if i could kill 3 characters from harry potter, here are the unlucky ones and why

that post title made me want to kill all of them.

this is not necessarily me hating on the characters or whatever, this has more than just one dimension, i swear💆🏻

death 01 | professor mcgonagall

  • she’s one of my favourite characters actually, so you might be wondering why i’d want to kill her if i love her.
  • the thing is, she was such a core and pivotal part of the whole franchise so if we killed her off, we’d be able to see how the others would function (or not) without her.
  • would they bring in like a new professor or distract the audience from her timely yet truly tragic death with a new villain? a new friend? or what ??????

long explanation short: i’d chop her head off just to see what the reactions of the others would be. not because i have a long standing feud with my fave or anything.

death 02 | harry potter

  • i always thought what it would be like if the “main character” of the whole franchise, the “title” actually, just died.
  • like…. RIP
  • without the whole “i’m-faking-my-death” thing, if he actually died in like the last book or movie who would actually step up? ron? hermoine?
  • as a draco stan, if harry died, its obvious that draco, the real and hidden main character would have to step up😌😌
  • part 01 of my secret ploy to convince everyone that harry was soemwhat of a bore and that the real main guy, the person hidden in the shadows, was obviously mr. draco

long explanation short: harry dies so that draco gets his long-awaited spotlight to shine. not a sacrifice in vain for sure.

death 03 | both the weasley twins

yes. i am the sadistic author all of you hate.

  • literally nothing intended here, i just would want to see what would happen if they both died and then who’d be the funny one??
  • i mean if they actually died in like a spin-off or something, would the whole franchise get darker or would a new joker come up?
  • frankly speaking if BOTH of them died i’d actually get mad and stop watching.
  • how ironic it is that i’m here contemplating what would happen if they died YET wishing both of them don’t.

long explanation short: we know which one of the two dies. what happens if they both died?

and yay !

anyways this was it for today’s post but i had written this a while ago. also my first day of 10th grade just happened like 3 days ago and i guess.. it was an experience ??? fun nevertheless !!

asic signing off,

7 thoughts on “if i could kill 3 characters from harry potter, here are the unlucky ones and why

  1. At least you didn’t kill Mione and Ginny🥲 you literally killed all my fav characters and you had a valid reason. If Rowling had killed them, we would have gotten like 9 other books. And Draco stepping up in place of Harry to prove himself would be ✨ ❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨

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  2. ME TOO! I had this curiosity from long, like what would happen if the actual. lead. just. died. I’ve never seen that happen, so definitely, yes I’d kill Harry.

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  3. Me too def would hv killed harry, i hv always wanted to k what would hv happend then. Draco step up yesssss, hes my secret fav character too, just smtg w slytherin. Aand i think ginny could also b killed? It would be um..interesting? Like i nvr liked harry and ginny together. (Same w ron and mione). So who would it b if it werent ginnyy?? Ugh i hate to say but i hv forgotten sm in hp.


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