Dazed Days | February Wrap Up

Sup, peeps!!

From today, I’ll be mentioning every monthly wrap up, and every life update I have as “Dazed Days”.

Today’s a Tuesday, and it’s March 2nd- that naturally calls for a month Wrap Up~

Last Month…

I posted a total of 16 posts last month~ I really think it’s because I had so much time, and because it was my “official” first month, so I was pretty active everywhere.

I ended up meeting all of my Jan 2021 goals-

🥇Hit 2K on Pinterest– I did that, but my Pinterest keeps malfunctioning- so I’m not going to even focus on that for now

🥇Hit 30-40 followers on WordPress– I exceeded my Capricorn expectations, and I hit 50 followers YAAY

🥇Get decent exam grades– ah yes, I got really good marks in my exam as well! I mean I’m in the 8th grade- I shouldn’t really be worrying about all of this- I don’t!

I feel bad for my friend though… he has his final exams in 2 weeks- well it makes sense since he’s going into the 10th grade now..


#WordsByBangtan had their first ever event!! Writing about it was so much fun, and their account is the embodiment of wholesome and deep-thoughts. I love how all their interactions with me were so wholesome, and everything they RT’d (including mine) was just quality content. There were so many artistic expressions by ARMYs’ and the entire event, the entire day contributed to so much of my learning and just participating in it was so much fun.

I read the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, and I’d honestly give it a 🌟🌟🌟🌟.

I think this book is a bit too over hyped, and though I enjoyed most of the book- it just got a bit boring at times. But overall I liked it. There’s tons of good advice in this book, and I think after I age a bit(lol what am I even saying) I’ll probably read it once again.

I read Age Matters on Webtoon!! I’m currently on Episode 56, and by the time this month ends, I hope I catch-up with it! It’s an on-going series, so I’m sure I’ll catch-up. Please pray for me to catch up.

Posts I thought were Golden Globe Worthy

The title of this post really sh00k me as I never really thought it was possible to read more than 100 books in less than two months..

Anyways, you know what they say- “Rules are meant to be broken”😌 Well done Rain!!

I loved this playlist recommendation Annie at eveningteamusings made for me! It’s got such good songs, and Spring Day really makes the perfect addition to this playlist. You can also get a playlist recommendation by going to this post, and taking the quiz!

My friend sushiiiwithsoysauce wrote this epic post about the Top 5 underrated Naruto characters– and while I don’t really read/ watch Naruto, two of my friends do!! I send this post to them, and daym- they really did rage!! They loved it🥰

I don’t have braces, but just like before- half of my friends have braces. When we were younger, they used to refer to themselves as the “rabbit club” (cringe, im sorry lol)… So I’m sure SS’s this post about braces would have resonated with them

This post by @paperprocrastinators about TBR’s was just * chefs kiss *- the humour, the gifs, the timing- it was just so>>>>


CORPSE– I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to stop talking about CORPSE. I love him so much, I almost always watch his streams, and if I miss them- then I just watch tiny clips of them on Youtube (sorry, I forgot what they were even called)

Music Bank– I’ve been re-watching Music Bank on Youtube, and it’s just so fun. I love Soobin and Arin so much. Arin is from this group called Oh My Girl- and while I don’t stan them- Some of their songs are absolute bops! I like Nonstop and Dolphin a lot. Some of you might already know this- I stan Soobin. He’s from TXT- they are so versatile! They can pull off literally any concept.

Inkigayo– Also, I’m so sad that MinNaHyun have left Inkigayo.. I first used to watch Inkigayo because of Jaehyun- he’s an MC, and in NCT and he’s my bias, so naturally…

Anyways, I need time to think about this- I will miss them..


I absolutely love this cover, and the Kid Travis version is just so wow. I mean the original was really good too, but this version just hits harder..

This was technically released in Jan, but I’ve been so obsessed with Lyn even though she has like only 2 songs.. This song is just so good, I’ll prolly make an appreciation post for it soon. The bridge of this song really just gets me- it’s just so incoherent and all over the place, like an abyss and then Lyn’s voice just cut’s through it- I love that so much.

I discovered this account TODAY! I love their posts, and the variety in content is just wow. I love the MBTI yearbook idea, and an ENTP-A, i can absolutely relate. We might be assholes, but at least we make money off it🤑xD

March Goals

Hit 100 followers– I’m actually quite close to this one – we’re at 73 followers currently, and 100 is just on it’s way!

Read at least 10 webtoons or books– As most of you already know, I’m really behind my reading, I always end up reading other people’s blog posts, and random Medium articles, or I scroll through Twitter or Instagram during the time I’m supposed to be reading. I really hope I accomplish this one.

Follow through with my plans for this blog– Actually, I have a little something coming up!! I’m so not giving any spoilers🤫, I just hope I follow through with it🤭

My posts

I wrote this post with the intention of offending all the Harry Potter fans!– It did quite better than I expected lol

If you like to simp or stare at fictional characters you’ll 100% never meet, then you should read this post. It’ll help you cope xD

Still feeling sappy? You should read this then😉

Something really unexpected and random happened to me recently, read this post to get to know!!

Tags I did-

The Peer Pressure Tag.

Me and Music Tag.

Thanks to everyone who tagged me!! Please keep tagging me, I love the interactions😎

The Protagonist: ME

My personal life has been a bit of a mess- it always is, there’s nothing special about it..

I’ve been very lovesick lately, and so I made a playlist on Spotify which basically contains all the songs my crush likes, and all the songs that remind me of him- having a crush, especially one that randomly bounced back, isn’t always good.

Help a girl out, and stream the playlist 🥳

asic signing off,

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14 thoughts on “Dazed Days | February Wrap Up

  1. Awesome post!!! And congratulations on everything that happened (including the part: being in love) And I hope you achieve all the goals you have this month!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, congrats on 50 followers! Im glad your friends liked the Naruto post, It was actually written by one of my friends/co-writers… She loves watching Naruto. Also, I see you like webtoons, so do I! We should do a collab on one if your interested…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ah yes, we should definitely collab on that!! It’s been a while since I’ve seen another webtoon enthusiast:DD

      The Naruto post was just so needed, I liked it a lot and I think it’s motivated me to watch Naruto!!! Thanks for congratulating me<3

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Congrats on your recent achievements!! I’m so proud of them, and I’m sure you’ll hit more milestones soon 😁
    Ahh…….the fictional characters simping post. Might give it a read, cause I’m guilty of being that person 😂


    1. I worked hard hehehehe.. Aren’t we all guilty of simping for fictional characters? hahaha.. I loved your posts too, hoping you’ll post soon hehe!


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