• happy new year

    another year, another slay.

    consistent posting once boards get over. but i will post something sometime in jan👍

    let’s have a great year everyone🕯

  • october was a ride!

    october was a ride!

    2022 is like a rollercoaster going up and down without warning- i am very well aware that i’m on a rollercoaster, i just don’t know what direction it’s going to take. there are good days and bad days, and with every bad day i’m afraid i’ll spiral.

    which is why i keep listening to oh no! by marina to keep myself sane. although this is a self-proclaimed overachiever anthem, there is still something satisfying about her tracks. maybe it’s the relatability or the innate motivation her lyrics give you.

    speaking of motivation, this october i barely had any motivation or energy to read books. it was midterms season which should be excuse enough, but i hope to get back on the game very soon. my current reads are

    • the starless sea by erin morgenstern : which has an extremely stunning cover but an even more stunning concept. would 100% recommend and i’m obsessed with it so far
    • and the list ends.

    there were quite a lot of shows i enjoyed watching this sept-oct. ginny and georgia is my absolute favourite show, because it’s such a mess. kakegurui is another anime thats both entertaining and has a shock effect to it. i had high expectations when i went in for this one and i was not disappointed.

    we’re the millers had me on the ground because of how entertaining it was. i mainly watched it for jennifer anniston but i stayed for the chaos. don’t look up was great when i watched it sped up. about gilmore girls, don’t get me wrong i love rory during her chilton era but tristan has a chokehold on me. and so does jess. gilmore girls is such a vibe, and i love the relationship rory and her mother share.

    what were your october faves? happy early halloween!

  • was classroom of the elite designed to be confusing or am i mentally receeding?

    was classroom of the elite designed to be confusing or am i mentally receeding?


    this anime is so confusing i need to take an aspirin.

    we can obviously rely on our trustworthy, morally-bound protagonist ayanokoji who would absolutely never take a risk never go back on his word never get a girlfriend however fake that might be and absolutely never use a person.

    classroom of the elite makes you think about two things:

    1. do people like ayanokoji exist in real life? – obviously such types do, but have you ever been surrounded by them? did you come across an ayanokoji only to dismiss them as stupid or dumb. think twice
    2. what would happen if you were to become like him? – would you be an absolute sociopath, psychopath-whatever the term is, or would you go up higher in life?

    both? sounds like ayanokoji to me.

    if you’ve been looking for an anime recommendation, let classroom of the elite NOT be it. i’m joking obviously, every human being on this earth, including my enemies and the jinxers, need to see it asap.

  • the one indian festival i love

    the one indian festival i love

    honestly there’s not one festival i hate- when there’s free sweets all around, why would you say no? if you’re unaware, it’s diwali season in india currently, and it’s all an actual vibe. but there’s one tradition related to diwali that i absolutely adore- and it’s the pre- diwali clean up.

    in indian households, a while before diwali knocks on our doorstep, or because we all collectively procrastinate- one day right before diwali, the entire house gets into spring-cleaning mode. we turn utensils upside down, decide to donate all the clothes that don’t fit anymore and suddenly all your stash is gone, “in the name of good?” nonetheless, i was obviously forced to participate in the cleaning this year and i was sorting through my stuff just like any other indian.

    it was honestly so nice to throw things away. it gave me a sadistic type of happiness, but i was happy nonetheless. i also have two clean cupboards waiting to be filled up, so that’s a plus. sorting through your old stuff also brings back nice memories and some not-so-nice ones. it also makes you realise that even if you think you have your life under control, once you open the dreaded cupboard, all the clothes fall to the floor, books tumble down and a cockroach runs in through the tiny gaps— you realise you really DON’T have all of it together.

    any of your favourite festival traditions? LMK.

  • do you ever feel like there’s a jinx running around in the air?

    do you ever feel like there’s a jinx running around in the air?

    things have been good lately. do you ever feel like there’s a jinx running around in the air? you think of something excruciatingly nice, and you voice the thought out to a friend. in less than a day, the nice thing becomes absolutely disgusting.

    it’s a new day, a new week, the next month is near. you tell the person sitting next to you in the van that your exam’s going to go extremely well. guess what? you forget every single formula you learnt during the exam hall. nerves overtake you and the invigilator is irritating… to say the least. he keeps talking, without a care in the world. it might just be a test, but to some, this is a matter of self-esteem.

    on the other hand, a week later, when you still have exams going on and the person next to you complains about the coming paper they’ll have to write- you love your subject, but for some reason you decide to do the same. it’s a whining session alltogether.

    fast-forward a while later, your paper went extremely well. your good old seater friend? no updates on that.

    maybe it’s because of spooky season or whatever, but i get this feeling that there’s this eerie jinx going around.

    having a good thought?— hold on to that! don’t voice it out loud unless you want your villain era to begin. have you guys been experiencing jinxes recently? please let me know🐳

  • the unhinged protagonist saga: never have i ever

    the unhinged protagonist saga: never have i ever

    the unhinged protagonist is a trope that seems to be appearing quite frequently on nikszine these days. maybe it’s the influx of toxic characters in today’s media or it’s my obsession with dissecting every miniscule detail of a highly crafted show character. today we’re going to be dealing with devi, from never have i ever.

    devi, a character i have never been happier to see on media, a character i never imagined to like but keep rooting for now despite her horrendous decision making skills. if there’s anything devi needs, it’s the ability to think rationally and sensibly. from the perspective of the masses, i’ve never been happier to see an indian being represented and while most of the jokes are accurate and happily overused, the show gives me a sense of comfort in a way.

    i think a major role as to why despite devi’s obvious misgivings, she seems to have a lot of people rooting by her side, is her indian-ness. and her honesty. she’s upfront and straightforward about the things that upset her and she’s also not scared to make the first move. remember that scene from season one where she boldly approached paxton and declared her love for him? me neither. jokes aside, devi’s also a hardworker. she gets good grades and gets bit by wild animals. she jumps through hoops and hoops of an adventurous life all the while sailing through MUN. 

    in the hopeful occasion that never have i ever does get a season four, i’d love for devi to embark on a journey of self-sufficiency. this wishful thought is pretty unlikely to see its debut on the big screens considering devi pulling up to ben’s place during season 03. a fan can still hope though. devi is desperately problematic which is exactly why a redemption arc should be in the making.

    devi suppresses her trauma’s until they get the best of her and uses hyperfixation to cope, her redemption barely occurs and when it does, it’s in miniscule increments. it’s honestly comical and more than a coming of age show, there’s so much action going on, never have i ever is absolutely escapist and i’m living for it.

    i think it’s also nice that while “indian kids are good at math” and devi’s decent at math, devi also has a mind of her own and while that sometimes leads her getting into problematic situations, i always appreciate a character going after what they want and speaking their mind regardless of the consequences.

    question: who’s an unhinged protagonist you’d like to give a shoutout to?

  • my take on k-drama cliches

    my take on k-drama cliches

    it’s no secret that tropes and cliche’s are the backbone of the k-drama world. here’s my take on seven of these.

    enemies to lovers

    an obvious classic. whether it’s straight up hate or bottling of emotions from both the parties, enemies to lovers is always an entertaining one.

    • watch it: “so i married an anti-fan” and the iconic “boys over flowers.” the former is extremely entertaining and it also has a webtoon.

    tragic endings

    tragic endings are a new favourite of k-drama writers these days. tragic endings are hard to grasp and hard on the heart. why cry when you can not? why can’t we have satisfactory and happy endings? why is media obsessed with the portrayal of the tragic and the damned. obviously it’s an amazing trope. i think the whole appeal of the tragic trope rests on the fact that it’s like walking into a fire very well knowing there’s barely a one percent chance you’ll come back in a single piece.

    • watch it: “twenty five-twenty one” is exactly the k-drama i had in mind while writing about this one.

    friends to lovers

    friends to lovers is actually more realistic in real life than in fiction. despite the hallway and airport crush craze, you’re actually more likely to fall for a close friend than the dude with good hair you sat next to in a plane once. i don’t like this one as much because it’s mostly executed half-heartedly, but it can be nerve-racking and exciting if done right.

    • watch it: “weightlifting fairy kim bok-joo”

    dysfunctional families

    something about this trope always hits. maybe it’s the dysfunction itself or the way all the characters react and each in their own way contribute to it. something about watching mothers go crazy and fathers get even more tight-lipped as the days pass, makes it a very satisfying trope to watch.

    • watch it: penthouse”, “sky castle”, all these dramas do it psychotically and do it right. penthouse always does it the best.

    park seo-joon

    does this trope even require any explanation?

    • watch it: “what’s wrong with secretary kim” and “itaewon class” are among my faves.

    the love triangle

    in one word: outdated. this used to be extremely fun but now i’m just sick. i truly thought we were done with this after true beauty? it’s a fact that it’s team seojun for the win but this trope really does need to take a backseat. it’s been an iconic plot tool but the overuse of it ( and overuse being TERRIBLE) is just a huge no for me.

    • watch it: do yourself a favor and don’t.

    rude/ socially awkward leads

    sorry but i’m a sucker for this one. any rude lead and i’m sold. rude female leads serve even better. even better if they’re both rude and hate the other person’s guts. its always nice when the male lead’s rude because he’s so tongue-tied in front of the love interest and he ends up doing all the wrong things. watching him regret all his life decisions is both relatable and diffuses the tension underlying the plot and between the characters.

    • watch it: “boys over flowers” and “the inheritors” are some that i can name off the top of my head.

    question: which one of these tropes do you truly detest and which one of these is your fave? it’s hard to pick a single trope to hate on, there’s so many to hate. on the other hand, my ultimate fave trope has to be enemies to lovers. let me know yours in the comments and have a great day </3

  • august slipped away into a moment in time

    august slipped away into a moment in time

    taylor swift said it first and rightfully so! because honestly, i have no clue how this month went by. was it august the song or august the month? both needed to be longer.

    august involved a lot of reflection and re-reading on my part.

    recently, a friend at school said that they loved the layout of my blog and that they were a frequent reader of the posts. while the praise made me extremely happy and feverish for the rest of the day, it also forced me to take a good look at my writing and make a conscious effort to improve it even more as the number of posts on my blog as well as its readership increase.

    with this being said, welcome to a new post!

    a four star read.

    never let me go by kazuo ishiguro— i would have genuinely preferred if there was a lot more science than the fiction. while the book makes a big deal out of nothing, i still found it a little better than mediocre to read. the book is definitely haunting but not all at once, it’s like the fear that first slips in through a creek and then spreads all over until there’s nothing left to do but to be engulfed by it.

    there was a lot to unpack and analyse in this. not much of it is upfront, but rather between the lines. ruth and kathy’s friendship/ symbiotic relationship was also an aspect i really enjoyed reading about. their different quirks and how both of them perceived different situations and reacted so differently was illustrated so well. despite being a consistent giver of second-hand embarrassment, tommy as a character was justified extremely well. i would rate it anywhere between 3 to 4 stars.

    what is august if not gilmore girls

    august’s the season for gilmore girls!

    no matter what social media you’re on, theres no doubt about the fact that gilmore girls has entered your radar atleast once. gilmore girls revolves around the lorelai gilmores- mother and daughter share the same name. a main indication that you should watch the show. as the show progresses, we watch rory peak and unable to maintain the peak, crumble under pressure and invariably self-destruct. we watch as the once considered-prodigy rory enters a cycle of self-destruction. while this is often considered be downfall of the show, in my opinion, this adds to gilmore girl’s sense of realism and practicality.

    you cannot always be the best. you cannot always be privileged. being a prodigy is a limited title.

    sometimes prodigies end up getting into harvard and becoming president. other times, they don’t. while the whole analysis of rory and her character development requires a whole different post, gilmore girls at it’s heart, is a definite must-watch. there’s a lot to take in from all the different characters and it’s amazing how they all complement each other so well despite having their own unique quirks and personalities. definitely one of the best ensemble of casts.

    closing block

    this august, i definitely consumed a lot more netflix than novels. my current read is book lovers by emily henry and it’s going great! i enjoyed people we meet on vacation but it wasn’t a five star.

    however, i stumbled upon book lovers at my favourite bookstore. i randomly flipped a page and then found myself flipping more than just one page💀💀 nora is an absolutely relatable character and i hereby declare book lovers as my first five star prediction of september 2022!

    how did your august go? your thoughts on gilmore girls? which lorelai do you prefer, or even better, is it paris? dean? let me know !

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  • stalkers, thrillers and lack of moral values– “you.”

    stalkers, thrillers and lack of moral values– “you.”

    if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to watch the show first, read the book later and then mentally thank yourself for finishing neither of them, “you” is it.

    the hype behind everything that had to do with this book was definitely the only thing that prompted me to read this. however, umpteen things in this book just failed to deliver. you know one of those moments in award shows where the outfit in its entirety is glamorous and the person donning it looks stunning as well, but when they clamber up the stairs, they end up slipping and falling flat to the floor?

    “you” is the bookish epitome of that exact moment.

    our MC, joe, works in a bookstore, gives excellent customer service, the actor playing him also played dan in gossip girl, has a nice voice, is charismatic and has good taste in the arts. what more would anyone want in a guy?

    except he’s a stalker. i don’t think we want that.

    i’m glad this is fiction. truly.

    in the span of 450-ish pages, joe goldberg goes on to commit practically every single crime in the dictionary of crime with no remorse whatsoever. he’s a master at covering up his tracks, is insanely hilarious and somehow that makes up for his lack of moral code.

    joe goldberg, the stalker, also happens to be our narrator- his delusional viewpoint of the world around him and the fact that he unironically critiques everything around him- was the primary reason this book could even be redeemed readable. let make it clear, i dislike his actions but i do not dislike his narration.

    everybody in new york is faking illnesses”

    in a nutshell:

    1. joe makes an assumption and/or judges someone he knows practically nothing about
    2. suprise! joe is right
    3. events 1 and 2 take place continuously.

    barely any other comments can be made about the other characters because all you’re exposed to for the majority of the book is joe. beck, peach etc etc come and go, but all we’re able to discern about them is all that joe states. joe is obviously a textbook unreliable narrator, but something about his narration is lacking.

    he is unreliable, but uncomfortably so. his narration is a constant cycle of vicious attacking and dreadful self-victimisation with the main goal being to garner sympathy.

    detaching from joe himself for a minute, the other aspect that led me to rating this a three star was the creation of joe. his narration isn’t a first person narration where we see things through the narrator’s lenses and nothing less, this is joe directly addressing beck with every single move he makes.

    even the littlest things about him scream stalker, and despite how this entire book was just a “wtf” moment, the intricate attention to detail that has been put in creating the avatar of joe was amazing.

    analytically, the creation of joe the avatar was amazing. as a highschooler secondly and human firstly, i had trouble sleeping at night.

    skimming through joe goldberg’s prominently deranged mind was riotous. my entire experience of reading this book was ironic. plainly, the netflix show depicts both the characters and plot better.

    if you’re like me and have had the absolute horror of reading “you”, a penny for your thoughts? did you actually enjoy it or was did the whole experience leave a bitter taste in your mouth?

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  • the whirlwind of june.

    the whirlwind of june.

    as the title states, june was nothing less than a WHIRLWIND.

    school re-opened, exams begun and thankfully, i did not flunk my math paper! this was also the month i discovered the masterpiece that is bungo stray dogs!

    • this is one of those animes i don’t even want to talk about because talking and writing about this also doesn’t do it justice.
    • the plot execution is at its peak, the characters each have actual personalities, quirks and motivations and each episode is funnier than the previous one.
    • dazai is obviously my comfort character and he should be yours too!

    it’s also crazy to think that we’re in the seventh month of this year. is it just me or the year actually seems to be going by really fast?

    i finished an 8/10 book vampire series in a week! just during exam season ! my timing is always on point.

    • did i like it? somewhat.
    • am i re-entering a vampire/ dark-character phase again? when was i out of it?
    • this was overdue, but now i’m honestly glad to say i picked up reading pace this month !!
    • the book that triggered this phase was “insatiable” by meg cabot, the aforementioned vampire phase trigger.
    • an obviously predictable plot, but it was still nice to read.
    • for a book to be anything more than a 3-star read, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the “best” or have the finest plot twists or the most relatable characters or anything.
    • sometimes you just read a book and you’re like “wow i lost track of time reading this. 5 stars. okay.”
    • that’s how i felt about insatiable.

    in addition to reading, i spent more time trying to draw liver diagrams and solving physics numericals. a notes flip through is in the making!

    when school, life and other engagements get a little overbearing, de-stressing is key. recently i’ve found anime and tv-shows to be the best stress buster. if you’re looking for comedy coupled with immensely likeable characters, spy x family is the way to go.

    • spy x family follows loid forger, anya forger and yor brair as they try to maintain their image of a “perfect” family. loid is a westalian agent code-named “twilight” tasked with spying on donovan desmond. the issue here is the fact that donovan is a self-proclaimed recluse and this makes spying on him extremely difficult.
    • loid isn’t one to call it quits, though. a mission is a mission and thus the forger family is formed. yor, despite her cutesy features, is a professional assassin and anya can read minds!
    • neither does anya know about what loid and yor do, nor do loid and yor know about anya. it’s like going around in circles over and over again.
    • obviously it’s one of those animes where even trying to pick a favourite character feels like a crime

    nikszine, status: closed.