that time when | 2021 ended

2021 has ended. what a decent year.

for the first time i actually don’t have a lot to say about things. or maybe i do. 2021 really was just high highs and low lows. i tried to let go of the past but miserably failed, i tried new things and glimmeringly succeeded. it felt like the higher you get the lower you go. when things were great they got sour and when things were sour they got great.

i did some amount of self-reflecting or trying to get to know myself as a person and not as a random entity who breathes, sleeps and eats. unsuccessfully i don’t have a specific answer as of yet, and i don’t think i ever will though. i think you evolve as the years go by and thats all there is to it.


  • these violent delights
  • normal people
  • the invisible life of addie larue
  • the young elites trilogy
  • homo deus
  • the inheritance games
  • the girls i’ve been
  • ninth house
  • perfect on paper
  • city of girls
  • red white and royal blue
  • november 9
  • the ivies
  • ace of spades
  • everything i never told you

the best book i read in 2021 was most definitely the inheritance games. literally everything about that book is amazing and i really cannot wait for the sequel. red white and royal blue was a good read and heartwarming but casey mcquistion’s writing still feels highly overrated to me and i’m sure that offends a lot of people– i’m not sorry.

everything i never told you was unexpectedly amazing and i actually cried because of it. intricately woven linen threads and then torn apart by brute force is exactly what that book was.




  • vincenzo
  • penthouse: war in life (tag calm ambience)
  • our beloved summer
  • Navillera
  • hellbound
  • yumi’s cells
  • tokyo revengers
  • classroom of the elite
  • school babysitters
  • attack on titan
  • horimiya
  • jujutsu kaisen
  • haikyuu
  • yuri on ice
  • death note
  • Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway
  • tokyo ghoul
  • the mentalist
  • the queens gambit
  • Hawkeye
  • evil
  • shadow and bone

school babysitters was literally everything–the kids, the babysitters, the characterisation, the tragic backstory??? i ate all of that up in one shot

the tokyo ghoul anime is slightly tragic to watch frankly speaking but the manga was amazing, horrendously good like sheesh. this was my first year of anime if pokemon doesn’t count and so with respect to that, 2021 went spectacularly well. for the first time i’m actually glad no one bought me those pokemon cards in 4th grade. weeb confirmed😌


  • anti-romantic txt
  • lilac by IU
  • so beautiful by DPR IAN
  • runaway by EXO
  • honest by nico collins
  • slumber party by ashnikko

Unfortunately the way music makes me feel is pathetically, surprisingly hard for me to put into words. or maybe i don’t even try😭😭 my top songs should definitely give you a sneak into my mental state istg.

anyways agustd was one of my top artists this year and that’s someone with barely 50 songs. his impact istg. i’m just talking about agustd though, not his work as suga of bts or yoongi.

subjective highlights of 2021

  • i also made friends in 2021 but using the term friends is highly subjective because if you look at it the way i look at it they would all be acquaintances but i’ll let them have their moment on this blog.
  • i also started reading webtoons– what a huge highlight. literally everything i ever need. webtoons also made me get into art a lot more and look at it more than just for its beauty or glamour. i’m kind of understanding why people actually live to draw
  • i also found the amazing sparknotes in 2021 and that has genuinely been the highlight of that year.
  • and i also made this blog, the biggest highlight indeed.

how did your 2021 go? any favourite moments? any that tore you down? your fave songs? movies you hated? let me know,, let’s rant together😌

asic signing off !!!< leave post ideas down below PLS)

6 thoughts on “that time when | 2021 ended

  1. okay so wait im confused here. you have both the blogs running? official haven and nikszine? because i can see both of them and i have no idea if you are gonna run both of them of them or only this?😂
    and also, happyyyy newwww yearrr!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For a second, I had to do a double take when I saw your new blog name. I was literally scratching my head wondering who’s blog was this…..until I realized it was your blog 😂

    Love this new name, it sounds really cool! And yes, haikyuu is everything: that’s a fact. The only quote I remember from Tokyo ghoul is “What’s 1000 minus 7?”, for some weird reason


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