in:life | week in review

how have we been guys?

i had a lot of work in my personal life to get done this week but i got nothing done anyways🤡 i’m currently working on queuing up posts on here and on instagram, so that when school re-opens, an influx of content will be incoming !

TBR-ED ! READS this week

i had no idea i would even be reading this but then i walked into the bookstore and saw the cover…. needless to say, i was mindblown.

  • i was so happy that the library in my apartment finally opened!
  • in the picture it shows, “whiteout” by ken follet and after finishing that masterpiece, i also borrowed “me before you” by jojo moyes.
  • me before you has such an interesting concept and as of now, i’m 50 pages in!
  • i also started “gone girl” by gillian flynn and wow… i watched the movie (don’t judge LMAO) and the book hits even harder.

stuff i’m listening to

found this through a character playlist and i was obsessed. literally no words. songs like these are why i love music so much ahah

what a great release. i love every single track he’s released and this is so different from the stuff he’s released but it’s so good. this is such an AMAZING transition.

-amazing. amazing. amazing. i love this song so much. it’s so catchy and one of my first yugyeom songs apart from the stuff he has in got7

DPR LIVE SUPREMACY. i love this song so much. one of my faves on this list. “her” is such a good album-it’s one of my faves !!


  • psycho-pass #3: i haven’t even watched the first two seasons but i accidentally clicked on it and i haven’t been able to stop ever since. i’m probably going to read the manga along with season #3 so that i can catch up all the way
  • gossip girls #5: i’m going to finish season 05 in like 5 minutes, i’m watching episode 16 as we speak (or read !) and i’m certain i’m going to be done with gossip girls completely by the time this month ends. i feel very bittersweet about this but those are feelings to monetize for another post !!
  • birds of prey: planning to watch this sometime along the next weekend when i schedule relax time, birds of prey will be a huge part of it !!


  • currently on episode 17 NOW !!!! i might even finish the season by the time i post this AHHA
  • anyways, i just got my glasses done !! they’re so pretty and in a wine-red colour with silver rims ! (i’ll do a glasses reveal in the next post)
  • i also went to starbucks after so long !! it was such a nice experience to sit in a cafe and just enjoy
how did your past week go ?? any cafes you visited, any books you read or movies you watched?? are the exams STILLLLLL GOING ON?? GOOD LUCK AND LET ME KNOW !

asic signing off,

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