml. the best person ever. stan talent stan jeong jaehyun. otherwise you can rot.

K- “karoke“- i like all kinds of music and i’d love to work in the music industry someday but the problem is i can’t sing really wellπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚i’d be better as a rapper or songwriter or producer because i have a bit of a hoarse voice but lets hope puberty changes that.

L- “love myself“- love yourself. love myself. peace.

M- “mentalist“- hands down my favourite tv show, never loved a show as much as i’ve loved this. it’s just one of a kind.

N- “N“- my name in real life starts with an “N” and i like my name a lot. it means smart and shrewd and do you know it used to be a russian name for men, and there’s also this shitty beauty guru with my name 😦 i hope i’m able to do justice to my name

O- “oh shit“- one of my most commonly used catchphrases, although i use aw shit more, but oh shit sounds much better collaquically idk the spelling

P- “passionate“- i’m very passionate about dark chocolate, it’s so underrated and it deserves so much better.

Q- “Q/A“- book I’m reading these days is once and future, and i’m loving it. it seems a bit slow burn to me but it’s fun.*

R- “risky“- i’m a pretty daring person and i like going on adventures and taking lots of risks. i don’t like being clingy and oh i hate clingy people. i like risky and fun people because i’m one of them myself😭😭

S-“slytherin“- no more comments. draco malfoy is our leader.

T- “trendy“- i’m good with trends because i have my own style and i like to express what i’ve gotπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘΅

U-“UGH“- by bts. one of my favourite tracks. suga murdered his verse, it’s one of his best verses.

V- “venust“- i am venus like, similar to aphrodite. meaning i’m certified eye candy 24/7😎😎 (also it’s not a typo, venust is an actual word)

W- “waves“- by kang daniel, jamies and simon dominic. one of my favourite songs. stream it.

X- “xenomania“- i am xenomanic . i love meeting strangers, i love talking to random people i barely know and then having their number stored on my phone. speaking from experience.

Y- “Yiseo” from itaewon class. my inspiration, my idol, the GOAT. i’ve never liked a person or character as much as i’ve liked her. we share many similarities and she’s everything i aspire to be😍😍😏

Z- zodiac: capricorn” long things short, i’m a mountain goat. say anything bad and i’ll butt you with my horns

β˜†i would have said R for rich, but that would have sounded obnoxious😨😩

–that’s all for today’s post, and hot sauce is album of the year~ i didn’t like some songs and some parts, but i’m sure it’ll grow on me. i like dive into you, diggity and rocket the most. i love diggity so much, it’s a bit long but i absolutely loved it. jisung looks so adorable with his glasses, chenle hit so hard in hot sauce and i’m just so happy to see mark with the dreamies. mark was my first bias and he’s just so COOL. also jaemin hit the hardest in diggity, his waist is so attractive. jeno’s black hair makes him look so mature and i’m living for renjun’s sarcasm this comeback.

i bias all of them, can you tell?

as a side note; winwin and lucas are just so hilarious, and winwin looks so good. lomls confirmedπŸ˜πŸ˜—

asic signing off,

34 thoughts on “in:life | A to Z of me

    1. hi! if you’d like to do something like this, give me credit for it- link my blog as the original source because this is an original idea! (my ideas are protected by a copyright claim.)

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  1. ooh this is a cool post! I like the anime gif you used too! (Incase your wondering, its from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

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  2. Ooh I loved reading this! I would love to do something like this on my blog in the future, do you mind? I will obviously be crediting you and linking back to your post, with your permission.

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