the one indian festival i love

honestly there’s not one festival i hate- when there’s free sweets all around, why would you say no? if you’re unaware, it’s diwali season in india currently, and it’s all an actual vibe. but there’s one tradition related to diwali that i absolutely adore- and it’s the pre- diwali clean up.

in indian households, a while before diwali knocks on our doorstep, or because we all collectively procrastinate- one day right before diwali, the entire house gets into spring-cleaning mode. we turn utensils upside down, decide to donate all the clothes that don’t fit anymore and suddenly all your stash is gone, “in the name of good?” nonetheless, i was obviously forced to participate in the cleaning this year and i was sorting through my stuff just like any other indian.

it was honestly so nice to throw things away. it gave me a sadistic type of happiness, but i was happy nonetheless. i also have two clean cupboards waiting to be filled up, so that’s a plus. sorting through your old stuff also brings back nice memories and some not-so-nice ones. it also makes you realise that even if you think you have your life under control, once you open the dreaded cupboard, all the clothes fall to the floor, books tumble down and a cockroach runs in through the tiny gaps— you realise you really DON’T have all of it together.

any of your favourite festival traditions? LMK.

4 thoughts on “the one indian festival i love

  1. hahah I’m so intrigued to hear that you love the pre-Diwali cleanup because I HATE IT. I mean I love how it feels like you’re cleaning up your life and making room for something new but I’m a very sentimental and it’s hard for me to actually throw stuff out or give it away because… idk I just can’t lol 😋 My favourite Diwali tradition is making the rangoli because I’ve been making it with my mom ever since I can remember and honestly I used to be terrible at it but now I’m getting better (thankfully).

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    1. omg yes it’s a struggle to throw sentimental stuff even tho it all piles up at the end😭 omg yes rangolis!! i’m not an artist but it’s so fun to see the entire process of the rangoli being made+ it’s so satisfying hehehe

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