the whole notion of AAQ is that it’s a parody for the FAQ section on most websites. but the issue here is since i don’t have a person asks me questions yet, i’ll just be presenting to you, a normal introduction of myself.

  • i’m nikitha, the person behind this blog
  • i’m currently a sophmore in high school
  • i created nikszine somewhere around 2021-20, when i was in the 8th grade.
  • it was called “haven” around that time, and i remember finding it really nice to just have a little corner of the internet where i could unabashedly be myself.
  • nikszine basically serves as an extremely convenient harbour for all my creative endeavours.
  • this mainly includes me writing about things here and there.
  • in addition to other things, i also hold a black belt in karate and i played basketball for a brief stint of time as well- this did not impact my height whatsoever.
  • if you’re interested in the things that interest me, you might want to check out this page for a further read.

hoping you enjoy your stay here !