keep strugglin’ | stupid mistakes i made when i first got into k-pop

i wouldn’t call it “stupid” to be honest. i might be many things, but “stupid” is something i’m honestly not. i got into stanning life somewhere in 7th grade all because of BTS

i was a 1D fan for a long time, but i was really small back then so everything was a blur and all i remember is listening to their music and watching their videos- i don’t remember actually stanning or keeping up with their updates and stuff

anyways, here comes a trip down the memory lane~

😳 when i first got into k-pop, this thing called “liskook” was everywhere

i only knew BTS at the time and so i thought lisa was jungkook’s long time lover. it’s a kinda feasible explanation if you ask me- i’m not the type to get “jealous” or whatever- i just found it nice how so many people supported them

….until one day i saw a comment saying “stop shipping”- and then my 13 year old self realised “oh! liskook is just a random ship~”- big brain moment if you ask me.

I think i should have realised it was sus when there were practically zero articles about them. 

😌 what’s a jin? we only know jim

ok, so when i was trying to learn the names of the BTS members- i always forgot jin, and instead replaced him with a “jim”- the new BTS member.

And for a while, i thought it was right😭 but then when i watched their interviews- i saw no jim 😔😔then i went ahead and checked the list of member names, only to find there was no jim, only a jin~

😭 like every other fan, i thought vlive was owned by V

to be honest, with the way hybe is buying all these other companies, i wouldn’t be surprised if one day v-live indeed get’s owned by V.

😒 i thought 7 members in BTS was just way too much

….little did my future self know that i was going to be stanning NCT and making them my ult group- 23 members and counting. 

I think i have more, more embarassing and as the post title would put it, “stupid” confessions, but because i want to maintain my image i will refrain from exposing those😭😭 i was pretty ok for a newbie k-pop fan, although we all have been cringe at some point of time in our stanning life~

QOTD: what types of cringy things did you do as a k-pop fan, or just any type of fan in general? how cringe was it? does your cringe radar cry now?

asic signing off,

42 thoughts on “keep strugglin’ | stupid mistakes i made when i first got into k-pop

  1. Ha ha your assumptions are pretty normal I guess 😂💜 Even i used to think vlive was owned by V in the beginning.
    My list of stupid mistakes as newbie are kinda carzy!!! 😁
    I thought RM was an eldest just because he was the leader. I used to think bts as 6 member group and one day I found an extra guy, jimin and finally understood its a 7 member band (later became my ultimate bias) 😂

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    1. LMAOOO this is hilarious😂😂😂 i thought RM was the eldest too- i mean leaders are usually the eldest so i thought he was the oldest too lmaooooooo


  2. AHHHH!
    I’m not a k-pop fan, but yes, a huge 1D fan.
    I remember how I used to get so confused with Liam and Louis and then I would never remember Niall so I would go, the guy with an accent 🤣🤣

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  3. Ahhh! I did most of these!!!! But mine were even more embarrassing and judgemental than yours. I hated BTS.
    Loved this post Ace! I’ll call you that? It sounds like it suits you well😛

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      1. I was not INTO them yet. My friend was. I used to call them “gays” and I talked super bad stuff about them. My friend stopped talking about them to me because of it. Now I regret all the things I have said 😔

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  4. I have never been a fan of K-Pop but ngl I haven’t really tried listening to it maybe I should but I used to be a massive fangirl particularly of books and oh god…I used to write fan fiction🤮 and not good ones either!!! Despite the cringe, it made me a better writer XD

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    1. ooh if you want to listen to k-pop you should start with BTS and NCT!! they’re my fave groups, and maybe you’ll like them too heheh

      yessss same i mean i don’t write much now, i only write funny headcannons but YES when i look back at the crappy things i wrote i cringe but then it weirdly improved my writing lol

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      1. Okay thank you!! I will deffo have a listen. I may get sucked into the world of kpop now 😀
        Yeahh exactly XD I dont wanna look back at that time but I also have to give credit to it in improving my writing…

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      2. Ahhhhh BTS! Even I used to think that RM was the eldest member because he was the leader and well, he looks elder! Stanning BTS was the only thing that made life interesting in covid. When I became a fan, I visited their yt channel and I was like, omg these are tonsssss of videos to be watched but well, you can never get tired of watching them! Nice post!

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  5. Lol i also felt 7 members were a lot and v live was owned by v. I also assumed jin actually ranked as the most handsome so thats y he calls himself wwh. And then my friend corrected me.
    I always got confused bw v and jk. When my friend asked me to point v out i confidently pointed jk. And now look at me. I can identify them by their shadows lol.

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    1. omg yes struggles😭😭 same but i find jin the most handsome anyways so it was applicable to me everyday

      omg i was confused too😭😭😭 ahaha same i can identify them by their feet and the way they walk also😭 do you have a bias??


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