Kick Back- A review of WayV’s 3rd Mini Album

So~ WayV just made a comeback with their 3rd Mini Album Kick Back. There’s 6 songs on it, with one being a Korean version of Kick Back.

There’s an overarching sound throughout this album which makes it so cohesive. It’s the voices getting hoarser, the auto-tune either decreasing or really blending with the vocals.

Kick Back- The music video is one to really theorize about.

The references to the old NCT MVs are all so there. I thought I saw, Make a wish, Punch, the 7th sense, Turn back time and Moonwalk as well. The whole music video has top-tier cinematography, and the choreo is boss. I like the styling- it’s bit new, and bit overdone- but it’s executed well.

The MV starting from an eye gave me the chills- it was so random and unexpected, I loved it! The styling reminds me a bit of Make A Wish, and Ten looking into that light-thing-filled-with-holes just further confirms my theory that he’s the one who released/ freed all of them in Turn Back Time, when they were trapped, WinWin was the fallen, shirtless angel and stuff like that. The lyrics also very explicitly hint at time, and freeing things wildy without waiting. There’s the connotation of bridging the barrier between time and space.

This song talks about being free from the dungeons and barriers they were bound by in Turn Back Time- the more I read the lyrics, the more confident I get about this theory. They sucessfully Turned Back Time- they Kicked It Back- Kick Back. This happens right after Make A Wish.

They Made A Wish to Turn Back Time and they successfully did it, and now it’s Kicked Back. 90’s love and Work It have a bit of that nostalgic vibe to them, and this song also has a hint of it- all the NCT Music Videos are interlinked in the SMCU Universe, as well as the fact that they’re all part of Neo Culture Technology.

The whole concept of turning back time is so well executed and that 7th sense scene in the end gave me chills. I love the song, the last minute goes crazy.

I really like the ending of their b-side “Action Figure”. Horizon sounds kinda like a ballad, and the member’s vocals really shine. The beat has a hint of piano to it, and it’s been utilised really well. The harmony of the members voices together make the pre chorus, and 2nd verse a very interesting listen.

I like the part after they hit the high note- it goes low for some time and then they hit you with another highnote- it’s an absolutely stunning song.

I like how the “All For Love” which is just after Horizon, continues the rhythm and vibe of Horizon, while carving a melody of its own- if that makes sense lol. I think it’s my favourite b-side out of the lot, but I’ll have to listen to the album 10-12 more times to be able to completely confirm that. The chorus is my favourite part of the song, and the bridge is really classy as well. A BOP.

Good Time’s beat is exotic af, and it makes for a really good start. Winwin’s voice fit really well the song, and Ten does a really good job of carrying the pre-chorus.

The chorus of Good Time and All For Love are a tad bit similar- but then again the whole album seems to be conveying a story- the Moonwalk reference in the music video also makes me think this is a continuation of the whole theory from Take Off- Moonwalk-Turn Back Time- Kick Back. I like the high note in this as well, there’s so many high notes in this album xD, it blends well with the first part of the chorus, and the little melodies during the last part of the chorus make it really musically aesthetic.

Kick Back (Korean Version)- I think I like this version better than the actual one, but like I said- I need to listen to the album a couple hundred times to be sure of it. This song reminds me a bit of Make A Wish musically and the way the lyrics, bridge and chorus are structured- the extra long dance break, the extra high-notes, even the start seems a bit similar to the way Make A Wish was started.

Overall Album Rating-🌟🌟🌟 🌟

There’s a lots of different theories spinning in my head, so if anyone has any other insights please share them in the comments:)

Have a nice day, and don’t forget to stream Kick Back!!

asic signing off,

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