Scam Of The Century | I’ll tell you what this should actually look like

i’m in summer break right now and just like every other sane person, i have no idea what day of the week this is. scam of the century was supposed to be posted very 2 saturdays/sundays but i’m a very frustrated and confused person so i decided to remove that restraint. scams are universal you know? so this thingy is going to be posted whenever i feel like it.

in today’s post i’m going to be badmouthing the songs, characters and etc etc things i hate. also i changed my aesthetic a bit, i’ll be using only small letters. if you’re the type of person who liked everything to be “capitalised” and with “proper punctuation”, from today you aren’t going to find that here because i’ve given up on life😭😭

Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments

her name is the only thing i like about her. i haven’t watched the series, so for reference this is just about the books. i really thimk she wasn’t suited to be the lead, she’s so two-sided, she just leads people on and she has ZERO personality to speak of. i think i would have liked her better if she wasn’t the lead, and played a lesser role in the story.

she has her good moments i think, but i just can’t seem to like her. i like jace, he’s funny and tolerable and maybe it’s just me. but i have absolutely no idea why he’d dall for someone like clary😭

Punch by NCT 127

see i love nct 127 ok, don’t get me wrong but this song was HORRIBLE😭😭 i loved kick it and punch as the title track for the re-packaged album was just not it. this was so weak, nonstop was a much better choice. the members did a good job on it, especially jaeyong and markhyuck but the beats and synths were just sooooo bad😭😭 i hate this song even more than i hate superhuman and that’s saying something.

the live performances were much better because there was lots of enthusiasm and i watched the live performance more than the mv. i liked the “i got punched and now i will punch back concept” but the song wasn’t it.

Peppa Pig

dude this pig needs to get back to her pen a$ap. i mean she is a BARN animal, why does everyone hype her up??? first off, peppa is such a BAD name like who would name your pig peppa? name it piggy or something, peppa is very basic. i like her face though, she’s very cute but i can’t stand watching more than a few episodes in one sitting. watching cute pigs move about messes with my sanity.

Ross Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

see i love the guy who plays ross in real life, everything i hate is about the character. see first of all ross is a BAD name too, like ross? it reminds me of the freshly patched grass and the cows grazing on the field. (i think it’s the peppa pig effect, although we cannot be too sure) i mean he’s unintentionally funny, but he’s kinda annoying. he’s too focused on his own needs and own feelings and at times he gets sooo posessive.


i like physical activity, i play basketball pretty well, even if i do say so myself. i like moving around and walking, but i hate running so much. it doesn’t help matters that my mom wakes me up every morning and tells me to go out and run. running is so tiring and it’s just so overrated.

i like walking but running makes me feel like a piggy (yea peppa pig could have had that name but she got late)


see dude, i JUST got rid of my axne and you think it’s funny for you to pop back again. i think acne is kinda like weeds, unwanted, unused, worthless. i mean i suffered so much in 7th grade, like i really SUFFERED– i was the definition of a waking pimple face, it was tormenting. and now when my acne is almost just fading, it comes back again.

how much face washing do i even have to do? ahhh it’s so annoying

Spofity ads

give me one more ad and i’ll throw my tablet out of the window.

— alao here’s a joke

my writing style: 😎😾👸👻💅💀💪✌👽

my gifs: 😇😆👰💓💖💕💗💝👍💞

asic signing off,

25 thoughts on “Scam Of The Century | I’ll tell you what this should actually look like

  1. I totally agree with the Spotify ads!!! I mean, they don’t even advertise others much. Self promotion*1000000000 and I hate acne. They spoil our look. Sometimes kills us with pain, and leaves a mark before it goes. Why? To prove it was present!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, they are promoting others. Like the time when Taylor Swift’s willow was released. And they promote podcasts and stuff. Atleast, I hear them often. But as soon as that ad is over, the Spotify ads come.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. that’s based on your settings and stuff- it’s probably paid promo, not the ads you see all the time. i dont hear them at all, i get sPotIfy pREmIUM ads😭😭

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  2. I didn’t like Clary either, but the difference between you and me is that I didn’t care for Jace a ton, he was fine. Also all the lovers to siblings to sibling lovers to not siblings “oops I actually kissed my real brother and he’s evil” to lovers drove me UP THE WALL.
    Simon and Izzy supremacy honestly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i liked jace personality wise, he and alec are my favourite characters in the whole series tbh. but clary drove me insane. lmao yes the lovers to siblings then lovers oops no we’re family- yess that got SUPER IRRITATING.

      simon and izzy for the win.


      1. Yeah, I see why you liked Jace, he just never really appealed to me. I do really love Alec though, he was such an understandable and strong character, plus Magnus is just amazing. Idk I just preferred all the side characters over Clace (or whatever the ship name for ✨the sibling relationship✨ is).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I always feel so awkward when I crush on guy characters that turn out to be gay but the authors make up for it by giving them excellent boyfriends. like i can’t be upset when they’re THAT CUTE

        Liked by 1 person

      3. RELATABLE. see i’d get high key triggered if my gay crush ends up with a not so good guy, but they’re cute together, why not fangirl? i mean if the guy is bad i need a redemption and a refund but with a guy like magnus YOU JUST CANT SAY NO😭😭 (another gay crush, * sniff sniff * nico di angelo)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. AAH THAT JUST BROUGHT UP A MEMORY I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I HAD- I was like, so into nico when I first read the series cause you know, he’s coool. but will solace is also just so great and they’re so good together cause it’s like they’re opposites and you know the opposites attract and ughhh they’re so cute it HURTS.
        i’m so single lollll

        Liked by 1 person

        i was into nico from the first time he was ever mentioned. i think i have a thing for emo boys who are gay RIP. but when i read the part about him and will- IT WAS SO CUTE PLS i was like issok nico you got yourself a fine ass man you’re forgiven😭😭

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      6. emo boys (that sometimes are gay) just hit different istg, you’re not the only one. another one gay crush that I had was renarin from the stormlight archive- I just thought he was super cool but then I went online and everyone was talking about how he was gay and I was like “did I miss something????” it’s okay though, renarin and I can just be best friends, I’ll date his brother or smth.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. LMAOOOO that’s tragic. i haven’t read the stormlight archive, i’ll read it just to have the pleasure of crushing on a another gay emo boy, we love them. motto: if you can’t get them, then get the fam. i like draco too but he’s straight with a wife, but he just hit different in the half blood prince and the deathly hallows.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. oh, renarin’s not emo, but he’s smarrttt (a quality which I lack) and also is like you know, super nice and kinda overlooked by everyone because he has a “blood sickness” or something and everyone else in his family is SUPER WARRIORS and he can’t fight. Overall, just want to give him a hug. I was never really that into draco in the earlier books on account of him being a sniveling rat but I definitely see the appeal in the later books cause character development and all that crap. also just less middle school bully vibes.

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