scam of the century || what i actually want for christmas

christmas is right around the corner, and as the writer of this blog, i thought i should be honest with you all. i celebrate christmas for virtually only one reason- the gifts. i think most of us do, but apart from the appeal of unwrapping gifts and eating cake, christmas really loses all its hype. on topic, welcome to this list of things i’m manifesting i get for christmas !!

  • conversations with friends by sally rooney

this is actually a pretty hyped book, and within reason too i should think. i read normal people by sally rooney and i went into it thinking it was overhyped and wordy but walked out with the exact opposite thoughts😭😭 it’s literally a modern classic, and everything about it is perfect. hence my goal to read every single book written by sally rooney.

  • NCT 2021 album with hopefully a jaehyun photocard

jaehyun photocards are so HARD to get, it’s almost irritating. i know for a fact that my parents won’t ever buy me albums, let alone k-pop albums hence i’ll have to find a way to arrange for it myself😩on a side note: the arrival of nct 2021 actually made me have a mental breakdown at 9pm because i couldn’t actually believe the year ended so fast- [ saves idea for a later post ]

  • a consistent blogging schedule

the best christmas gift anyone could ever give. i feel like since november i’ve been pretty consistent and i’ve never actually stopped posting as such- if you could count my sept-oct hiatus out i’ve been pretty decent at posting. and atleast i offered an explanation💀💀 i guess that counts

  • spotify premium

this is so important. although i think my spotify got the hint and stopped stuffing in so many adds during my listening sessions, it would be much much better if it just STOPPED altogether !! imagine a world with no spotify ads.

  • a netflix subscription

i lack a netflix subscription. really hurt about that. especially because with the way it’s going, my watchlist almost parallels my tbr list. it’s kinda nice to see both lists trying to outdo each other but it’s neither good for me nor is it actually possible in the long run. or is it??

that was quite a carefree list, but that’s all i’m banking on for now. any ideas on what else i could add to my list?? the goal is to keep it as long as possible😭😭😭

suffering from success (this list confirms it)
asic signing off,

18 thoughts on “scam of the century || what i actually want for christmas

  1. OMGG SPOTIFY PREMIUM! Seriously, someone gift me spotify premium! I’m done with listening to stupid ads in between!!😭
    And ahh I really hope you get a Netflix Subscription! When you get, do come to me for suggestions, I have thousandsss🙈

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  2. spotify premium is on my list too! the ad’s are so annoying, i need them to stop 😭 & getting into a consistent blogging schedule would be a DREAM, so i’m going to try and make that happen by some sort of christmas miracle. i hope you get everything on your list <33

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  3. yes the ads are SO annoying and the fact that they keep repeating some of them ughh. i once had a consistent blogging schedule but i said bye to that a long time ago. also NETFLIX yes. we’ve always wanted one, but my mom thinks we’ll all get too addicted. and we watch a lot of tv as it is so that’s that i guess! i hope you get everything on your list & a very merry Christmas to you!!!

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    1. omg exactly and at this point i can actually predict which ad is going to come wheree. omg lmao i’ve been consistent since november but it’s so hard to maintain😭😭 i watch tv only because i have no netflix ahaha & merry christmas to youu too <33

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  4. omg, yes, someone please give me a consistent blogging schedule too, IT WILL BE HEAVEN LIKE, I swear. I really hope you get a netflix subscription!!! (and then COME RUNNING to me for recommendations, please, I PROMISE I SHALL TRANSFORM YOU INTO A JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS FAN IN NO TIME! and then we can scream and fangirl together!)

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    1. omg yes all we need is a consistent blogging schedule😌😌 OMG YES I HOPE SO TOO really hoping i get a netflix subscription🤞🤞🤞 omg yessss i’ll defo ask you for recommendations cant wait ahhhhh😌😌


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