in: life || chatty post 2.0 !!!!

have a cup of tea or coffee or anything and start scrolling down !! this was the first edition of this post and here’s the second one. i’m planning to write stuff like this once a week or every 10 days because i really enjoy these types of posts !!

enhypen’s comeback dropped and while the title track took its own sweet time to grow on me, once it did— it was over for me. blessed-cursed is actually so good, and it’s a minute too short !! it was a new style they did, and they should have absolutely made it a minute longer. from the whole album and apart from the tracks we already had in the previous album, polaroid love was was such a good track !!

i actually left watching rent-a-girlfriend quite randomly only because i started watching gossip girls. such a rollercoaster but now i can see why this has the hype it has. literally HILARIOUS and yes don’t worry i have a post coming up for this too. i kinda feel guilty for dropping rent-a-girlfriend but after i finish all 6 ( or was it 7?) seasons of gossip girl, i’ll be getting to rent-a-girlfriend first. infact, watching gossip girls was so fun, i finished 2 season in 3 days. if that’s not a world-record then i don’t know what is.

i have my exams starting tomorrow and i’m less than nervous. i feel like i’m in a better state of mind than compared to the previous set i had in term II. i would allude this to the fact that (thankfully) everything’s online so i have less stress hanging above my head. i don’t have to worry about getting up 10 mins late or wearing the pant upside down or my hair looking like rats nest or whatever. i can write my exams from the comfort of my bed.

apologise is actually such a good song ??? you might wonder how i happened to stumble upon it, and actually everything’s more inter-connected than you might think. the key here is: gossip girls. somewhere around the ending of an episode, this was being played at the back and ugh the melody. so i spotified the song, found this and everything just clicked. this is such a good song, like go listen to it RN !! RN !! RN !!

and the lyrics are just so nostalgic yet so longing-ish??? you get what i mean right?? it gives me this really hard enemies-to-lovers kinda vibe where one party is trying to make things right but the other party doesn’t really want it ?? because mistakes can’t keep happening and if you let a mistake happen more than once, then the blames all on you.

welcome to the more philosophical part of todays post

i’ve been thinking life is really short u know? i mean i turned 15 less than 10 days ago but i still can’t believe it. i’m 15 ?? sweet sixteen is in less than a year ??

what ?? is ?? going ?? on ??

this could feel like an existential crisis but it really isn’t. existential crisis’s, especially when i have them, are different. i mean the last time i had one was in 7th grade when a teacher called me to meet her up in her room. that crises was worth it. i got what i deserved😭😭😭 out of topic.

my point is, time flies by. life is short. life goes on. take risks. tell someone you like them. make your spotify playlist public. comment on this post. start watching gossip girl. idk. do what you want to do, okay?

i like these posts a lot, but since i’ve mentioned this 342994283 times on here, you might already know that. the dilemma ( omg dimension: dilemma ; which is an enhypen reference by the way) here is that i have no idea what to call this series.

in: life is the category but i want a special label for it. something like tea party or similar but not tea party though. something more impactful than that. not saying tea parties aren’t impactful or anything- ANYWAYS. this is what happens when you free-write a post, which i do all the time. this makes it easy for any dedicated reader to notice if a post hasn’t been written by me. this hasn’t happened though. don’t worry. it’s not ever going to happen. imagine letting someone else write in place of you. couldn’t be me.

anyways that was my dilemma and i hope everyone who reads this has atleast one answer !! also if you like this post without commenting on it, i will personally make sure you have a bad day. comment anything !! how your day went, what song you’re into, song recommendations, post requests, that dilemma answer- absolutely anything !!

have a great day (genuinely) and ugh wish me luck for my exams (urgently)

asic signing off,

14 thoughts on “in: life || chatty post 2.0 !!!!

  1. I just realised your previous blog was haven, I’m so late to updates lol, I’m loving your new blog design!! Btw i hope you don’t mind me asking but how do you highlight words and sentences with different colours on the post?
    Good luck for your exam!

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  2. My semester started with a “soft opening” (online due to Covid Surge). Even so, I’d forgotten how energizing being around young people like my students can be, even if you communicate through emails and photography or videos for openers. I have a great “crop” this year, and nobody commented they hated writing this time! Many of them are avid readers, which makes my teacher’s heart go potty-pat.
    Do well on exams; I’m sure you will.

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  3. heyyyyyy! another chatty post yayy
    okay so im not into kpop groups other than bts so i wont have much to say here😂
    but my dayy was amazing, i am out of town at my cousin’s house and im pretty much having funnn
    and yes life IS short….like imagine how fast the years are flying😫
    also, best of luck for your examssss! i know you’ll rock them!

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