so we are 4 months into 2022.. welcome to a march wrap-up !

currently watching the very traumatic handmaid’s tale as i write this. it’s also april fool’s day. i would make a bad joke but i presume someone’s done that already.

it’s friday currently, one of the first weekend’s i’ve got in weeks if that even makes sense. see a weekend is supposed to be fun and not tiring, but real life school is harder than ever. we have cycle tests every week plus it’s way too hard to juggle everything all at once. (the handmaid’s tale is so morbid i’m not sure i want to watch this right now. i’m trying to change the titles on amazon prime now…)

the first weekend in weeks, but i’ve been sneezing like anything lately.

  • and the thing is, i just got a haircut and my hair’s kind of short and when i sneeze, i sneeze like a violent old man.
  • and so when i sneeze my entire hair goes up and down, my forehead gets a sense of exposed freedom before being engulfed by my bangs again.
  • sneezing is a disease. it’s so hard. especially when you have a sneeze stuck in you and it’s NOT coming out. for what ?? why ?
  • there’s a funny feeling stuck in your nose, your body squirms with the thought of another sneeze coming out, you mentally prepare yourself and your forehead for the event and bam !

there’s no sneeze. services are closed. have a good day.

(decided to stop watching the morbidity in favour of “dune !!” i love timothee chalamet hes so SJDAOSFSPSONGNS. okay anyways)

i don’t have time to read. and i run a bookstagram🙏🙏

  • ( well sort of)
  • i’m slowly getting used to the feel and hectic pace of life so i’ll be able to distribute my time better i hope. (can you feel the pain through the screen)
  • for now i’m sticking to reading on the van, reading between classes and multi-tasking while talking to friends. let’s hope there’s a way out🙏🙏

i said i’d do a glasses reveal and a few other things and that’s fr coming in the next post, my bout of sneezing and body pain is just a little too much to deal with right now aha

i finished gossip girls !! that has to be the most anti-climatic ending i’ve ever seen in my life.

  • the last episode felt even more manufactured than the others and it was like they had to end it so they ended it LMAO
  • it was a good show nevertheless.
  • 4 stars out of 5 because i’ve seen shows better than this.

the first season was definitely the best for me because there was a whole feeling of new-ishness to it. by the time it’s the sixth season, i’m used to blair waldorf, dan humphrey and the whole crew.

chuck and nate tho >>> superiority in a nutshell

i also watched a few other hindi movies than the ones i mentioned but i can’t seem to remember the names. i watched hindi movies in the hopes of improving my hindi because i got less marks in hindi LOL. the trick worked wonders though. 8/10 in the first cycle test, and 10/10 in the second one !! the third round of cycle tests start the following week and i’m hoping to keep up my streak.

  • not much of new music because i have been too tired to manage spotify and things
  • but i’ve been listening to death note freestyle a lot💀 and a few tracks from the movies😭

sorry for the abrupt outro but march was highly tiring but very satisfying. emphasis on the tiring. i hope april treats me better though !! how was your month, any faves, any good moments, any complaints LET ME KNOW !!!!

asic signing off,

13 thoughts on “so we are 4 months into 2022.. welcome to a march wrap-up !

    Like I’m just 2 weeks through it, and I’m done, like first of all, the heat is killing me and second, the amount of studies???
    lmaooo that sneeze part in this post-
    I just can’t stop laughing😂

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  2. Its been 2 days since 10th started. I bet teachers will bury us w hws and notes. For 5 subjects EVERYDAY. I’m not ready for this after the past 2 years w 3 subs a day and rarely hws.

    March was fnals until 21st. Then holidays until 31st.

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