for you | how to #girlboss your way through 2022

i, for one, keep seeing those “resolutions for 2022”, “make 2022 your year” etc etc types of posts all over my pinterest feed. since none of those guides particularly seemed to suit someone like me, i decided to take things into my own hands and create my own handy-dandy guide.

for starters, you don’t need to actually follow any of these unless you want to. which in the lucky case, you DO decide to follow these- let me know how it works out !!!

biblomania || read a little bit everyday

biblomania is an actual word ?? i didn’t know that until i googled it up.

if i’d read more, i’d have probably known that. to prevent yourself from the embarrassment of not knowing (un)commonly used words, all you have to do is read more

  • choose books that seem interesting to you and yes good covers also count– some of my fave books have the best covers.
  • instead of reading all the 10 books that booktok recommends to you, read 01, and let the rest 9 books be the ones you’re truly excited to read.
  • reading is also fun-you go through an entire world and it’s magic systems in an average of 7 hours and come back unscathed. literally the best thing ever !!
  • reading is like an out-of-body experience to me, you’re able to forget about life for a minute, and just think about the book, an imaginary place that feels so, so real.

some of my recommendations

  • looking for alaska; john green
  • it ends with us; colleen hoover
  • norwegian wood; murakami
  • normal people; sally rooney
  • we were liars; e lockhart
  • homo deus; yuval noah harari

wellness || do what you want to

  • do whatever you want, and what feels good to you !!- once this year ends and we step into 2023, the only person who’ll remember all of the bad memories and the good is you, so for your own sake- take it easier on yourself.
  • give yourself time, space and good energy. (spoken from experience)
  • generally speaking, stop torturing yourself. it gets draining after a while. why not be happy when you can ??

earnest || working hard towards your goals

  • its genuinely, truly, highly maddenning when you work yourself out and see the lightest of results- like barely anything, it’s like all the hardwork washed itself out.
  • during times like those, remember that there’s light at the end of the tunnel !!
  • keep trying to remember that these moments will eventually pass, even if they don’t pass now, eventually they will. if you’re looking for a sign to continue, this is it !!

expanse || liven up your physical space

  • liven up the physical space around you !!
  • change the layout of your room, add a few posters or simply just make your bed. try buying scented candles, and for those of us who can’t afford to buy, DIY your own scented candles !!
  • whatever it is that you decide to change, be sure to make your area comfortable and a place where you can both work and play in- an area that’s productive but cozy

security blanket || get out of your shell

  • get out of your shell- do a big thing you’ve always wanted to do
  • fold your security blanket and store it away for a while. go outside, talk to more people, compliment a stranger on their beret, text them first, run a mile because you thought you couldn’t do it.
  • step by step, try to get over your fears and inhibitions. check this post for spelling errors, post that video you always wanted to !!

to conclude, try to do the things you didn’t do in 2021 in 2022. i’m not saying make up for lost moments, i’m saying, be happy and live your life to the best. its too stressful to worry about what other people think and say, and so instead worry about what you’d want to think and say about yourself. ( 180 degree topic change, i can’t help it)

a general question; what did you think about this post ?? i mean i’m trying to definitely diversify the things i do, the pictures i click and post about, so what type of impression did this post make on you??

asic signing off,

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