books and their covers…. an AWKWARD talk;

there’s no scam of the century on the title, but it’s pretty obvious what this post is. frankly speaking this is genuinely one of the most representative posts of “scam of the century” because all it does is describe what it is— a scam.

something i want to confess honestly, i really do judge a book by its cover. when i’m walking down the book aisle, or just looking for books to add to my TBR, there’s only two main things i notice in a book first— the title and the cover.

the title is something that’s either a hit or a miss but for me the cover’s something very delicate. take colleen hoover’s “all your perfects” for example. what the fuck is that cover ?? what is that supposed to be ?? i’m going to do all of you a favor by not posting it here, be sure to thank me later.

two people kissing ?? right in front of my salad ?? how am i supposed to buy that even though i know everything colleen hoover puts out is stunning, amazing and tear-inducing.

so that’s a book i’m going to put off reading FOREVER.

take a book like “they both die at the end” or “city of girls” and of course while this whole discourse on books and their attractive physical features is highly subjective, i think we all can agree that both the books have amazing, stunning covers. i would obviously be more inclined to buy those 2 instead of all your perfects even though i know all three authors are absolutely STUNNING.

i feel like ugly book covers kind of do an injustice to authors who are actually AMAZING writers, who are like actually so good at what they do. but then you have something like 2 people making out or some guy and his 6 packs plastered all over the cover and there’s no way in the world i’m going to be carrying something like that on the bus or to someplace common like school.

ugly book covers to me, are something i reserve for my kindle.

if i find a book cover ugly but i still want to read it, i’ll just put it on my kindle instead of going through the pain of seeing the book cover everyday. you might think i’m exaggerating but i’m actually not. it’s such a painful process.

or the best thing everyone should do is put a blank white sheet in front of every book with just the title and let it go. but then we’d miss out on so many good covers. but then we’d also have to deal with the fugly ones.

your thoughts on book covers?? how much do you judge a book by its cover?? what is the ugliest book cover you’ve ever seen? the prettiest one?? the comments are open for your rants 💆🏻

this post should have been in “keep strugglin” instead😭😭

asic signing off,

19 thoughts on “books and their covers…. an AWKWARD talk;

  1. Aaah loved this post! Also, if you wish to hide those six-pack covers (I too do not understand the point of those), there’s this page thebooksiveloved, she recently posted videos on how to make super cute dust jackets- you can check that out, they were amazing!

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  2. I AGREEEEEE! even i judge books by their covers… a lot! i have never bought a book just because the author is pretty good or the story’s too good…i always choose a book after getting attracted to the title and the cover!
    okay, haha i went and searched about ‘all your perfects’ and lmaoo that cover is not gonna be in my bookshelf, how much ever good the story be (no offense, but seriously two people kissing or a guy showing off six packs shouldn’t be book covers people! it’s just not okay-)
    i dont think i have come across any ugly book covers except the six pack ones😂 but i lovee the cover of ‘cinderella is dead’ – thatss very pretty! and also i kinda like the cover of ‘tokyo ever after’ too! they’re just very fantasy typee🦋
    and yuppp even they both die at the end has a stunning cover….its not too clumsy and not too non-attractive!

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    1. YES and exactly. even if the author is amazing and everything they release is a hit, i’d still think twice if the cover was bad and disappointing no matter how good the story was. OMG LMAO- poor google😭😭

      cinderella is dead has a pretty decent cover actually. the colours are so pretty !! tokyo ever after, i hated the story but the cover was nice indeed !! YESS

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  3. Ohhh my gosh, yes, those kissing-people-with-sixpacks covers are THE WORST!! I can’t even fathom why they exist, because surely no one in their right mind thinks they’re pretty! They’re literally the worst marketing ever!

    However, I don’t judge the books I buy by their cover much. I research them pretty extensively first and if I think I’ll like the story, then I’ll be tempted, even if the cover is beyond hideous. That doesn’t mean I won’t hate the cover, though. Like, when I was a teenager, I used to “disguise” my Cassandra Clare books by putting the dust jackets of “prettier” books on them when I was reading them out in public, because I didn’t need my bus companions’ judgy stares when they saw all those half-naked men on the cover!

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    1. the marketing team must have been doing something seriously wrong when they decided to release a book with a cover like that. AHAH YESS SAME- i could like the story and not the cover but in that case i always buy the e-book instead because no matter how good the story is, the cover would just make me feel bad about my choice and yes dust jackets- the way i hid so many of my books when i outside😭

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  4. i should’ve minded my business and not google the “all your perfects” cover. curiosity did kill the cat. it’s so ugly !!
    tbh i most of the books i add to my tbr are there because they have a pretty cover. i probably have no idea what they’re about.
    i absolutely love this post and i absolutely love your jokes lmao

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    1. curiosity killed the cat😭😭😭 actually same, if the book cover’s good, then there’s a 200% chance it goes to my TBR.
      even if it’s non-fiction or a memoir, i would actually read it for aesthetic purposes. ahaha the last sentence made my day !! ❤

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  5. I’m definitely a person who judges books by their covers too, ugly covers a just a huge no no for me 🤣
    And oh my god don’t get me started on adult romance book covers, like what? You can’t even read those books in public! Everyone is going to be judging you😂😂
    Great post!!

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