jan wrap up !! why are wrap ups so hard?

anyone feel the same way, or is it just me? writing down everything you did a certain month and then watching it pass by feels so tiring and troublesome in a way. it reminds me of how fast the month ended. like we’re already into february?? that is just so troublesome.

books i read in jan !!

  • before the coffee gets cold
  • last rose of shangai
  • the da vinci code
  • the maidens
  • conversations with friends
  • norweigan wood
  • colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgrimage
  • the outliers

i feel like compared to norweigan wood, colorless tsukuru tazaki was very much a let down. not like its terrible or anything, but can you look at norweigan wood and then colorless tsukuru tazaki and tell me they’re both equally good? NO.

i also feel like everyone’s been brainwashed to think the maidens is an inherently bad book but no, it isn’t. i didn’t read silent patient even though its the better known book of the author, but maidens wasn’t even that bad. i actually read it in one sitting and the whole concept of the book was actually pretty appealing.

watch-list wise, i don’t think i kept up with anything released. i mean i don’t want to. its not angst or anything, but it just doesn’t matter anymore ?? like no one’s judging me for not watching this or reading that, and even if they are, that’s OK. i’d rather keep re-watching friends than pretend to like some new sci-fi movie.

ironically, a new release i’m actually excited for, is the percy jackson show !! pjo was literally my childhood and seeing it come into life UGHH im hyped. we all know how the pjo movies went down, but i’m sure they’ll deliver. or atleast i hope. join me in trying to be optimistic.

jan was a pretty meh start to the year because (1) i had my exams and (2) apart from my birthday i don’t think i did anything really monumental?? other than being sick and staying in bed, but maybe the point of starts isn’t that they’re big and monumental but rather boosts that keep you up from time to time.

there’s always a next month, and a next day and a next post so yes ! i’ll see you in my next post💆🏻

how was your jan? your fave read? or watch? something you’re looking forward to in feb??

asic signing off,

16 thoughts on “jan wrap up !! why are wrap ups so hard?

  1. Happy belated birthday! And I agree about the wrap-ups.. I rarely do them because it’s just mentally exhausting. I am glad to see you enjoyed The Maidens, it’s one of those reads that seems like you either like it or hate it..
    Thanks for sharing and have a great February!

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  2. ahh you watched her private life!! did you like it though? i liked the show overall but they could have improved it!
    and yupp of course wrap ups are so harddd, and its still unbelievable that january has ended-

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  3. Wrap ups are actually my favorite kinds of posts to write and THEY ALSO TAKE ME SO MUCH LESSER AMOUNT OF TIME TO DRAFT because we’re following an already-decided outline, but I completely relate with how it’s sad to realize that the month has somehow ended so soon? Oh and don’t get me started on trying to remember anything even mildly interesting I did in the month to make the post not seem like the boring potato that it is haha, it’s like my mind goes blank whenever I come to the “life updates” part of the post. AHHHHH YES I’M SO INSANELY EXCITED FOR THE PJO SHOW AND DEFINITELY HOPING IT LIVES UP TO ALL OUR EXPECTATIONS (but I mean, Rick riordan is going to write some part of the script too, SO THERES HOPE)

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    1. I AGREE i mean in a way wrap ups are cool and all but they take so much time for me to write bc the post has to look cute and all so- 😭😭

      omg yes ikr i do the same things for the whole month like whos supposed to go biking one day and kayaking the next and then going to school etc etc ppl are boring this is the truth😭😭 OMG YES IKR same feelings about the show

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  4. THE PJO TV SHOW BETTER NOT BE LIKE THE MOVIE OR ELSE I WILL KILL SOMEONE. I haven’t really been updated with the progress of the show I should probably go and check that out now! 😂 have they decided the cast yet? I hope this they are least look a little bit like the actual book characters.
    *traumatic flashback to Annabeth as a brunette*
    Loved reading this wrap up!!

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    1. SAME LMAO in a way im excited but in a way i’m just tensed it doesnt end up being a big flop. plus what we think the characters look like could be waay different from what they end up looking like and that would make the whole experience very 😔😔😔😔 for me. OMG LMAO annabeth as a brunette, that imagery has scarred me forever-

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