keep strugglin | struggles of my life ™

in case you thought this was going to be a deep post, you’re RIGHT! in today’s post we are going to be talking about the struggles of my life™ also izuku is the cover image because yes.

struggle #1- adelina amouteru’s death

she died. how could she die? this is like post-trauma where what happened genuinely sinks into you. the young elites series has ended and i’ve finished another book after reading it, but it still hits hard. how could adelina die????? i’m reeling from her death so hard, it’s just so hard to imagine.

struggle #2- addictive songs

this should be more of a non-struggle but being addicted to songs is actually a struggle if you acutely think about it.

you enjoy a certain song, become obsessed with it even and then one day it suddenly fades. it’s not fair to both parties but that’s what happens. i’m currently addicted to “people watching” by conan gray and “war with heaven” by keshi. to be fair, i’ve been addicted to war with heaven for more than a month and even when i’m not listening to music, the melody and lyrics pop up in my head. it’s a distraction but it’s not like i’m complaining or anything, you know?

struggles of life, you say?

struggle #3- ppl who keep complaining

can you not? this is happening to me offlate, i keep bumping into people who just HAVE to rant about anything and everything and i know i am also ranting right now, but this is a valid reason, okay? just. don’t. complain. go watch legally blonde or read a book or something UGHHH

alexa play buzzkill by mothica

struggle #4- confusion

i mean confusion can be comical at times but when it’s happening to you everything is far from comical. i feel like when you’re confused between what to study later, or what type of path in life that you’d want to pursue and suddenly you have too many options and then instead of using that to your advantage, everything in front of you just, kinda, crumbles down.

i think everyone faces that type of dilemma in life, and i just happen to be facing it right now. but anyways, it can be both a good thing and bad thing.

struggle #5- starting a new book

i wanted to make a whole post for this topic, and i probably will later. starting a new book is always a whirlwind of thoughts for me but this is kind of a struggle as well. as an instance, let’s take yesterday !! it was around 7pm in the evening and i thought i’d recovered from the way young elites ended, and so i started the another emotional rollercoaster that was “normal people” by sally rooney.

don’t get me wrong- i stand firm in my belief that normal people was one of my best reads of 2021, but it’s honestly a lot to take in and i love it for that. an amazing 5 star read, but before i went into the book i had quite a lot of thoughts. i didn’t know if i’d like it or if i’d hate it, i didn’t know if it would be a waste of my money and time or if it would be worthwhile.

frankly speaking i’ve been putting off reading a lot of new books just because of that reason, but i’m trying to get over it. it’s a pretty good excuse to allude to if someone asks you why you didn’t read a particular book, but otherwise its slightly harmful in the long run.

this post is also slightly similar to my things i’d rate a 0/10 post so yes you can check that out if you’re in the mood for angst. and part 2 of that post is here !!!

anyways this was slightly different from the other types of posts, but i’m trying to branch out and experiment, so feed my passion for this blog and tell me if you liked it // what else you’d like to see !!

suffering from success (this should be struggle actually but anyways)
asic signing off,

11 thoughts on “keep strugglin | struggles of my life ™

    1. eyee thankss🤍🤍 omg complainers are so IRRITATING, i’m very happy someone agrees. omg yes the reading challenges are such a mess,, good luck on yours!! ahh thanks, that made my day🤍

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      1. omg exactly, i’m not in a reading slump but i’m not having the best reading era either🤨🤨 omg i hope you get to read another book soon, it’s really frustrating not being able to read😭😭

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Ah, this was so relatable: especially points 2 to 5. Love that Legally Blonde quote 😂

    Point #5 was me after I finished reading “The Book Thief” (which literally took me 2 weeks to get over because it tore my heart to a million pieces at the end 😥) and started off with “Fangirl” back in May. I feel that in order to start a book, you need some time to mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come ahead.

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    1. omg yes, legally blonde fans unite😌😌

      oh i remember reading the book thief and finishing it like 5 am in the morning, it was so hard to deal with that ending😭😭 exactly, i agree. i used to just jump into books if the premise looked interesting or fun enough, but now i’m really just mentally getting ready to read new books lmao

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