tbr-ed! | 2022 TBR WITH AN 80% FINISH RATE

i was running around wordpress reader and wasting time by trying to find more books to read when it finally hit me that it was the 6th of january already??

due to my procrastinating skills i’ve already finished reading 2 books but since my 2022 reading goal is an ambitious 200 books, i should be on an average, reading 15-16 books each month. this should be pretty achievable😭 anyways, here’s a cohesive list of books i hope to finish reading and reviewing by the end of 2022 !!

obviously this is not ALL of my tbr because i’m a mood reader and the mood i’m in plays a huuge part in what i read, but its always nice to have some sort of rough outline to sketch my reading of this year. i’ve divided this post into books by genres, so feel free to skip to the genre’s you enjoy most🤍

fiction- 6 books

the first thing you’ll notice in this list is that all except two of the six books are releasing this year. its true guys, i haven’t read a single taylor jenkins reid book yet. sue me. i’m not able to find this anywhere, but i’m determined to read both malibu rising AND daisy jones & the six this year !! physical bookstores can’t stop me !!

  • the maid-nita prose:‘m not completely sure if i’ll get to this one, but the prologue and sample are both definitely enchanting. i do know that if i have a lot of time and i see this in a bookstore, no doubt i’m buying it.
  • lemon-kwon yeo-sun, jante hong: i just think i’m developing an obsession towards thrillers and murder related things. first it was the pretty little liars rewatch, and now it’s an aching longing to read this. i’m a 100% sure i will get to this especially since this has already been released
  • to paradise- hanya yanagihara: i haven’t read a little life either, and from what i’ve heard, its nothing less than an emotional rollercoaster. i love emotional rollercoasters!! they’re so fun to get on, and hence my excitement to read this as well !!

non-fiction: 3 books

i don’t know why and this is most definitely a coincidence and not something i intended to happen: all of the covers are white 😭😭😭 why???

  • there’s no particular reason for me wanting to read non-fiction other than the fact that i have both the outliers and thinking fast and slow as hardcovers in my house. why not read the book while it’s there in physical form?
  • i’ve also heard a lot of good things about “101 essays that will…..” and i’ve wanted to branch out into non-fiction with this book, so why not?

YOUNG ADULT- 6 books

this is probably the best part about my TBR because even though i haven’t read any of the books here, i’m a 100% sure none of them are going to disappoint. YA is literally my favourite genre no matter what, hence my faith in these six books🤞🙏

  • the queens gambit: literally loved watching the show, like it’s so AMAZING and it’s mindblowing. since this was based off the book, i have faith this won’t disappoint at all. i also have this in my physical tbr, hence even more reason to read it
  • they both die at the end: another book in my physical tbr, and i think jack edwards liked reading this book as well so😌🙏
  • one of us is lying: everywhere i go, every bookstore i visit, every bookstagram account i see: everyone seems to have read this and LOVED it. more than enough reason to read it. plus the prologue has already hyped me up.

MANGA- who knows what

i’m not a based anime fan or anything like that but i genuinely feel guilty for watching the anime of some of these before reading the manga god even typing this is embarrassing me BYE.

classics- 3 books

i actually have no idea whether the goldfinch is a classic or not but we’re going to be ignoring that for the sake of continuity

  • catch-22: someone i met a while ago recommended catch-22 to me and said it was basically world war II satire and that in itself had me sold.
  • the alchemist: never read this at all, but has to be one of those books i see that keep floating around on the internet. i’m actually really excited to read all of the books in this section !!

General thoughts on my 2022 tbr

  • this year i also really want to get into more of murakami’s works because his quotes and prose are just >>>> i’ve read some of his works and more than anything, they were just highly thought provoking.
  • i also want to read more of olive blake’s works— she’s the author of the atlas six. i can’t wait to read the atlas paradox as well !! i’ve actually not even finished getting to the atlas six, like i haven’t completely processed it yet and it’s just that good😭😭
  • i also want to read more manga– i feel like a fake fan😭😭 i just keep watching the animations instead of being a cultured person and looking at the mangas but i have so less time, its frustrating

this list is definitely not set in stone because like i mentioned at the start, i tend to get wavy-wavy with the books i want to read and a lot of it really depends on how i’m feeling during the day.

books are mostly a method of escapism for me, but i’m glad that these days thing are getting easier and i’m able to enjoy both life as well as the books i’m reading😌

other lists i loved reading: thefictionaljournal | lair of books | flyingpaperbacks

did you enjoy reading my list?? were there any books that particularly intrigued you? i’m not even asking these questions for the sake of comments coming onto my blog, but because i’m genuinely interested. like is there a person who wants to read children of blood and bone as much as me or has someone already read that?? so yes GO answer my questions in the comments😌

[ also yes this post was a sailor moon theme !!! ]

asic signing off,

26 thoughts on “tbr-ed! | 2022 TBR WITH AN 80% FINISH RATE

      1. ohhh ikrrr it became so famous!
        the movies are totallyyyyyy different than the books, like i cant even describe how much!!
        yuppp oouil is sooo goood😭😭
        ohh😂 oouin is the sequel of oouil, its “one of us is next”

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  1. Ooh! A solid list for sure! I’ve been curious about “One of us is Lying” for awhile but never actually got around to reading it.
    “The Alchemist” is a very good book in my opinion.

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  2. 200 books in a year is an amazing goal, good luck! I’m always so befuddled on whether or not I should read the manga or watch the anime because once I get hooked on an anime I don’t want to read the manga? But what if the manga’s better? It’s an eternal loop😅

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