less than 24 hours left for finals to begin

this post is basically my form of procrastination. tomorrow aka tuesday, is the first exam of my final and instead of frantically trying to complete everything i didn’t finish yesterday, i’m here at 1 PM and freshly procrastinating.

please clap for me

because this blog is kind of my life and practically among the few things i spend more than 30 minutes on, i figured if i was to procrastinate, why not just do it here.

  • this song is really nice
  • i mean it’s such a vibe and it came thru via autoplay !! everyone clap for spotify.
  • and the dude singing it is also on euphoria so yes !!
  • i kinda don’t know how to describe music and the way it makes me // you // any other person feel but some of his songs, i really associate them with books.
  • for example, 3 nights reminds me of last night at the telegraph club by malinda lo and vampire (obviously) reminds me of twilight.

the quality content you’re seeing on the top is basically my spam account. here there’s no justified columns or photos taken in good lighting. it’s just chaos. and also a resolution fulfiller.

if i had to rank the difficulty of all these finals from hardest to not-that-hard, it would go like this:

  1. maths– i’m good at math but sometimes i’m just not ?
  2. science– i don’t like science a lot. as simple as that. but we a lot of time to study for this, so fingers crossed it goes well
  3. 2L– only because i haven’t given an offline 2L exam and i’m terrified to write
  4. IT– i wish the exams were just purely practical. electronic spreadsheets and digital documentations do not need to be theorised
  5. SSC– the quantity of portions overrules the quality of my understanding here
  6. english– i have a blog !!! 😭😭😭😭
  • i also finished reading the invisible life of addie larue and i’m currently half way through one of us is lying !!
  • reading the book makes me feel like i’m lying to myself.
  • jokes aside, no expectations for this one, it’s pretty intriguing and i wish i could read the whole series just today😭

how are you all? what’s your ranking of subjects and their hard-ness?? are you secretly relishing in the fact that life’s kicking my butt? comment down and help me procrastinate more !!

asic signing off,,
1:43 PM.

7 thoughts on “less than 24 hours left for finals to begin

  1. thanks for the reminder of the fact that tomorrow i have an exam😭 and that too maths😭 whyyyy😭
    anyways, ahh one of us is lying, that is the one book i love a lottt, especially nate and bronwyn🥺
    also, ufff subject hard-ness ranking. first position always goes to maths, no matter what, and then i guess second will be ssc? because the size of the answers make my head spin😀 then science and then english of course😂
    i want to watch euphoria sooooo badlyyyy for zendaya but i cant because the age limit’s above 18😭

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  2. Lol, this is something my friend did last week: and on top of that she had lab exams as well 😂
    One of us is lying is a masterpiece: enough said. I also like the character development of each character, especially Addy. Her relation with Nate is super cute 😍

    Okay…..in order to rank the subjects I have rn, I’ll just put it like this:
    Physics <<<<<<< Chemistry < Maths << Biology = English (I hope you understand the ranking, lol 😆)

    Anyways, good luck with your exams! Hope you ace it

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  3. AHHH GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR FINALS!! As someone whose finals are in two weeks and has not even opened a single page of her textbook, i completely understand why you are procrastinating hahaha. and oohh I find SSC to be the hardest for me because so muCh poRtion and my brain is incapable of retaining anything😭


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