if webtoons had a tbr list, this would be mine

it just struck me now that aside from the one collaboration post that i have with sushiiwithsoysauce and that killstagram review post– the webtoon was super traumatic yet super addictive by the way. aside from that i don’t think i’ve actually posted anything about webtoons on here?? and i find that so surprising because webtoons are literally all that i scream about. they’re such a big part of my life which is exactly why i find this fact truly disheartening to accept.

nevertheless, this is my first webtoon post and here’s the road to me writing more.

all of the readers here, we incessantly complain about having year long TBRs that seem to never have an ending in sight but what if i told you, i was just the same. just with added stress!!!! turns out, i have a webtoon TBR and it’s already 3 pages long !! without much ado, in today’s post i will be acquainting you with my webtoon TBR list!!

Subscribed #1 | Men of the Harem

  • #gaslight #gatekeep #girlboss
  • its driving me crazy that i haven’t read this yet but the mere premise that for once, this is about a woman having her own harem instead of a man MAKES ME SO HAPPY i literally cannot wait to drop some of the webtoons that i’m reading right now just so that i can start this and devour it in all its glory

Subscribed #2 | the greatest estate developer

  • with only 3 episodes standing tall, the greatest estate developer has a very enticing premise and not to mention the differing plane vibes the header gives me. i’m planning to start this right after i post this list and i’m already hyped !!
  • i’m not usually a die-hard fan of fantasy webtoons, but i’m secretly hoping this is the one that makes me enjoy fantasy webtoons more
this is the header btw

Subscribed #3 | study group

  • this one takes a hit from the previous one and has only 4 episodes standing.
  • the art work is just glorious, and oh my god i wish for once this had 4 seasons out instead of just 4 episodes because i know i’m going to get hooked on this
  • but the better part is that i’ll be one of the OG fans and i’ll be able to properly follow this instead of binging 4933903 episodes like i do with other webtoons. this is kinda ironic compared to my previous statement but anyways😌

Subscribed #4 | see you in my 19th life

  • this gives me somewhat tokyo revengers vibes because of the implied time-travel. in reality, i think i should just stop co-relating every damn thing with tokyo revengers. i see long blonde hair.i think mikey, i see redheads i think hinata…
  • anyways apart from totally not i-made-this-up similarity with tokyo revengers, i’m genuinely looking forward to starting this!

Subscribed #5 | Surviving romance

  • i’ve heard a lot about this webtoon online and there seems to be a lot of hype for it everywhere which is precisely why i’m going to be starting it. easy and simple- no other reason. but i’ll be honest here, i understood nothing about it from the premise.
  • i dont even understand what the premise means but not understanding isn’t going to stop me from reading it. also it’s in the horror section which means my hopes have been raised high yet again !!!!
  • horror webtoons, especially after killstagram are something i’m always on the lookout for. they give me nightmares yet i can’t seem to get enough of them😭

either way, horror or fantasy, webtoons are something you should definitely get into if you want your sanity and love for fictional characters to get a boost😭 anyways, i hope this post provided you with a glimpse of the webtoons on my TBR! what’s on your webtoon TBR list? what are you fave webtoons, and do you have any recommendations for me? let me know in the comments

[ ps: this was written on november 20th and since then i’ve started men of the harem and i’m loving it so much😌 ]

asic signing off,

18 thoughts on “if webtoons had a tbr list, this would be mine

  1. i’ve only read like 5 webtoons in my entire life, BUT I LOVED MOST OF THEM. my daughter is a zombie and my deepest secret are my current favorites! BUT I NEED MORE RECOMMENDATIONS, CAN YOU TELL ME YOUR FAVORITES?? also aah i love this post, and am definitely checking all of them out

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  2. I’m so behind on all my webtoons but I was reading surviving romance and see you in my 19th life…and I love them! Surviving romance got a bit umm too close to my comfort zone (which is pretty small, I can’t handle horror) for horror, so I’m taking a prolonged break. See you in my 19th life tho is so good, I’m a little biased because I love the author’s previous works but I still say EVERYONE should read it lol.

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  3. omg I love webtoons too apart from waiting for a new episode every week but nonetheless the art, the story line it’s all just great. I’ve been reading a few webtoons and my favourites would be: pyramid game, date first love later, seasons of blossom, your smile is a trap, the remarried empress, another love, your throne and happily ever afterwards. Really nice post :))

    Blog: https://wataekookie.wordpress.com/

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      1. Pyramid game is such an interesting webtoon, it’s very unique and I didn’t expect the story line to be the way it is. Remarried empress is just so wholesome. Thank you! :))


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