august slipped away into a moment in time

taylor swift said it first and rightfully so! because honestly, i have no clue how this month went by. was it august the song or august the month? both needed to be longer.

august involved a lot of reflection and re-reading on my part.

recently, a friend at school said that they loved the layout of my blog and that they were a frequent reader of the posts. while the praise made me extremely happy and feverish for the rest of the day, it also forced me to take a good look at my writing and make a conscious effort to improve it even more as the number of posts on my blog as well as its readership increase.

with this being said, welcome to a new post!

a four star read.

never let me go by kazuo ishiguro— i would have genuinely preferred if there was a lot more science than the fiction. while the book makes a big deal out of nothing, i still found it a little better than mediocre to read. the book is definitely haunting but not all at once, it’s like the fear that first slips in through a creek and then spreads all over until there’s nothing left to do but to be engulfed by it.

there was a lot to unpack and analyse in this. not much of it is upfront, but rather between the lines. ruth and kathy’s friendship/ symbiotic relationship was also an aspect i really enjoyed reading about. their different quirks and how both of them perceived different situations and reacted so differently was illustrated so well. despite being a consistent giver of second-hand embarrassment, tommy as a character was justified extremely well. i would rate it anywhere between 3 to 4 stars.

what is august if not gilmore girls

august’s the season for gilmore girls!

no matter what social media you’re on, theres no doubt about the fact that gilmore girls has entered your radar atleast once. gilmore girls revolves around the lorelai gilmores- mother and daughter share the same name. a main indication that you should watch the show. as the show progresses, we watch rory peak and unable to maintain the peak, crumble under pressure and invariably self-destruct. we watch as the once considered-prodigy rory enters a cycle of self-destruction. while this is often considered be downfall of the show, in my opinion, this adds to gilmore girl’s sense of realism and practicality.

you cannot always be the best. you cannot always be privileged. being a prodigy is a limited title.

sometimes prodigies end up getting into harvard and becoming president. other times, they don’t. while the whole analysis of rory and her character development requires a whole different post, gilmore girls at it’s heart, is a definite must-watch. there’s a lot to take in from all the different characters and it’s amazing how they all complement each other so well despite having their own unique quirks and personalities. definitely one of the best ensemble of casts.

closing block

this august, i definitely consumed a lot more netflix than novels. my current read is book lovers by emily henry and it’s going great! i enjoyed people we meet on vacation but it wasn’t a five star.

however, i stumbled upon book lovers at my favourite bookstore. i randomly flipped a page and then found myself flipping more than just one page💀💀 nora is an absolutely relatable character and i hereby declare book lovers as my first five star prediction of september 2022!

how did your august go? your thoughts on gilmore girls? which lorelai do you prefer, or even better, is it paris? dean? let me know !

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