was classroom of the elite designed to be confusing or am i mentally receeding?


this anime is so confusing i need to take an aspirin.

we can obviously rely on our trustworthy, morally-bound protagonist ayanokoji who would absolutely never take a risk never go back on his word never get a girlfriend however fake that might be and absolutely never use a person.

classroom of the elite makes you think about two things:

  1. do people like ayanokoji exist in real life? – obviously such types do, but have you ever been surrounded by them? did you come across an ayanokoji only to dismiss them as stupid or dumb. think twice
  2. what would happen if you were to become like him? – would you be an absolute sociopath, psychopath-whatever the term is, or would you go up higher in life?

both? sounds like ayanokoji to me.

if you’ve been looking for an anime recommendation, let classroom of the elite NOT be it. i’m joking obviously, every human being on this earth, including my enemies and the jinxers, need to see it asap.

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