Scam Of The Century | #Intro~


A very good day to all the ladies, and germs! I heartily welcome you to the Intro of the Award-Winning Series “Scam Of The Century”.

Well, What Is This Clownery All About?

This is going to be a bi-weekly feature on this blog, wherein I rant about all the Scams that have taken place during the week. This takes place on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

Don’t re-post or use this feature onto your blog- if you want to say something, do it in the comments!!

Anybody, and I mean- ANYBODY can contribute to this series- Every Time an episode airs, please send in your scams in the comments, or email them to, with the subject being “Scam”. Also, let us know if you’d like to be anonymous, or send in a nickname- it could be any nickname. 

However, if you Do choose to comment(please choose to comment, my emails are as crowded as they usually are), then your username/blog name/whatever, will obviously be seen.

Give Us More Information, Clown

An example of a rant includes- The wi-fi sucks, it’s just so inconsistent, I wish the wi-fi provider steps on lego. Another rant could be, There’s this clown that keeps following and unfollowing me, and because of this, my follower count isn’t stable UGHH.

Another example of a rant is- I HAVE EXAMS, OFFLINE EXAMS SOON. SEND HELP ASAP.

Yea..that’s about it.

After you send in your rants, we either pick them all or pick the best- and then react to it. We either sympathise with you, or tell you ‘re being a clown aka getting clowned, or we give you expert advice.

This is meant to be a lighthearted scam, and while serious rants are highly appreciated, do remember that we’ll most likely make it light-hearted.

Don’t send in personal (you know what I mean) rants. Please keep the rants general and relevant, also, Name dropping isn’t allowed. 

Like NOO, we aren’t the FBI, this is run by a 14 year old for god’s sake.

Also, rants can be of any topic- your never ending TBR, your weird reading habits, things about yourself that irk you, bad food, too much to study, not being able to choose between two songs or books. ANYTHING, and any topic is allowed.

You can also upvote and downvote the rants, and if there’s enough participation- we can have clown admins!! Please spread the word, this is a humble cause, created with the passion of making the world a scam-free place.

Also, share this with your friends, and family and boyfriends and girlfriends, and blogger friends, and school friends- just share it and stuff-, we need to reduce the amount of scams going on ok!!

asic signing off,

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8 thoughts on “Scam Of The Century | #Intro~

  1. One thing that I got to know is, those scams are truly taking place in your life. The clown following and unfollowing you, offline exams. 😂


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