the f**k it list

this post contains a major spoiler but this doesn’t matter since the entire movie is a joke.

focusing on the good, i think the movie did have a genuine message for youth but they failed terribly at trying to convey it. facing your fears and taking risks is a great message but making a movie about an obnoxious, over-privileged teen isn’t really the way to go.

brett is good looking but that’s the only redeemable quality about him. he’s also a go-getter but he’s so privileged it’s hard to ignore.

here’s nothing wrong with privilege but he’s so ungrateful and while he’s also worked hard it’s just disappointing to see him take the fxxk it list to the next level and “reject” rejection. i think the movie tried too hard to be relatable but just ended up becoming another “pick me.”

the movie made me pretty angry and i’m demoting it to a two star rating. bro turns down harvard when even rich kids wouldn’t really turn it down? brett is such a pick me and this is so highlighted when he defers harvard even after they graciously offer him admission.

how did this get approved? thankfully bitching about this movie took me out of my writing slump. the one good thing about this movie for real.

anime gif to take this pathetic excuse of a movie away.

until next time,

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