october was a ride!

2022 is like a rollercoaster going up and down without warning- i am very well aware that i’m on a rollercoaster, i just don’t know what direction it’s going to take. there are good days and bad days, and with every bad day i’m afraid i’ll spiral.

which is why i keep listening to oh no! by marina to keep myself sane. although this is a self-proclaimed overachiever anthem, there is still something satisfying about her tracks. maybe it’s the relatability or the innate motivation her lyrics give you.

speaking of motivation, this october i barely had any motivation or energy to read books. it was midterms season which should be excuse enough, but i hope to get back on the game very soon. my current reads are

  • the starless sea by erin morgenstern : which has an extremely stunning cover but an even more stunning concept. would 100% recommend and i’m obsessed with it so far
  • and the list ends.

there were quite a lot of shows i enjoyed watching this sept-oct. ginny and georgia is my absolute favourite show, because it’s such a mess. kakegurui is another anime thats both entertaining and has a shock effect to it. i had high expectations when i went in for this one and i was not disappointed.

we’re the millers had me on the ground because of how entertaining it was. i mainly watched it for jennifer anniston but i stayed for the chaos. don’t look up was great when i watched it sped up. about gilmore girls, don’t get me wrong i love rory during her chilton era but tristan has a chokehold on me. and so does jess. gilmore girls is such a vibe, and i love the relationship rory and her mother share.

what were your october faves? happy early halloween!

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