in:life | the rollercoaster that is the past 42 hours

42 hours in the title because i had to make it sound fun or else you weren’t going to click this. anyways welcome to todays post and its all about what i’ve been doing the past 42 hours!
observable fact: i am running out of post ideas and if i have ideas it seems way too filler
observable fact: if you’re a true romance book lover you would know this reference
observable fact: i have been reading way too much of “The Sun Is Also A Star”

42 hours|| books

if i had the confidence (and a clean room) i would post reading v-logs on youtube where i do reading challenges, celebrity book recs and stuff like that. however, until i get my room in order i will have to stick to silently devouring books without a camera to capture it.

books i read in the last 42 hours:

  • The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon— 9/10. Daniel is everyone’s dream boy. Natasha is in denial and while its part of the plot, it’s kinda endearing yet annoying at the same time. It’s definitely worth the hype though.
natasha all day, everyday:
  • Class 9 Physics Textbook by Various Writers— 0/10. DNF-ed, worst book on my TBR. would 100% not recommend. known to give mental trauma and unwanted pressure. leads to nightmares and gravitation formulas waking you up in your sleep
  • Black Journal– 10/10. contains personal anecdotes and funny moments. might contain an abnormal amount of lists and embarrassing information about the so-called calm and collected person who runs this blog.

42 hours- life

  • school— there’s this really annoying boy in my class and he keeps unmuting himself every class and keeps talking as if anyone cares about what he has to say. “mAAm i HaVE a dOUBt” he doesn’t even stop talking- and when the teacher scolds him he just talks OVER her😭😭😭 life is a struggle
  • non-school— when that boy isn’t yelling at the teachers or acting as if he’s the one teaching the class, life is pretty calm and non-angsty. and it’s such a good thing because i cannot stand that boy💀

42 hours- music

i don’t have much commentary about music but i like to give song reviews- i was actually inspired by this k-pop review blog i follow and so i think i’ll do like a mini-song review in this section of todays post

  • Blue Hour- Mothica– i actually got to know about her through the song “buzzkill” and it had appeared on my daily mix- i listened to it and then i liked it. a few days later i was on quora doing timepass and one post mentioned me while giving music that would describe quora users and the coincidental timing had me shook.
  • Turbulent- Waterparks– another result of spotify mixing in good songs in the randomest of playlist. the waterparks have an amazing discography and everything about their music hits. i’m halfway through their discography right now and it’s honestly one of the best things i’ve done this week😌

42 hours- Anime

hah my favourite part of the post. in 42 hours i actually watched a lot of anime, but mostly rewatches.

  • Assassination classroom– i read a lot of good reviews about this one and a friend of mine recommended it to me, so i’m thinking about starting it
  • bunny girl senpai– i finished watching this and the ending?? was?? not?? what?? i?? was?? expecting?? if you ignore the name, it’s actually a pretty decent anime and mostly everything’s on point. i went into it thinking it would be a tad bit lighthearted but the anime did make me think in more ways than one. i didn’t find this one by a recommendation or a review but i found random scenes of it on youtube. similar to those compilation moments, or funny rejections in anime made me come across b g s (ironic) but it’s actually a solid 8 out of 10.
  • tokyo revengers– i recently finished it and i have a lot of thoughts about it. when i first went into it, i only went in for mikey because i kept seeing him everywhere. so i took that as a good sign and decided to watch it. more than anything, i love the opening anthem of the anime😭😭 its so good and hype and it’s officially one of the best intros i’ve heard.

42 hours- general thoughts

  • firstly i’m so excited that NCT 2021 is coming back but more than anything it made me realise how fast 2021 went by. i actually have mixed feelings about 2021 but the NCT 2021 announcement made me think about how we have less than 2 months for this year to end
  • i’ve been using notion a lot these days and its just so easy?? its so efficient and easy to manoeuver around and it doesn’t really require a lot of brain power. plus unlike other organisations apps, i don’t even get adds?? like that’s one of the best things about it [ but i’ll make a notion template post later]
  • i didn’t know whether this post would be something the regulars on here would like to read, but i wanted to see variety on the blog so i decided to kind of go with it. i do have other posts in the making but none of them have the hit the “yass i should post this right now” type of factor yet, so i’m just playing around with as many ideas as i can

how did you like this post? also do you have any music or anime or book recommendations? have a nice 42 hours (and more of course)

suffering from success
asic signing off,

7 thoughts on “in:life | the rollercoaster that is the past 42 hours

  1. Reading this post was SO MUCH FUN, I absolutely loved it! Lol, might have someone similar to that boy who keeps unmuting all the time, in my class too, just saying. As for book recommendations, which genre do you most love?? You should check out Not my Problem by Ciara Smyth, if the premise (basically a lesbian girl with a really messy and chaotic life helps other people in her school solve their problems) seems like something you’d enjoy! Hope you’re having a great day!

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    1. AH GLAD YOU LOVED THE POST! ahahaahaha i feel for you, it’s so annoying to have those people in the class esp when their connection is bad and all i hear are voice creacks😭😭 oh i like every genre actually but mostly coming of age type of plots are things i’m drawn to these days haha also omg i’ll defo check out not my problem by ciara smyth, i love the plot already😭😭😭 have a nice day too!!!

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