hall of fame

welcome to the hall of fame ! this gets updated routinely- if i finish a piece of media and if something really sticks out to me, i pin it up here. enjoy!

books that made me re-think life

  • the secret history- donna tartt
  • the poppy war– r.f kuang
  • pride and prejudice- jane austen
  • the picture of dorian gray– oscar wilde
  • the night circus- erin morgenstern
  • looking for alaska– john green
  • after dark- haruki murakami
  • norweigan wood– haruki murakami

[ this is the condensed version of a two-page list ]

anime/ manga that are criminal

classroom of the elite
tokyo revengers
bunny girl senpai
school babysitters !!
death note

characters who remain iconic.

jo yiseo, itaewon class
fang runin, from the poppy war
tsukishima kei, haikyuu
kira, death note (WHAT A KING PERIODT)
gray yeon, weak hero (webtoon)
marcus baker, ginny and georgia

some self-appreciation

this series did so well
scam of the century again
one of my most iconic posts ever

shows that i use as a medium for procrastination

the mentalist, 2015.
itaewon class, 2020.
peaky blinders, 2013.
friends, 1998.