• tbr-ed! | i cannot let the books defeat me

    would you just look at that???

    23 out of 200? is this even happening? i could physically feel my heart sink as i glanced upon these underwhelming stats. underachieving is a disease. and i need a vaccine.

    my ambitious tbr for the summer

    ironically the first draft for this was actually created on april fool’s day but the only fool here is my goodreads goal. that being said, it’s in the best interests of my pride and ego to do my best to reach that goal. 200 is actually unhinged, but it’s possible. here’s the first part of my 10-step plan to reach 200 books. hoping to make my atrocious takes on books a real thing soon.

    • the night circus // appox. 400 pages- i’m already halfway through it and i love it!! when you love a book, you totally forget the fact it’s a mini baby
    • the viscount who loved me // 500 pages- if you think i’m re-reading the entire bridgerton series but not in order, you’re totally right.
    • kafka on the shore // 504 pages- it’s heavy, but murakami always serves. something about his writing gives me a headache, but like a good one. it’s so weird it’s good.
    • verity // approx. 350 pages- it’s colleen hoover and it’s a thriller. we just killed two birds with one stone.
    • all your perfects // approx. 320 pages- colleen hoover again. it’s miraculous. (the cover’s disgusting. i’ve said this before. but we have kindle !)
    • the love hypothesis // approx. 400 pages- kindle rushing to my rescue. it’s an adorable cover but i cannot have it physically sitting around in my room.
    • malibu rising // approx 400 pages- another one for the kindle. this isn’t by choice- i’ve looked all around town and yet i’m absolutely unable to find the hard copy of this anywhere

    last minute strategies

    • if all else fails, i’m going to turn to marie lu- the one author whose books i can NEVER hate. i’ve been emotionally rearranged by every book she’s written.
    • this isn’t exactly last minute, but manga !!!! especially the ones where you can just scroll endlessly- 1 hour and the books i’ve read have increased to 40.
    • also throwing in a prayer or two for goodwill and goodluck.

    nikszine status: this has been a fast paced post. i kind of apologise. i’ve been procrastinating- not procrastinating exactly, but i’ve spaced out a bit. but i’m back ! let’s catch up in the comments. i’m also loving spy x family and death note. i’m also one of those people in the fandom who prefer light to L hehe. also i love the percy jackson casting! grover makes my indian heart HAPPY

    asic signing off,

  • gilmore girls, spring and expiration dates.

    • just started gilmore girls
    • this show is honestly so hilarious
    • yet so drama-filled
    • rory’s an icon right now
    • we shall see what happens in the coming episodes

    it’s only wednesday. i had a holiday yesterday and a math test today, so i spent the whole of yesterday studying for that. the test went well! welcome to a catch-up blog post !!!

    BOOKS and literature

    • off topic but dan telling rory she has unbelievable concentration is exactly what we all should be telling each other.
    • sorry, back on topic: i’ve been reading indra nooyi’s memoir from the past 2 weeks in halves and in between classes. it’s enriching, educational yet so grounded.
    • if all memoirs and non-fiction have the standout quality that this book holds, i’ll be reading a lot more non-fiction and memoirs after this one. ( recommendations are always welcomed aaa !!!! )
    • loveboat taipei: mentioned previously, here.
    • dance, dance, dance by murakami: reading the book wasn’t enough. i need to engulf myself in more theories and analysis because the story isn’t enough, i need to feel and eat the words on the page.


    zach hood– discovered him through my friend’s playlist and every single song is so relatable?? sorry if i sound depressed and aching (because i probably am) but all these tracks are just BANGERS.

    • SERVED. corpse always serves. i love this track. it’s slightly different from the ones he’s done before but all his tracks serve so differently and he always brings something new to the table all the time. he’s so amazing. ( AND AAA HIS PFP UPDATED?!!! )
    • classroom of the elite??? absolutely amazing. this OST?? always SERVES.
    • i think as it was is my cue to stan harry styles ??? i think i still would want to hear more of his discographies before stanning though…


    my amazon prime subscription expired !! how fun.

    • while the subscription did last though, i watched a lot of hindi movies.
    • bollywood is like opening up a box and then you judge the box by the one pin it has on the top instead of actually opening it up and seeing everything it holds inside.
    • hindi medium is a great movie too !
    • anyways onto anime, i wanted to watch kaguya-sama on youtube but all of a sudden season 01 cannot be seen anymore💀💀
    • that’s luck for ya.

    in:life and the moments

    happiness in a nutshell.
    the one motivation i have…

    how has the week been for you? any new shows// movies // bad encounters of luck??

    asic signing off,

  • KEEP STRUGGLIN’ | name a show and here’s a rec !

    inspired by my latest insta post ! the shows we’ll be going over in today’s post are bridgerton, euphoria and all of us are dead. it’s kinda fascinating to see all the different concepts and themes being popular for all the different reasons.

    score 01 | euphoria

    your recommendations:

    • call me by your name
    • will grayson, will grayson
    • malibu rising
    • the chandler legacies
    • beautiful world, where are you
    • loveboat, taipei


    your recommendations:

    • viscount who loved me
    • pride and prejudice
    • a duke, the lady and a baby
    • a lady’s guide to mischief and mayhem
    • mr malcolm’s list
    • the seven husbands of evelyn hugo


    YOUR recommendationS

    • one of us is lying
    • a good girls guide to murder
    • handmaids tale
    • the talking of jake livingston
    • and then i woke up
    • the maidens

    everywhere i go and every account i click on, people seem to keep talking about the following shows and while i won’t comment on whether the hype is deserved or not, they do make for excellent content creation. frankly speaking, i’m still watching Bridgerton and can we all agree that the books were just >>>>>>>>>

    a month ago or something, euphoria was literally EVERYWHERE and while i’m glad i didn’t give into the peer pressure of watching it, i just finished season 01 !

    to conclude, have you watched any of these shows? or vice versa, are any of the books i recommended, a fave of yours? let me know !! and if you have more recommendations, of both books AND shows, i’d be happy to include them !!!!! have a great week

    asic signing off,

  • tbr-ed ! | loveboat, taipei

    i judged a book by its cover- a pretty cover with a pretty girl but a not so pretty story. 4.5 stars but i do feel guilty for liking it.

    the book follows ever wong, who’s basically pressured by her parents to go to med school and become a doctor. her parents send her away for the summer and she lands up at loveboat, a place where things you wouldn’t do in front of your parents, run rampant. ever likes to dance. blood makes her squeal with fear. what does she do?

    *cue coming-of-age-soundtrack*

    when most of the people i follow on goodreads basically rated this as below three stars and here i sit, wondering what i did wrong… i liked this book.

    don’t shoot me.

    • i feel like this is most likely going to be a comfort book for me because all the drama in the book makes me forget about all the assignments and tests i have due.
    • character-wise, i felt like every character had a bad past for literally no reason ?? and every character had only this specific role to play without any other dimension to them.
    • i don’t actually like the plot and neither do i like the characters except for xavier but the only reason why this is my toxic comfort is book is because of all the chaos this circus carries.


    • there’s moments where i love ever and moments where i hate her.
    • ever’s a great main character—forgiving to a fault but she’s also able to stand up to people.. everyone other than her parents.
    • but that’s what character development is for !
    • i loved her character development in all the other scenes except for the way she dealt with sophie. she should have been way harsher and frankly speaking, sophie was a walking red flag from the START.
    • i hate, hate, hate her for the way she dealt with xavier and basically just took advantage of everything he said and felt for her. and she expects him to be okay with it because he’s a “player??”
    • logic….


    • raise your hands for sophie, our walking red flag !!
    • literally the worst written character off all and the “happy” ending she got was not well-deserved at all.
    • after leaking ever’s nudes, i was actually seething when ever forgave her.
    • she was most 2D character of them all
    • the worst part is she didn’t even seem an inch sorry for whatever she did and that has me seething.
    • if you need to take your hate out on a character, let sophie be it.


    • xavier yeh
    • yuh i love him
    • he’s so artistic yet he has such good appeal. he’s absolutely amazing and he deserved better
    • you know one of those characters that deserve way better and you keep rooting for them throughout the story, right?
    • well xavier’s one of them
    • he’s so strong and everything he did for ever had my heart racing.
    • and ever was absolutely stupid for choosing bOy woNDEr over him.
    • anyways xavier yeh supremacy

    i won’t even comment on boy wonder and his ex girlfriend with serious issues and how toxic their whole relationship was because that’s a story for another day.

    • would i recommend this? yes, but most of the topics that go on in this book are actually highly TW so PLEASE CHECK THOSE OUT before going into the book with your eyes closed
    • my rating: anywhere between 3 to 4 stars
    candid shots AHHAHA
    the cover image because i cannot resist flexing

    asic signing off,

  • for you ! | hi !

    hi guys !
    how’s life been treating you lately?
    honestly i feel super embarrassed to keep posting only life updates // conversational posts so drop down ideas below ! i’m stuck in such an enormous creative rut and not to mention the lack of motivation- ANYWAYS.
    every idea counts and i absolutely DEMAND something from all of you !!!
    hopefully i’ll be back to posting soon

    –asic signing off,

  • so we are 4 months into 2022.. welcome to a march wrap-up !

    currently watching the very traumatic handmaid’s tale as i write this. it’s also april fool’s day. i would make a bad joke but i presume someone’s done that already.

    it’s friday currently, one of the first weekend’s i’ve got in weeks if that even makes sense. see a weekend is supposed to be fun and not tiring, but real life school is harder than ever. we have cycle tests every week plus it’s way too hard to juggle everything all at once. (the handmaid’s tale is so morbid i’m not sure i want to watch this right now. i’m trying to change the titles on amazon prime now…)

    the first weekend in weeks, but i’ve been sneezing like anything lately.

    • and the thing is, i just got a haircut and my hair’s kind of short and when i sneeze, i sneeze like a violent old man.
    • and so when i sneeze my entire hair goes up and down, my forehead gets a sense of exposed freedom before being engulfed by my bangs again.
    • sneezing is a disease. it’s so hard. especially when you have a sneeze stuck in you and it’s NOT coming out. for what ?? why ?
    • there’s a funny feeling stuck in your nose, your body squirms with the thought of another sneeze coming out, you mentally prepare yourself and your forehead for the event and bam !

    there’s no sneeze. services are closed. have a good day.

    (decided to stop watching the morbidity in favour of “dune !!” i love timothee chalamet hes so SJDAOSFSPSONGNS. okay anyways)

    i don’t have time to read. and i run a bookstagram🙏🙏

    • ( well sort of)
    • i’m slowly getting used to the feel and hectic pace of life so i’ll be able to distribute my time better i hope. (can you feel the pain through the screen)
    • for now i’m sticking to reading on the van, reading between classes and multi-tasking while talking to friends. let’s hope there’s a way out🙏🙏

    i said i’d do a glasses reveal and a few other things and that’s fr coming in the next post, my bout of sneezing and body pain is just a little too much to deal with right now aha

    i finished gossip girls !! that has to be the most anti-climatic ending i’ve ever seen in my life.

    • the last episode felt even more manufactured than the others and it was like they had to end it so they ended it LMAO
    • it was a good show nevertheless.
    • 4 stars out of 5 because i’ve seen shows better than this.

    the first season was definitely the best for me because there was a whole feeling of new-ishness to it. by the time it’s the sixth season, i’m used to blair waldorf, dan humphrey and the whole crew.

    chuck and nate tho >>> superiority in a nutshell

    i also watched a few other hindi movies than the ones i mentioned but i can’t seem to remember the names. i watched hindi movies in the hopes of improving my hindi because i got less marks in hindi LOL. the trick worked wonders though. 8/10 in the first cycle test, and 10/10 in the second one !! the third round of cycle tests start the following week and i’m hoping to keep up my streak.

    • not much of new music because i have been too tired to manage spotify and things
    • but i’ve been listening to death note freestyle a lot💀 and a few tracks from the movies😭

    sorry for the abrupt outro but march was highly tiring but very satisfying. emphasis on the tiring. i hope april treats me better though !! how was your month, any faves, any good moments, any complaints LET ME KNOW !!!!

    asic signing off,

  • if i could kill 3 characters from harry potter, here are the unlucky ones and why

    that post title made me want to kill all of them.

    this is not necessarily me hating on the characters or whatever, this has more than just one dimension, i swear💆🏻

    death 01 | professor mcgonagall

    • she’s one of my favourite characters actually, so you might be wondering why i’d want to kill her if i love her.
    • the thing is, she was such a core and pivotal part of the whole franchise so if we killed her off, we’d be able to see how the others would function (or not) without her.
    • would they bring in like a new professor or distract the audience from her timely yet truly tragic death with a new villain? a new friend? or what ??????

    long explanation short: i’d chop her head off just to see what the reactions of the others would be. not because i have a long standing feud with my fave or anything.

    death 02 | harry potter

    • i always thought what it would be like if the “main character” of the whole franchise, the “title” actually, just died.
    • like…. RIP
    • without the whole “i’m-faking-my-death” thing, if he actually died in like the last book or movie who would actually step up? ron? hermoine?
    • as a draco stan, if harry died, its obvious that draco, the real and hidden main character would have to step up😌😌
    • part 01 of my secret ploy to convince everyone that harry was soemwhat of a bore and that the real main guy, the person hidden in the shadows, was obviously mr. draco

    long explanation short: harry dies so that draco gets his long-awaited spotlight to shine. not a sacrifice in vain for sure.

    death 03 | both the weasley twins

    yes. i am the sadistic author all of you hate.

    • literally nothing intended here, i just would want to see what would happen if they both died and then who’d be the funny one??
    • i mean if they actually died in like a spin-off or something, would the whole franchise get darker or would a new joker come up?
    • frankly speaking if BOTH of them died i’d actually get mad and stop watching.
    • how ironic it is that i’m here contemplating what would happen if they died YET wishing both of them don’t.

    long explanation short: we know which one of the two dies. what happens if they both died?

    and yay !

    anyways this was it for today’s post but i had written this a while ago. also my first day of 10th grade just happened like 3 days ago and i guess.. it was an experience ??? fun nevertheless !!

    asic signing off,

  • in:life | week in review

    how have we been guys?

    i had a lot of work in my personal life to get done this week but i got nothing done anyways🤡 i’m currently working on queuing up posts on here and on instagram, so that when school re-opens, an influx of content will be incoming !

    TBR-ED ! READS this week

    i had no idea i would even be reading this but then i walked into the bookstore and saw the cover…. needless to say, i was mindblown.

    • i was so happy that the library in my apartment finally opened!
    • in the picture it shows, “whiteout” by ken follet and after finishing that masterpiece, i also borrowed “me before you” by jojo moyes.
    • me before you has such an interesting concept and as of now, i’m 50 pages in!
    • i also started “gone girl” by gillian flynn and wow… i watched the movie (don’t judge LMAO) and the book hits even harder.

    stuff i’m listening to

    found this through a character playlist and i was obsessed. literally no words. songs like these are why i love music so much ahah

    what a great release. i love every single track he’s released and this is so different from the stuff he’s released but it’s so good. this is such an AMAZING transition.

    -amazing. amazing. amazing. i love this song so much. it’s so catchy and one of my first yugyeom songs apart from the stuff he has in got7

    DPR LIVE SUPREMACY. i love this song so much. one of my faves on this list. “her” is such a good album-it’s one of my faves !!


    • psycho-pass #3: i haven’t even watched the first two seasons but i accidentally clicked on it and i haven’t been able to stop ever since. i’m probably going to read the manga along with season #3 so that i can catch up all the way
    • gossip girls #5: i’m going to finish season 05 in like 5 minutes, i’m watching episode 16 as we speak (or read !) and i’m certain i’m going to be done with gossip girls completely by the time this month ends. i feel very bittersweet about this but those are feelings to monetize for another post !!
    • birds of prey: planning to watch this sometime along the next weekend when i schedule relax time, birds of prey will be a huge part of it !!


    • currently on episode 17 NOW !!!! i might even finish the season by the time i post this AHHA
    • anyways, i just got my glasses done !! they’re so pretty and in a wine-red colour with silver rims ! (i’ll do a glasses reveal in the next post)
    • i also went to starbucks after so long !! it was such a nice experience to sit in a cafe and just enjoy
    how did your past week go ?? any cafes you visited, any books you read or movies you watched?? are the exams STILLLLLL GOING ON?? GOOD LUCK AND LET ME KNOW !

    asic signing off,

  • tbr-ed ! | after dark

    10:20 AM | book details

    The ground we stand on looks solid enough, but if something happens it can drop right out from under you. And once that happens, you’ve had it: things’ll never be the same. All you can do is go on, living alone down there in the darkness

    3rd murakami book and i’m still not satisfied. i said i would get more into Japanese literature but i had no idea i would get so sucked into it.

    after dark is absolutely amazing and reading it is like stepping into some sort of dark void except in this cause you LOVE the void. the book is very high concept, and the chapters are basically like the hands of a clock. we start at 11:56 PM and then go all the way to 6:52 AM.

    the book definitely needs a sequel because i need to know what happens next?? do mari and takahahsi go on that date? does eri asai even wake up? what about that shirakawa dude? does he get what he deserve? and what about korogi? is her running away successful or do they get to her in the end?

    this book has no timeline and like i said before, it’s basically similar to stepping into a void and then shockingly getting out of there—more confusingly than shockingly, but still the similar sentiment. what i’m trying to imply here is that after dark genuinely has no ending. we as readers, do not get any sort of closure at all. what does “there will be a time until the next darkness arises” supposed to mean??? how can you just leave us hanging😭😭

    as a reader, i love books focused on characters a lot. i love reading about characters i can relate to, characters i can hate and characters i can just feel neutral about.

    my character ranking of “after dark”

    aka the 1 or 2 characters i loved in the book.

    1. Mari Asai— her mysterious vibes, the thick fat book she carries everywhere and her uncanny habit of not contributing to a conversation unless someone asks her to or unless she genuinely wants to
    2. Tetsuya Takahashi— i grew to love him throughout the timeline of this book. who doesn’t love loveable characters with a tragic past? he is such an icon though. hardwork and going to law school after midnight music practice? if you want a character to look up to as a role model, let it be tetsuya takahashi. plus he also apologised for bringing that girl to alphaville so give my boy a rest😭


    or if you liked reading any of these then you'd probably enjoy reading after dark
    • short reads: before the coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi, almond by Won-pyung Sohn
    • books with a “shock” factor: gone girl by gillian flynn
    • always a classic: the bell jar by syliva path, the picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde, schoolgirl by osamu dazai

    frankly speaking, this is a book i expected to like. there are some books when you look at them, you’re just like you’ll like them. after dark was one of these. definitely a book i’ll be recommending to everyone !! if you decide to pick this up, let me know !!

    have you read any murakami books? any japanese literature recommendations? will you be picking this up? let me know !

    asic signing off,

  • so… 9th grade is over?

    it’s not THAAT big of a deal actually but it feels.. nice?

    an offline grad from 9th actually feels real whereas in 8th and 7th all i had was bye bye and a computer screen. not saying computer screens are bad, i prefer screens to schools but still. celebrating and enjoying with friends was a pretty nice change for once and things feel nice !

    things to look forward to !

    • a blog rebrand ! i’m planning to switch up things a little bit around here, and your suggestions are exactly what i’ll be implementing! leave your suggestions in this tiny form! the responses don’t need to be well-written, even ideas work well

    • reading and finishing thrillers and mysteries bc who doesn’t like getting shit scared at 3 AM
    • anime to watch WHILE reading the books
    • obsessing over chuck bass and everything about him <333
    • he actually went from my least favourite to my ONLY favourite he’s so amazing
    • not studying and just focusing on everything i like
    • working on more posts both on insta and here and kind of trying to get a pattern or aesthetic in both my blog and instagram
    • replying to comments. I WILL DO THIS I WILL
    • and working on a few secret things😳

    i knew many of ya’ll had your exams going on and… are they still going on? have they ended? i am genuinely curious and if they did end// are going on, how did they go?? what do you plan to do after them?? LET ME KNOW !

    the featured image !

    asic signing off,