TBR-ed! | the young elites might just be my new fave series

i love torture. i love deaths and i love bloodshed. i hate death when it’s adelina amouteru.

oops spoiler alert不不不不 anyways, this is a spoiler filled review because i don’t do spoiler-free reviews.

  • my overall rating of the young elites series is 5 STARS. 5 whole stars because that’s what the midnight star deserves. when i first started off with the first book, i wasn’t very emotionally involved. all i knew was that adelina is a girlboss and that i liked neither her sister nor her father.
  • fast-forward to a few months later, for some weird reason i kept thinking about the young elites #1 book and so i decided to buy the rest of the series to put my restlessness to rest.

my backstory with the young elites

i started the rose society yesterday and i was hooked

  • this is the true definition of hooked- i started reading at 3:00 pm ( i remember this because we had an extra class and i started reading right after the class got over) and i finished the entire trilogy at around 8:00, with a lot of interruptions from my dear mother and father.
  • i also had to finish a math assignment in between, watch “how i met your mother” re-runs on TV and eat a banana but apart from that, we’re all good !!
  • i’ve never actually sped through a series as fast as this. and to be honest, everything about this series is surreal.

adelina AKA the White Wolf AKA the Queen of the Sealands

there was once a time when darkness shrouded the world, and the darkness had a queen

adelina’s character development could be considered declining by some but to me she was the hero, i loved her development, her reactions–nothing about her that i didn’t like. this was one of the semi-rare instances where i loved the protagonist with my whole heart.

  • her death— as i said, i finished the book at night // evening and i actually cried in my living room as i read through the scene. i don’t get the sister love she felt toward violetta and what prompted her decision to trade with moritas.
  • i don’t think violetta was worth the sacrifice honestly. she was a pretty discardable side character. it was still highly heartbreaking to see adelina die. it also marks only the 3rd time i cried for a character 唐唐唐唐

magiano AKA everyone’s favourite thief

“keep your filthy blades off her,” he snaps. “it’s rude.”

magiano is another fave of mine.

  • the moment he made his entry in rose society with his “savage” smile and sweeping behaviour, i blushed in real life. i looked at myself because magiano’s effect was just too much and my cheeks were actually red. i like him more than any other character in the series, apart from adelina obviously.
  • i loved his relationship with adelina and how he always managed to find the light in every circumstance. i shivered reading the romance between him and adelina. he was the light of the book, he’s so important and he’s like the other main character.
  • if he ever wants to steal anything, he can rob me

characters i didn’t vibe with

  • enzo– i hate enzo. i’m sorry but to me, he has barely any personality to speak of. he’s like those stone walls. now that i think about it, enzo represents this emoji:
  • violetta– violetta was another character i had mixed feelings about because she reminds me of someone i know in real life and while i don’t talk to those people anymore, violetta still resembled fragments of those people and so i didn’t like her.
  • i mean from the way she was introduced, i didn’t vibe with her. apart from those two, i don’t think i detested any other characters !! that’s an improvement, i’m sure.

moving on and ending thoughts !!

  • i loved all the other characters with my whole heart. i loved how the story took fleeting twists and turns and how smoothly the whole plot, its romances and adventures progressed.

would 100% recommend to anyone who can read english and is capable of feeling emotions.

  • magiano is officially my boycrush and i am not embarrassed. he outranks every other fictional boy i’ve liked before (except suna, tsukishima and kageyama obviously)
  • i haven’t annotated a lot of this book yet because i was in such a hurry to finish it.
  • after i get through my reading goal of the month, i’ll re-read this series and hopefully give you my top 10 moments of the young elites!

anyways, that was my review of this shiver-inducing, everybody in the world needs to read this trilogy. your thoughts on this? have you read it?? do you like magiano or NOT? LET ME KNOW !!!

  • also i’m suffering from acute wrist pain, specifically in my right hand. this is ironic because i’m a left-hander but i use my right hand more than my left one these days. bottom line is, it hurts. and so does my head after crying over mi adelinetta’s death.

[ and for the fanarts featured in the post, all credits as usual goes to the original artist !! ]

suffering from success (even magiano is)
asic signing off,

4 thoughts on “TBR-ed! | the young elites might just be my new fave series

  1. I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH 唐唐 AND IM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT TOO!!! I agree I think Enzo was just not a great character . I also definitely dont think Adelina deserved to die loll. I mean all that character development for her to just wind up dead? Great post asic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG EXACTLY enzo was hyped up to be this smart and handsome and nice sorta person but then his whole vibe did a 180 degree shift and i lost it唐 YES adelina did not deserve to die唐 was she your fave character tooo?

      Liked by 1 person

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