• dumb, dumber, dumbest

    dumb, dumber, dumbest

    welcome back to nikszine! in today’s post, we’re back to writing as therapy. here are some of my rambles from my board exams era:

    • dumb: when i can’t differentiate between lens formula and mirror formula
    • dumber: when i deactivate all my accounts thinking it will help
    • dumbest: when i get lesser marks on the practice test than i did last time.

    • dumb: when i’m able to remember the answer to an extremely hard multiple choice
    • dumber: when i change the answer to something else in a last minute revision
    • dumbest: when i find out my original answer was correct and lose one mark.
    • dumb: when i’m forced to choose between which of the two questions to answer
    • dumber: when i stop mid-answer because i forgot what comes next
    • dumbest: when i scratch the entire answer out and write a new one.

    • dumb: when i’m trying to remember an important theorem
    • dumber: when i accidentally look outside
    • dumbest: when a random song starts playing inside my head and i waste five minutes.

    • dumbest: instead of re-checking my answers, i try to calculate my potential mark for the exam.

    • dumbest: when i think about what to do after the exam instead of focusing on the paper in front of me.

    • dumbest: when the most embarrassing moments of my life flash before my eyes as i try to take a test

    apparently results are coming out soon, hence the exam-related post. also do you guys like the new look of the blog?

    good luck everyone!

  • dazed days | are wrap-ups back?

    dazed days | are wrap-ups back?

    for a very long time, i’ve always enjoyed writing wrap-up’s both on my old blog and on this one too. as time is not a constraint anymore, i’ve decided to bring the wrap up’s back!

    april was really an excuse for a stress relieving month. board exams getting over meant i could finally sleep without stressing, and think without overthinking. summer was just the cherry on top. for the longest time, i used to hate the concept of summers. if you see my reels, you’ll know that this summer has been the opposite.

    the blazing heat and scorching sun was just an excuse to stay inside and sulk.

    not to jinx it, but this summer i’ve had the most fun i’ve possibly had in a while. i finally went on swims after not swimming for nearly two years, thank you corona! my friends and i experimented with so many cafes and i rode the worst rollercoaster. but, the adrenaline rush was definitely worth it!

    i also streaked my hair red!

    it’s one of the first things i’ve accomplished in my to-do list! changing your hair colour really does change your personality hehe.

    while the number is not astounding, this month i’ve had a few “quality” reads- “carrie soto is back” and “the secret history”. i’ve also just started “the atlas six”- it takes a while to get through the chapters because the book is so expansive.

    the secret history is actually un-put-down-able and i was so mesmerised throughout the book. even writing a plain review would be a disservice since the entire book requires a five-hour analysis. the characters and the philosophical themes touched upon in the book and their exploration was amazing to actually read. the characters are obviously unhinged and as we’ve established in this blog, unhinged characters are supreme.

    my screentime also hit new degrees of heat

    i don’t know but something about having the netflix subscription handed back to you is just so freeing. i don’t know about you but this april i watched roughly around thirty shows and movies. some of my moments of enjoyment:

    that was it for my wrap-up! how did you spend your april?

  • the f**k it list

    the f**k it list

    this post contains a major spoiler but this doesn’t matter since the entire movie is a joke.

    focusing on the good, i think the movie did have a genuine message for youth but they failed terribly at trying to convey it. facing your fears and taking risks is a great message but making a movie about an obnoxious, over-privileged teen isn’t really the way to go.

    brett is good looking but that’s the only redeemable quality about him. he’s also a go-getter but he’s so privileged it’s hard to ignore.

    here’s nothing wrong with privilege but he’s so ungrateful and while he’s also worked hard it’s just disappointing to see him take the fxxk it list to the next level and “reject” rejection. i think the movie tried too hard to be relatable but just ended up becoming another “pick me.”

    the movie made me pretty angry and i’m demoting it to a two star rating. bro turns down harvard when even rich kids wouldn’t really turn it down? brett is such a pick me and this is so highlighted when he defers harvard even after they graciously offer him admission.

    how did this get approved? thankfully bitching about this movie took me out of my writing slump. the one good thing about this movie for real.

    anime gif to take this pathetic excuse of a movie away.

    until next time,

  • entry 01

    first board tmr! we would be done by next month👍

  • happy new year

    another year, another slay.

    consistent posting once boards get over. but i will post something sometime in jan👍

    let’s have a great year everyone🕯

  • october was a ride!

    october was a ride!

    2022 is like a rollercoaster going up and down without warning- i am very well aware that i’m on a rollercoaster, i just don’t know what direction it’s going to take. there are good days and bad days, and with every bad day i’m afraid i’ll spiral.

    which is why i keep listening to oh no! by marina to keep myself sane. although this is a self-proclaimed overachiever anthem, there is still something satisfying about her tracks. maybe it’s the relatability or the innate motivation her lyrics give you.

    speaking of motivation, this october i barely had any motivation or energy to read books. it was midterms season which should be excuse enough, but i hope to get back on the game very soon. my current reads are

    • the starless sea by erin morgenstern : which has an extremely stunning cover but an even more stunning concept. would 100% recommend and i’m obsessed with it so far
    • and the list ends.

    there were quite a lot of shows i enjoyed watching this sept-oct. ginny and georgia is my absolute favourite show, because it’s such a mess. kakegurui is another anime thats both entertaining and has a shock effect to it. i had high expectations when i went in for this one and i was not disappointed.

    we’re the millers had me on the ground because of how entertaining it was. i mainly watched it for jennifer anniston but i stayed for the chaos. don’t look up was great when i watched it sped up. about gilmore girls, don’t get me wrong i love rory during her chilton era but tristan has a chokehold on me. and so does jess. gilmore girls is such a vibe, and i love the relationship rory and her mother share.

    what were your october faves? happy early halloween!

  • was classroom of the elite designed to be confusing or am i mentally receeding?

    was classroom of the elite designed to be confusing or am i mentally receeding?


    this anime is so confusing i need to take an aspirin.

    we can obviously rely on our trustworthy, morally-bound protagonist ayanokoji who would absolutely never take a risk never go back on his word never get a girlfriend however fake that might be and absolutely never use a person.

    classroom of the elite makes you think about two things:

    1. do people like ayanokoji exist in real life? – obviously such types do, but have you ever been surrounded by them? did you come across an ayanokoji only to dismiss them as stupid or dumb. think twice
    2. what would happen if you were to become like him? – would you be an absolute sociopath, psychopath-whatever the term is, or would you go up higher in life?

    both? sounds like ayanokoji to me.

    if you’ve been looking for an anime recommendation, let classroom of the elite NOT be it. i’m joking obviously, every human being on this earth, including my enemies and the jinxers, need to see it asap.

  • the one indian festival i love

    the one indian festival i love

    honestly there’s not one festival i hate- when there’s free sweets all around, why would you say no? if you’re unaware, it’s diwali season in india currently, and it’s all an actual vibe. but there’s one tradition related to diwali that i absolutely adore- and it’s the pre- diwali clean up.

    in indian households, a while before diwali knocks on our doorstep, or because we all collectively procrastinate- one day right before diwali, the entire house gets into spring-cleaning mode. we turn utensils upside down, decide to donate all the clothes that don’t fit anymore and suddenly all your stash is gone, “in the name of good?” nonetheless, i was obviously forced to participate in the cleaning this year and i was sorting through my stuff just like any other indian.

    it was honestly so nice to throw things away. it gave me a sadistic type of happiness, but i was happy nonetheless. i also have two clean cupboards waiting to be filled up, so that’s a plus. sorting through your old stuff also brings back nice memories and some not-so-nice ones. it also makes you realise that even if you think you have your life under control, once you open the dreaded cupboard, all the clothes fall to the floor, books tumble down and a cockroach runs in through the tiny gaps— you realise you really DON’T have all of it together.

    any of your favourite festival traditions? LMK.

  • do you ever feel like there’s a jinx running around in the air?

    do you ever feel like there’s a jinx running around in the air?

    things have been good lately. do you ever feel like there’s a jinx running around in the air? you think of something excruciatingly nice, and you voice the thought out to a friend. in less than a day, the nice thing becomes absolutely disgusting.

    it’s a new day, a new week, the next month is near. you tell the person sitting next to you in the van that your exam’s going to go extremely well. guess what? you forget every single formula you learnt during the exam hall. nerves overtake you and the invigilator is irritating… to say the least. he keeps talking, without a care in the world. it might just be a test, but to some, this is a matter of self-esteem.

    on the other hand, a week later, when you still have exams going on and the person next to you complains about the coming paper they’ll have to write- you love your subject, but for some reason you decide to do the same. it’s a whining session alltogether.

    fast-forward a while later, your paper went extremely well. your good old seater friend? no updates on that.

    maybe it’s because of spooky season or whatever, but i get this feeling that there’s this eerie jinx going around.

    having a good thought?— hold on to that! don’t voice it out loud unless you want your villain era to begin. have you guys been experiencing jinxes recently? please let me know🐳

  • the unhinged protagonist saga: never have i ever

    the unhinged protagonist saga: never have i ever

    the unhinged protagonist is a trope that seems to be appearing quite frequently on nikszine these days. maybe it’s the influx of toxic characters in today’s media or it’s my obsession with dissecting every miniscule detail of a highly crafted show character. today we’re going to be dealing with devi, from never have i ever.

    devi, a character i have never been happier to see on media, a character i never imagined to like but keep rooting for now despite her horrendous decision making skills. if there’s anything devi needs, it’s the ability to think rationally and sensibly. from the perspective of the masses, i’ve never been happier to see an indian being represented and while most of the jokes are accurate and happily overused, the show gives me a sense of comfort in a way.

    i think a major role as to why despite devi’s obvious misgivings, she seems to have a lot of people rooting by her side, is her indian-ness. and her honesty. she’s upfront and straightforward about the things that upset her and she’s also not scared to make the first move. remember that scene from season one where she boldly approached paxton and declared her love for him? me neither. jokes aside, devi’s also a hardworker. she gets good grades and gets bit by wild animals. she jumps through hoops and hoops of an adventurous life all the while sailing through MUN. 

    in the hopeful occasion that never have i ever does get a season four, i’d love for devi to embark on a journey of self-sufficiency. this wishful thought is pretty unlikely to see its debut on the big screens considering devi pulling up to ben’s place during season 03. a fan can still hope though. devi is desperately problematic which is exactly why a redemption arc should be in the making.

    devi suppresses her trauma’s until they get the best of her and uses hyperfixation to cope, her redemption barely occurs and when it does, it’s in miniscule increments. it’s honestly comical and more than a coming of age show, there’s so much action going on, never have i ever is absolutely escapist and i’m living for it.

    i think it’s also nice that while “indian kids are good at math” and devi’s decent at math, devi also has a mind of her own and while that sometimes leads her getting into problematic situations, i always appreciate a character going after what they want and speaking their mind regardless of the consequences.

    question: who’s an unhinged protagonist you’d like to give a shoutout to?