for you | i have a question

yes you read the title right. i have a question for you.

why do you like my blog??

i’m not joking, i’m genuinely asking this because i’m in the need of some serious clarity in my life and i thought that asking people who come over to my blog to hear me voice my thoughts and scream into the void would be the best people to answer the question.

so yes if you’re reading this you are obligated to leave your answers below. a like DOES NOT DO.

and yes i am aware that this is my second post of the day. the idea and crises just struck me AFTER i hit publish on the previous post不不不不不

suffering from success
asic signing off,

13 thoughts on “for you | i have a question

  1. uhmm i guess because your content is quite relatable? and don’t even start me on your blog design….it’s the most aesthetic color ordinated designed blog i have seen until now. like, the vibe totally hits you and makes you read the posts and the content. and also, you are very confortable and open when you talk through your posts which makes the reader feel as if we have known you for years….its like the best thing! hope this helps (((:


  2. I just started reading your blog so I don’t have a great answer yet. I like your content and we seem to have similar interests. This might sound silly but I also like the look of your blog

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  3. I like your content a lot! It makes your blog unique. Though I haven’t been much active on wp recently and I have to read your previous posts too, I love reading about animes, webtoons and other… what should I say.. kind of Asian things? I love the way you use anime gifs and graphics on your post. And of course, you’re one of my best kpop lover friends 毋

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  4. New to your blog but I really think the way you write your posts makes it extremely fun to read. And the graphics and all haha. And you use a lot of gifs and they are usually really enjoyable to stare at. And I guess it is also because your content covers quite a number of different topics so it is easy for quite many people including me to find one that is relatable and one that we like. I guess that is all and the ”suffering from success” sign off actually makes me smile

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