everything wrong with harry potter

I like Harry Potter, you like Harry Potter. Chances are, all of us like Harry Potter!

Here’s a post about all the reasons, why you shouldn’t like Harry Potter.



If harry potter is so magical, why cant he fix his eyesight?-

They can grow bones back, they can stop vomiting slugs. They can even stop professors and villians who are like light years older than them, yet they cant fix harry’s eyesight?

seems sus

The Triwizard Tournament…

The Triwizard Tournament is overhyped and overrated. I mean what’s so fun about seeing wizards getting beaten to death by a dragon? And what about developing teenagers jumping into a cold ass lake just to win 1st place?

That sounds like something a first grader would do. and don’t even get me started on the maze- what’s the point of doing something so deadly? for fun? for the thrill?

Maybe there’s a reason why all us bloggers aren’t wizards yet..

Hey, Can I Say Something Here?

Me trying to have a conversation with the person who is in charge of the Daily Prophet in the Wizarding World:

“Hey, can I say something here?

“No you absolutely cannot!”

there’s absolutely no free speech-

the newspaper runs on a propaganda by the Ministry of Magic? The Minister controls the press. And that’s not very nice.

There’s no God!

Do wizards have a god?

I’m not talking about a God with a capital G. I mean, do wizards have their own myths and legends and stuff like that?

I’m also not talking about Nearly Headless Nick or the Bloody Baron- I’m talking about Jesus Potter!! Did we ever have a Jesus Potter? If not, then how were wizards formed?

Is There A Wizard’s Wide Web?

Do wizards have a Tinder?

I mean you cannot remain Victorian and dark academic forever. Someday, you’ll need to have a WWW- Wizard’s Wide Web.

You’ll absolutely need to have a witter(the wizarding world’s version of twitter, wizard+twitter), you will definitely need to have all of that. Otherwise you’ll turn into a woomer(the wizarding world’s version of boomer)


The wizards didn’t use muggle technology. They didn’t read muggle books(they missed out on greats like the fault in our stars and looking for alaska- lolol it’s their fault).

They didn’t listen to muggle music, They supposedly lived in a slightly muggle way, but interacted with nothing muggle?

And yet they celebrated Christmas?!

something’s off..

Other Reasons:

Fred Weasly died. that’s absolutely not right.

✨The sorting hat is biased. It’s clearly so very biased.

✨There’s no way no 2 lovesick teenagers didn’t make the unbreakable vow to each other forever. It’s just not possible.

Anyways, that’s about it for today. This post, and this and this (completely unrelated)can give you some more helpful insights into this situation!!

Today was so-not fun, my wi-fi was down and the teacher’s were extra mad. Also, I just found out that we might be having exams offline, in March?!! *silently crosses fingers and prays for that to be false*

ALSO!! I’ve been reading “Age Matters” on Webtoon and it’s so wow. Since there’s like 120+ episodes, and I’ve just started reading it, I’m planning to review the Webtoon every ten episodes. Like I’ll do a review for episodes 0 to 10, and then another one for 11 to 20- like that!

But I could read the entire Webtoon(till where it has been completed at least) on a whim and then review it the same day- but as of now, I’m on the 13th episode? So it depends lolol

Anyways, that’s about it for today. Go ahead and like this post(because it was a quality post 😌)and stay safe!!

Also, was there anything in the books or movies that ticked you off? Probably an event or a situation you didn’t like? Leave your reply in the comments below and we can rant about it together!

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26 thoughts on “everything wrong with harry potter

  1. Awesome post Asic! Also, wizards technically do have music, there was some band or something at the Yule Ball- THe Weird Sisters I think. And I think that the series is long enough as it is, so I guess, Rowling didn’t elaborate.
    And my exams are now online, so yay! But I am really sorry that yours are offline. They will probably change it to online, because the cases are on the rise again and everything…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ooh thats so luckyyyy- online exams! i can’t relate:( FRED WEASLEY AND SIRIUS BLACK DYING IS BULLSHIT. I dont care if it was ‘plot advancement’ or whatever- you absolutely cannot kill awesome characters!! Ah yes, wizards do have music, I think I overlooked that lolol. Rowling definitely didn’t elaborate- the series has too many other details already lolol.
      I’m sure our school will make it online again lol, I think they’re just threatening us to study like that lolol.


    2. RIP Sirius.
      When he died I was literally staring at the book going ‘Is this a joke?’. And ‘This is definitely some kindof plot to show how magical wizards are’. And then….


      I just-


  2. Hey!!!!
    It is so good to meet another ARMY!!!!!
    I totally agree with you…Fred should never have died…
    Jesus Potter was amazing!!!
    Hey Jimin you nice keep going!!


  3. OhhhhhhhhMyyyyyyyGaaawd

    Why the hell didn’t I notice all this??
    I’ve started thinking all about Wizards not reading books and not having internet. I mean fine, it was okay in the 2000s (isn’t that when J K Rowling wrote it?). But now we’re in like 2021 annnd probably Albus Severus Potter and James and all are grown up????

    So like…..how do they use social media.

    OH! I KNOW! All those meme makers are wizards. They just go whoosh.

    heheheheheh awesome post!!!! Your blogs Ahhmazin!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. lolol, I never noticed it either, I was too wrapped up in the love triangle that was Ron, Hermoine and that other blonde girl lolol.

      Ah yes, Albus, Severus and James are prolly all grown up by now:( The meme makers being wizards- that’s such a good consipracy theory you made!! I’ll have to think more about that lolol.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. At first, Sirius’ death took a piece of my heart. Then Dumbledore’s devastated me. And lastly, I died with Fred Weasley. I loved him so much, and I can’t even begin to imagine how George felt. :((( Of all the characters, why did JK Rowling kill Fred?? 😭 Why couldn’t she kill Umbridge instead

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sirius’ death was so emotional for me, and like I can’t even fathom how Harry would have felt omfg- his heart would have broken into so many pieces… Dumbledore’s death was easier for me to cope with tbh, but his absence hit me hard later in the series..
      A part of my soul died when Fred died… JK Rowling likes to make all of us cry, and Umbridge not dying is utter injustice, like if there’s anyone that’s supposed to be dying- it’s Umbridge!!!


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