TBR-ed! | webtoons i’m loving lately

as the premise suggests, this a tiny compilation of the webtoons i’ve been super into lately !! my only other webtoon post is the review of the scream-worthy, tear-shedding, fear-invoking #killstagram !!

#1| our beloved summer

i didn’t even know this was a webtoon, i started reading this because i saw that kim dami would be starring in it. she’d posted the trailer on her instagram and i fell for the storyline, characters and trailer instantly.

kim dami is my girl crush and there’s something about every project she’s taken up that is literally so good. the star quality is just amazing😌

#2| weak hero

if you’re a dedicated reader of this blog and follow me on instagram, you’d know that weak hero is one webtoon i cannot stop reading- i can’t even start. the plotline, the schools, the art- everything is just MINDBLOWING.

this has literally been the only webtoon that has been able to keep me hooked and on my toes for so long,, stan gray yeon. i love the friendship and power struggles here and donald na is literally so cool, he’s literally such an ICON

#3| the boxer

this had me hooked from the synopsis, to the art- to the characters-😭😭 the plotline is so complex, and every concept introduced within and outside of the boxing world is literally amazing. it’s just amazing- it’s not just the art but it’s also the attachment you form to the various personalities and backstories that the characters hold.

we also come across an albino bakugo at the start of the webtoon, so if you need the motivation to read it- let this be it.

#4| she’s hopeless

this came on up on my recommendations, and i loved it from the first episode. i loved the dynamic and the entire story was so adorable and believable. gabin is my idol💀 it’s basically this story- i don’t even have the heart to spoil it the way i did with the young elites🤣🤣

i also loved the female lead as much as i liked the male lead, and since i’m not one to like female leads that much (no idea why) this one’s a must-read either way !!

have you read any of the webtoons i mentioned above? do you like webtoons? i’m currently obsessed with these four, and i hope you’ll love them as much as i do!!! i’m also personally very happy to be posting about webtoons because i’ve secretly liked them for as long as i can remember and i’m finally writing posts and stuff about them, so that’s great hehe !!

suffering from success (well gray yeon is)
asic signing off,

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