dumb, dumber, dumbest

welcome back to nikszine! in today’s post, we’re back to writing as therapy. here are some of my rambles from my board exams era:

  • dumb: when i can’t differentiate between lens formula and mirror formula
  • dumber: when i deactivate all my accounts thinking it will help
  • dumbest: when i get lesser marks on the practice test than i did last time.

  • dumb: when i’m able to remember the answer to an extremely hard multiple choice
  • dumber: when i change the answer to something else in a last minute revision
  • dumbest: when i find out my original answer was correct and lose one mark.
  • dumb: when i’m forced to choose between which of the two questions to answer
  • dumber: when i stop mid-answer because i forgot what comes next
  • dumbest: when i scratch the entire answer out and write a new one.

  • dumb: when i’m trying to remember an important theorem
  • dumber: when i accidentally look outside
  • dumbest: when a random song starts playing inside my head and i waste five minutes.

  • dumbest: instead of re-checking my answers, i try to calculate my potential mark for the exam.

  • dumbest: when i think about what to do after the exam instead of focusing on the paper in front of me.

  • dumbest: when the most embarrassing moments of my life flash before my eyes as i try to take a test

apparently results are coming out soon, hence the exam-related post. also do you guys like the new look of the blog?

good luck everyone!

4 thoughts on “dumb, dumber, dumbest

  1. stopp this is so relatable😭😭😭😭😭😭
    I can’t take the sing out of my head once it gets stuck during ghe exam, its so difficult😭
    and I’m so scared for the results😭

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  2. Wow.. I’ll be writing boards this year. And,idk how to react. Moving on-

    Hi, I’m new here, so glad to see you back from your hiatus! Your blog redesigning is really cool, esp the header gif.
    Just read your April wrap post, extremely aesthetic <33
    This post was epic, btw. One of my dumb moments is wasting about 30 mins judging the invigilator- accent, body language etc- and then they are staring at me, I'm staring back at their souls and they think something is wrong with me 🙂
    -Niv (nivsnook.wordpress.com)

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