inlife | a chatty post but its just me chatting

i think i’m going to be writing chatty / these types of posts a lot more this year, because looking back, my blog seemed slightly robotic, or maybe that was just me😭 anyways, how are you all? and no “i’m good” doesn’t count. and no just liking the post isn’t enough. i actually don’t know. how are you? what did you see today that confused the hell out of you? humans need humans interaction alright, and here i am demanding for some💆🏻

since the year begun, i’ve been trying to do one thing i’m scared of // one thing i wouldn’t thought of doing. and let me tell you, the road to becoming someone you’re proud of or simply just bettering yourself, is a lot longer than i’d anticipated it to be. doesn’t mean its not fun or tiring, or just a monotonous journey- i think it has a lot ups and downs but i’m trying to drown all the downs best as i can.

all the harry styles music i’ve been introduced to has been accidentally and unwillingly. don’t get me wrong i was a huge one direction stan- with the key rings, merch and all but after the disband, i kinda just lost track ?? the “fan-ness” type of feeling just faded and i just got into other things. and while solo songs from the other members would come up into my recommends, i don’t recall seeing any songs from harry. long story short, i decided to listen to some of harry’s songs because fast forward and the media’s all over him. kiwi is actually such a good song. and so is caroline.

i’m being compelled to listen to the rest of the album now.

spotify daily mixes doing its thing again. daily mix 4, i applaud you. there’s a reason why i spend half of my spotify listening time just vibing to all of the mixes. it feels highly personalised even though 01, it’s just code and 02, everyone gets their daily mixes. thanks to daily mix 4, i stumbled upon playground and it’s such a good song.

bea miller has such a strong voice– not like musically strong type of thing, but the type of voice that hooks you into the song, the exact moment it starts.

yesterday i tried watching “high school prodigies have it easy even in another world” and while everything about it is exquisite, i just didn’t have the mental energy at 12 AM to digest all of the info right from the first episode. so instead, i started “rent a girlfriend”. frustrating as it is, it’s literally so addictive. it’s so fun to watch and because i’m on a time-constraint, i watched five episodes already. i might write out a post with my commentary on it from so and so episode, but that’s still in the drafts.

to conclude, rent a girlfriend is fun and mizuhara best girl.

i also started journalling yesterday- i think i did quite a lot of things yesterday😭😭, and journalling is actually kinda fun. but mostly what i journal, i end up drafting into posts so there’s the capricorn workaholic for you. my birthday’s also coming up soon and while i have no idea what i’m going to do, i’m sure as hell hyped for it !!! yay !!

any ideas as to what i can do? yes i want a comment from everyone who likes this post because gosh, let’s interact !! and even if you comment about something highly un-related to today’s post and something about your day or your life or the new anime that’s just ass, i would love to hear it!! i’m writing this while i have a study break, so you better have something fun as hell💆🏻💆🏻💆🏻

asic signing off,

24 thoughts on “inlife | a chatty post but its just me chatting

  1. yesssss I like chatty people😈
    anyways, uhm i’m amazing but i got cold yesterday which is making me feel so week that i want to sleep for the whole day but my school announced YESTERDAY that there are gonna be exams after 5 days🥲 so i dont have enough time to sleep, but i did sleep for 3 hours in the afternoon~
    and yupp kiwi is such a goood song! i have a friend who got into 1d just two mobths ago and she talks about them all day long, keeps sending me fan edits all day long and cant stop talking about larry😂
    when is yourrr bdayyy?? uhm, being a binge watcher, the only thing i’m going to suggest you to do your bday is BINGE WATCH!! of course also, enjoy with your family, cut a cake and blah blah, have a video call or something with you friends, but in your free time binge watch, because i have a feeling that you also like to binge watch😂😂
    and omggg i know right, even i started a celebrity scarpbook sorta thing last year and it’s really fun! we neeeddd pictures of your journal, btw! i want to see it!!

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      ohno are you okay?? colds are horrible and i just recovered from the fever the vax gave me RIP afternoon naps are so good though,, like the whole feeling of sleeping when everything around you is scorching is just >>>>

      OMG LMAO LARRY EDITS- even as a 1D fan i don’t remember coming across those, but larry stans are so loud these days LMAO oh my bdays in a few days !!!!!
      OMG OKAY binge watch i shall binge watch something,, ofc cutting a cake is important and yes ur feelings are so right I LOVE BINGE WATCHING, as a matter of fact i’m actually binge watching pretty little liars as i type this😭😭🤣🤣 omg yes scrapbooks !! my journals only like 2 pages in but i’ll take pics for surree !!!!

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      1. better than before! ikr colds are sooo bad😭
        ahh congo on your first vax! even i took it last week, but i didnt experience any side effects💃🏻 hope you’re all okayy now!
        yesss omg afternoon naps are soo good!😭
        haha i can relate sooo much, even now when i scroll my yt shorts and stuff, i can see soooo many larry edits people are STILL making-
        ahaaaa one more binge watcher😌
        oh wait i didnt know about pretty little liars and i just searched it up, looks good, do tell me if its worth watching once you finish itt!!
        lmaoo i have also done only 3 pages yet😂 can’t waitt for the picturesss!

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      2. okay okay that’s good to hear !! omg that’s good that you didn’t experience any side effects– my friends and i were half invalids for like 4 days😭😭 i’m fine now thankfully✌️
        ahaha yes yt shorts are FLOODED with them and i even see them on reels- like i’d be watching something unrelated and bam here’s a larry edit😭😭 yess !! i actually watched pretty little liars like 2382002 years ago but i remembered it existed and now i’m back again😭😭 OH LMAO THAT’S NICE journalling and scrapbooking gang we’re on track !!

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